Snow White #4 – Love FOUND

12-31-15_12-47-46 AMSnow breathed deeply in the cold fresh air.  She stood on the beach where she had come nearly every single day since she arrived in Windenburg … never aware of why she was drawn here.  As always the sound of the wind and the waves carry her thoughts out over the waters and far away.

12-31-15_1-55-37 AM

The sound of steps coming up behind her jarred her back to reality. She turned quickly to see  who was the invader of her preoccupation. She was instantly captivated by this smiling man who walked towards.  Her insides were turning somersaults and for the life of her she could not seem to get her breath. As he neared their eyes met and she saw that he seemed as perplexed by their encounter as she was at the moment.   Her thoughts reeled .. who was he .. how does she know him .. but she does not know him … does she know him … what is going on … she feels a bit faint!

12-31-15_1-57-25 AM

His easy smile broadened and his sparkling blue eyes held hers fast.  She heard his soft voice say that at last he had found her.   She was astounded .. what was happening  … then it dawned on her … yes … she did know him because she had been waiting for him for a very long time.  Her heart melted at his touch.

Those first moments together on the beach were magical.  Her heart raced as he recounted the tales of his search for her.  Snow’s joy was beyond words.  Did he feel the same she wondered …

Her heart nearly failed her when he dropped to one knee .. was this happening or was she dreaming!?! A proposal?  Snow beamed as she answered quickly with yes!  He feels the same!

12-31-15_2-09-06 AM

Ever the gentleman …  Prince escorted her home and vowed to return tomorrow.

Closing the door of her little house Snow paused and leaned against the door … for a just a moment she wondered if it had all been a dream …

No dear Snow it was not a dream … your Prince has come!

They spent so many happy hours together … they only had eyes for each other … it was as if no one else in the world existed.

Don’t you wish you were a mouse by the wall to hear what sweet things he was whispering to her 🙂  What ever it is she sure likes it!

He been had around the world looking for her.  He would wait no longer to make her HIS princess!!  They would marry very soon … in the spring!  They were inseparable!  Snow and Prince spent many sweet hours discussing the nuptials. There were so many things to consider that it had Snow’s head spinning! She gratefully turned the final decisions on the ceremony over to Prince.  He has a lot to think about!

Spring is just around the corner and the decision on how the ceremony should proceed is proving more difficult for him than he would have imagined.  He knows that a large formal gala is expected.  But he also knows that Snow is not accustomed to this pomp and circumstance. It is her wedding and he worries that would not be fair to her.  At the end of it all he knows he must consider his bride and her well-being first.  They would marry in the small palace chapel in a private ceremony with just family and a few friends.  After she has grown more accustomed to palace life they would arrange a formal presentation of Snow to the Kingdom.

01-02-16_10-06-02 PM

Prince excitedly makes the arrangements … Snow White would soon be his bride.

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37 thoughts on “Snow White #4 – Love FOUND

  1. SOOO Beautiful – I would love to know his back-story too like how did he know of Snow and what pushed him to find her?? OOoo I wonder if HE possessed the magic mirror on the wall??!!

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    For a second I thought Prince could be one of the guys from her past lol! Snow is such a cute elder, I love it! Can't wait to see what happens next.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I was hoping it would end up being a newly released past Asylum inmate. 😛

    I really do love the imagery here, though. Few things I love more than pictures of elders madly in love being absolutely adorable with each other!

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  4. Snow has aged so gracefully and I’m very happy to see her with her prince. I’m curious to where this shining armor has been all her life 🙂


      1. I like the whole concept of late in life love .. lots of simmers kill of their old ones or send them off to disappear but I wanted to feature them in a story and it worked so well! TY for reading!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes ❤ indeed .. ty so much for blessing me with your reads and fun story banter .. if you get too dazed from all the story updates there is a speed to the top .. in a nutshell story update called An Era of Charming Tales: Special Feature (Lemme es’plain .. UH NO! Too much! Lemme sum up!) and one that springboards into the current series rotations (I am only 5 updates in so far) The State of the Blog Address or “Where Do We Go From Here”

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