Snow White #1 – New Beginnings

When we last saw Snow she had just earned her release from Willow Creek’s Hospital for the insane (by completing the Painter LTW).  It had been a bittersweet departure.  She hated leaving the gang there but for her life lay ahead … so off she went.

08-19-15_11-44 PM

During her confinement she had been … uhhh … colorful??  Unstable from her past life … and not holding on well in the house … no one imagined she would win.

However, no one could deny her talent and in the end it brought her freedom.

08-20-15_3-05 AM-2

We left her in Granite falls enjoying a well-deserved respite before she would venture into the world to make her way. She had decisions to make.  Should she go back to the dwarfs or strike out on her own … it is a lot to mull over …

12-13-15_1-50-01 AM

As we tune back in we see she is still “colorful” but she looks so happy!! OK Snow go put some clothing on and lets get on with this story …

As Snow looked back on where she had come from she realized that she had not been alone even once in her life time .. first palace life with its never ending demands (not even mentioning her evil Step Mother)  .. then caring for the even more demanding 7 dwarves and most recently dealing with the overwhelming residents of the asylum.  She felt that she needed to try life on her own.

After a brief visit to the dwarves (during which she broke up 3 fights) she realized she had chosen the correct thing for her.  “The Boys” despite their surly ways dearly loved Snow and respected her wishes.  They helped her find and relocate to a nice quiet little home in Windenburg.  A lovely little hamlet .. FAR AWAY from her evil step Mother but close enough for them to look in on her from time to time.  Snow felt at home here instantly.  Her heart seemed connected to this place.

Snow just could not believe her eyes as she stood outside of her new house.  It was all hers .. HOME SWEET HOME!

12-16-15_11-00-05 PM
12-16-15_11-04-14 PM

Her little home brought her such contentment!  She felt peaceful and happy … life was hopeful!

Windenburg was so beautiful.  She enjoyed exploring all of its secret spaces.  Everyday there was adventure to be found.

12-16-15_12-53-29 AM

The beaches were the most amazing for her and she spent many hours visiting them. She would stare longingly out to sea .. for all of her contentment there is a restlessness inside of her.  What are you seeking Snow?

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Snow White Table of Contents

***********************************************************************For those who are interested in this lovely little home .. It can be found in the gallery ..  it is a rare no cc from FrauEngel  Origin ID bablo5




46 thoughts on “Snow White #1 – New Beginnings

    1. Oh thank you so much Sweetnightingale … The house is a very rare gallery find for FrauEngle … She is quite remarkable … Thank you for reading and commenting .. You made my day!


  1. Ooh – I’m so glad she has a life outside of the Asylum, although that was a hoot. These stories have been on my list faaaaar too long. (I must sleep for the night, but I’ll be back!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OH TY Dear Rae .. I hope your house is well warmed by now .. no boxes left to unpack (well except for THAT one that you will attempt to unpack about 5 years from now LOL … we all have one)


  2. I’m back on the path and excited to read about Snow White and all her descendants, beginning with her life post-asylum.
    Caught a glimpse of her housemate in the sombrero of shame (possibly my asylum fave, lol).
    Needless to say, I’m glad to be able to start at the start of your various story arcs.
    What a gifted storyteller you are, lisabee!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ooooh, I can’t wait to start reading about Snow’s life after the Asylum. After surviving a step mother and 7 dwarves I would love some peace and quiet too. What a lovely home she has! I am certain she will find happiness there.

    Liked by 1 person

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