Snow and Prince Redux #1 Plans at the Château

The plans for the wedding are well under way.  It has been decided that the nuptials will take place on the grounds of the family’s magnificent summer Château.   The family and servants arrived yesterday to begin preparations.

02-12-16_3-01-06 AM

During a lull in the activity Snow and Prince take a moment to soak in all the surrounding beauty.  Well actually Prince was soaking in Snow’s beauty while Snow enjoyed viewing the grounds of this magnificent château.

Inside Snow can hear the light-hearted banter between his parents, King and Queen Charming.  They are pleased to have time away from the Kingdom and for such a festive occasion!  Snow is so excited that his lively sisters; the princesses Blair, Irene and Caroline have accompanied King and Queen on this special trip.

02-12-16_3-01-08 AM

She can hear as they laugh and dance to the sweet music that Princess Caroline is getting from the old piano in the study.

02-18-16_2-57-49 AM

Snow lingers on the veranda just a moment longer with her beloved …

02-12-16_3-01-09 AM

in order to give her dearest friend princess Ellie (who just arrived this morning) a moment to get settled in.

In the afternoon Snow and Prince check out the small wedding venue near the south lawn of the estate.  The wedding planners have thought of everything … it is just stunning.

02-12-16_3-01-11 AM

Snow is so happy that she feels like perhaps she needs to pinch herself to ensure she is not dreaming!

02-12-16_3-01-10(1) AM

While she is lost in her fancy Prince checks out the facilities.

All meets with approval … wedding day in T-2 days.

The Château is bustling with activity.

02-16-16_1-01-00 AM

King Charming nervously inspects the immaculate rose garden ..

02-16-16_1-01-01 AM

and decides to call in a bit of extra pruning.

02-16-16_1-02-50 AM

Queen sees to the elegant table arrangements …

02-16-16_1-37-54 AM

while the kitchen staff is happily preparing meals for incoming guests.

02-16-16_1-38-18 AM

Even the royal pianist has busied herself by accompanying the merry preparations with joyful tunes. The mood is so light that you would almost swear the Château is floating on the clouds.

In the evening the extended family arrived and things are chaotic but delightfully entertaining.

Snow and Elle find the American side of the family particularly fascinating (King’s brother had emigrated to Texas and became a wealthy landowner).  No one in Windenburg has ever dressed or acted like this gregarious bunch.

02-16-16_2-12-13 AM

Prince is in the kitchen and has personally approved every dish prepared by kitchen staff. He kids Chef Claudia that she will get a good scolding should his Tux not fit tomorrow. With a swat from her wooden spoon Claudia reminds him that she and her husband Jacques have managed to keep them all fit and healthy for a good many years!! Blair roars with laughter at the sight of her brother catching heck from sweet Claudia.


The gorgeous Château is found in the gallery.




29 thoughts on “Snow and Prince Redux #1 Plans at the Château

  1. Holy Canalonies that is an incredible lot. I love when all the family gets together – its when one knows and fells the sense of belonging and togetherness. Even in the most dysfunctional families (which this is not at all) you cannot help but feel that way. Also, Snow and Prince are Beautiful.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Such a nice part. I DO remember Guiseppe and it is so cool to see characters from the very beginnings of Snow’s story! 🙂 Princess Caroline is ADORABLE and I am living for Chef Claudia’s outfit!! The table arrangements were so cute, and I’d love to see a spinoff series of some of these minor characters like maybe Caroline or Guiseppe sometime 🙂 Very awesome part Lisa it’s so nice that everyones together again and Prince/Snow are back in the land of the LIVING ❤

    Liked by 1 person

      1. TY You are a delightful reader .. I am a bit of a chatty cathy and I love it when readers engage .. I always say sims lit is a bit like playing Barbies when we were young .. It is fun enough alone BUT it is way more fun together 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  3. The castle is just beautiful! And I love just how light-hearted and happy this whole chapter feels… really like stepping into a fairytale. I am looking forward to their wedding and hopefully a few royal babies in the near future 😉


    1. ❤️ I tried to let her stay dead but my readers were not happy … as luck would have it the Wishingwell came out around the same time and I was able to bring them back for a second go at life LOL only in the sims


      1. you know when my sims turn elder … i dont play them anymore. it was a great story. and who knew elders could be just as fun to play with 🙂 … i mean ppl see sims as … well if they cant breed anymore, they are useless!

        Liked by 1 person

  4. What incredible luck for you, your sims, and your readers that the Romantic Garden SP came out when it did!
    I love the Prince going around the chateau, checking on all the little details to ensure a perfect wedding! You and your sims have really made the chateau come alive!
    And a little question: what does “T-2 days” mean?

    Liked by 1 person

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