Snow White #11 The afterlife

Life in the hereafter as been pretty sweet for Snow and Prince.

There is always something amusing to do (like a little ghostly romance, pranks in fountains, breaking up palace plumbing

or inhabiting a hat lamp) …

Prince has decided to propose to Snow again .. after all in their original pledge to one another it was til death do us part .. and well they DID die.  So technically they are not married.  Prince does not wish to live in eternity without Snow as his bride.

 02-10-16_2-06-16 AM

Lately Prince has been hearing rumors circulating among the spectral community.  Rumors about an enchanted garden that is said to exist in some forgotten woodland.  Some where right here in Windenburg.   Many ethereal beings have come up missing and it is whispered that they have returned to their life of flesh and breath.  Prince has hopes that he and Snow can return to life among the living as well.

One night, while out haunting a new forest, he stumbled upon a mysterious well.  As he approached it seemed to be drawing him in .. he could almost hear it beckon to him .. urging him to “make a wish .. come make a wish!”  He wondered could this be the place the rumors had suggested?  Is it truly enchanted?   He thought to give it a try (it couldn’t hurt right?) so snagging a coin from a nearby fountain .. he tossed it in and made a wish.  It did not turn out so well .. there was a thunderous roar and thick black smoke poured out at him.  It felt as tho pure evil surrounded him.

Were he not already dead he might have been scared to death. He walked away quickly.  Thankfully there were no lasting effects from the frightening encounter ..

02-10-16_2-11-23 AM

can’t say the same for the beans they had for dinner that night 🙂

Prince told Snow of his encounter with the fiend in the well.  Her blood boiled with anger at the recounted ill treatment of her beloved.  She was determined to get the rude beast that lived in the well to grant her a more positive result in their wishes.  She understood enchantment a bit better than Prince so she started with a nice bribe .. uhhh offering.    Even tho she was happy with her Prince in the land of the living or dead she knew he desired to return.  She knew his people needed his kind wisdom .. he was a benevolent ruler and she would go any where with him .. yes .. even back to life.  She cast her coins into the well as she wished she and Prince could have their life of flesh and blood back.

02-11-16_11-53-21 PM

She stood with clenched eyes and held her breath as she waited upon the thunderous roar and black smoke to belch out of the dark chasm.  Her eyes tho tightly shut perceived a bright light and she felt a lovely sensation of warmth all around.  The voice from the well told her he had gifted her 3 things a death flower .. an angel fish and a recipe.  She would have to study hard to be able to execute the recipe but when properly prepared and consumed it would grant her wish.  Snow hurried away to begin her studies.  Although she was a very good cook she knew this one would take a bit of time to learn.

Success .. she has learned the mysterious recipe!  She prepared a perfect portion for each of them.  Snow happily kept it a secret so that she could surprise her cherished man.  She invited Prince to a midnight picnic and there she offered him some “special dessert.”  He took it and ate … right before her eyes he transformed into a mortal version of her beloved!

She beamed at the beautiful sight before her.   How beautiful her was!  Prince sensed hesitation in her and he leaned in and whispered to her that he could not do this life without her and urged her to take the magical dessert.  Quickly she ate.

As the first bite slid onto her tongue … her whole being tingled … a strange energy imbued her that she was lifted from the ground …  bright light shot thru her being and in an instant she was transformed.  They gazed in amazement at each other .. what a crazy adventure!  They get ANOTHER CHANCE!

02-12-16_12-11-52 AM

After a few day Snow begins to wonder .. what if ??? what if ???  So off she slipped to the benevolent well again.  This time dropping in a SIGNIFICANT offering in first she wished for youth .. youth for herself and especially for her beloved Prince!  Did it work???

Well see for yourself …

anyone ready for a wedding?

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53 thoughts on “Snow White #11 The afterlife

    1. You know I adore you right?? You are a wonderful positive person … I am ever so glad that Steven featured you that time (a long time ago) .. you were magical from the very beginning!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am the one that’s super lucky. Not only did he find me, but his spotlight lead me to the most incredible Facebook group and team of friends ever ❤ ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well it just has been terrifically difficult to follow those enchanting stories … And the way those Starbucks folks look at me while I’m watching videos … well … I am ruined in there

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  1. IM SCREAMING INSIDE FOR THEM I LOVE THIS<3 They get another chance!! And I didn't know that in Sims 4 you could be brought back to life so that's awesome:) I am so happy for them and who knew Prince was such a cutie in youth?? 😮 I wonder what the next story will bring them and I can't wait to read it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ah that mischeivous well!

    I was watching an LP where the player spent upwards of 20-30 GRAND on wishes trying to revert an elder Sim back a lifestate to use her to start a family, only ever getting her lifebar to restart at the beginning of Elder State when he wished for Youth, only to discover from the Googles the ONLY way to do it in Sims 4 is through “CAS Magic” anyway… poor guy, all those wasted Simoleons on wishes!

    I’m still so happy we got a Golden Romance story though, because elder Sims are rarely focused on in SimLit… I really enjoyed this love story between two folks who found themselves in old age and still lived their life to the fullest!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do love the elders CM. They are often neglected and their lives can be rich and fun. They are fast becoming my favorite Sim lifestage to write about. As to the “resurrection” … I confess taking some liberties (if you will) with the game.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. A young lady in a FB Sims group admitted that she killed off her elders quickly. Many chimed in with similar thoughts. Another benevolent heart said she built them a small house with art easels and had them paint all day (fancy nursing home??) to provide the family with income. It broke my heart and that is what prompted me to start exploring their life stage. I have a wonderful story in mind for later that involves 5 elder ladies who have been lifelong friends … (I actually have RL role models for this story) … It will be a delight to explore!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes, I’ve seen similar messages about people immediately “culling” off their elder population or moving them all into a joint “nursing home” to forget about them until they die off, which has never sat well with me. Just like real people of that age, they are delightful personalities, with a wealth of stories, background, and so much to explore! That’s why when I started my story I began with an elder as well. I’m glad to see there is another Simmer out there who feels likewise!

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  3. What a delightful storyline, lisabee!
    I’m so glad that I won’t have to ask the Prince to return that box of Simagra…
    Joking aside, I loved the romantic adventures of Snow White and her Prince. So happy that they will continue! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for reading by the way. I was at coffee with my daughters and they were all tickled by the binging We had a fun reminisce over my story because they would know where you were when you were reading in what chapter LOL. Small things amuse!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. How weird is WordPress. I just popped in to my stats page and all the reading you did just counted for one click. Not that that matters all that much but really how weird. I’ve noticed this before you get all the comments you get all the likes so it has one read with one reader and 12 likes how bizarre

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      1. Probably because I’m liking and commenting without actually reading. JOKING!!!!
        That is odd, though, because I read the first three Charming Tales then read Snow White’s 11 chapters, honest!
        Am I moving through your stories wrongly? I’ve been clicking on the Next Post links but returning to the Charming Tales ToC to start a different story.
        Hmmmm…..*bends waaaay back in my best imitation of Keanu’s bullet dodge

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      2. I don’t believe that for one minute. WordPress is just been bizarre lately. I read people things and I hit a star and then I go back and it’s not there anymore. While I do think it is the best blog it sure has its quirks. Besides you to have to be psychic for some of the comments that you make LOL and your woman of many talents but I don’t think psychic is one! ❤️❤️ I could be wrong though LOL

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