Snow White #10 – The end?

Monday morning, and Prince is not feeling well.  Snow brings him a cup of tea tells him to relax a bit.  The weekend had been quite active!  To Snow’s shock he collapsed onto the ground.  Suddenly she is aware that standing there beside her is a cold dark figure.  Snow realizes instantly who he is! Panic sets in …

01-16-16_2-48-37 AM

OH!  He has come for her Prince! No, it cannot be!  Snow wails and pleads with the unwelcome and dark stranger but he is unmoved.

As her petition falls on deaf ears, she stands in disbelief as her Prince is taken away.  The void left is unbearable.

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01-16-16_2-56-50 AM

01-16-16_3-04-45 AM

 01-16-16_3-34-42 AM

Her world has caved in around her.  Life feels broken and her heart seems to be shattered in a million pieces.  Sadness permeates every fiber of her being!   ALONE!  Desolate! Forsaken!  How is she supposed to go on now?   The days pass in the agony of grief!

Her head feeling light, and her legs too weak to hold her, Snow – full of grace – glides to the floor as she looks up to see that familiar dark stranger standing near her.  But this time he is a much welcomed friend.   Snow lays her head down and submits to his appropriation. She is ready to go .. to be at peace through the sweet release of death. She closes her eyes …

01-16-16_3-41-20 AM

then they are opened!  In the twinkling of an eye she is transported to the presence of her beloved who is waiting for her on their beach. 

The glint of his eye .. the touch of his hand .. his smile warm even in death .. her joy has no bounds!  Snow collapses into his arms.  Both lingered long in that first  spectral embrace.  Although it had only been a few weeks since they had last touched it felt like and eternity has passed.

01-16-16_4-09-29 AM

Prince and Snow have abandoned left their earthly tents of flesh.  It is said all great love stories come to an end.   But  NO … it is NOT the end of theirs … some live happily ever after but Snow and Prince live happily IN THE EVER AFTER … 

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love.                                                                                                                                                        heart cloud

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35 thoughts on “Snow White #10 – The end?

  1. This gave me chills reading it. SO well written, it made me so sad because I wasn’t expecting this, but I think Snow/Prince had a very fulfilling elderly life and you are right, their story continues in the ever after :’) Still really sad but beautiful how Snow’s story in that town seemed to start and end on the beach… this really left me stunned ❤ Such a powerful end

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OH ty .. they are my fav too .. but I nearly lost so many friends/readers because they were so unhappy at their death .. thus the REDUX LOL TY so much for reading .. 🙂


  2. What a super sweet ending. It pangs my heart when Snow watched him go first. I know she died off of heartbreak. It’s so sad. but I’m happy they are living on in bliss in the afterlife.


    1. You are nice about it .. my original readers nearly muntinied on me .. I had a sad mad bunch .. I had to pull my tail out of that fire and low and behold EA come out with a wishing well .. ty EA


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