Snow White #7 Home Sweet Home

Duties called them home.  Leaving the tranquility of their honeymoon house was something that neither of them relished!  Prince understood the rigors of palace life.  He had grown up being in constant demand and always on public display.  It knew could be taxing and he realized after a couple of weeks in the castle that Snow was not ready for it.  He just could not bear to see her unhappy!  Speaking to castle grounds keepers, he had a lovely little home a short walking distance outside of the west gate of the castle prepared as their private quarters.   It had a lovely ocean view and a delightful walking path down to the shore.  She would love it!

When it was ready Prince asked his bride to go walking with him down to the shore.  She was more than happy to get out of the cold halls and into the sunshine.

They stopped in front a sweet house …Prince presented his gift to Snow.  She could scarcely believe her ears and her heart nearly burst with happiness.  She would enjoy this making this lovely house their home!  (They especially enjoyed the landscaping).

The new house is a dream come true for both Prince and Snow.

Prince happily finds time for cooking up a bit of “breakfast” with his bride every morning before heading up to the castle.

01-14-16_1-46-07 AM


Sometimes he even makes it home for lunch …  🙂

01-03-16_2-18-22 AM

The grounds keepers left few amenities out of their plans …

01-06-16_2-35-37 AMfabulous gardens …

01-06-16_2-41-39 AM

a music room for prince to enjoy his hobby …

01-06-16_2-45-14 AM

and a small gym to keep them fit and healthy so they could have a long life!

But for Prince the BEST thing about the new house  was …

                                                           HIS BRIDE!

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***********************************************************************The house is just adorable .. find it in the gallery .. creator’s origin ID is Lkrecic

prnce and snow 1st home





21 thoughts on “Snow White #7 Home Sweet Home

    1. ❤ I will be happy to be on that tour for dear Elle .. poor thing IF she ever gets home from her trip LOL now with the triplets she has to stay even longer.


  1. Yay! Another chapter! Sorry I didn’t comment on the asylum one. Didn’t really know what to say since I hadn’t been following it :3 Anyway, you always manage to make me swoon over the Prince and Snow. They’re so darn cute!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. YAY!! I loved the line were he admitted the best part about his house was Snow ::Sigh:: these two bring out the gooey mushy lovey dovey side in me !! This house is amazing and I see you utilized your tray importer I may need a tutorial on how to use it since I have downloaded it it won’t seem to show me quite as much as yours does but I def know it is user error 😉


  3. The private home is STUNNING! I loved Snow’s black checkered pants btw that was fierce<3 I did notice that they are in great shape, I hope they live long enough for you to make a lot more parts! 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am very spoiled. I run a Facebook group and we have some of the most incredible builders in that group that you’ve ever seen. If you look at the end of each blog you will see a picture and their origin ID … I strongly encourage you to go and check them out in gallery. You will not be disappointed. Especially simoniona and tokulee .. Oh my

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I love them too … And they were the cavortingest Sims I’ve ever had … Most of the time I didn’t have to prompt anything I just followed them around clicking


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