Snow and Prince Redux #5 Back at the Chateau

The sisters (Blair, Irene and sweet little Caroline) are up early and all a flutter over today’s activities. Prince and Snow arrived late last night but the girls have not seen them yet. A little TV and breakfast will help pass the time.


Snow popped awake. Her excitement was difficult to contain. Between that and the jet lag she is feeling a bit off this morning so she decided upon a lovely relaxing soak to help regain her composure.

snow am

While Prince and Ellie chatted she worked off a bit of angst by preparing her famous banana pancakes. Once the King and Queen came downstairs they all enjoyed a nice breakfast. King and queen are pleased to see their son so happy and have grown to love Snow as a daughter.


The anticipated hour has arrived.  King charming takes a quiet breath before he exits to the balcony.  He is feeling surprisingly jittery as he steps out to his adoring public.  For just a moment he and his people share a moment of mutual love and devotion to one another.

02-18-16_2-45-38 AM

Smiling he brings out his bride.  Queen is deeply loved by the people.  Her grace and charm are legendary! Then the princesses exit to applause and cheers.  The King and Queen watch proudly.  Although they usually shy away from the limelight these girls know they are cherished jewels in the kingdom. Finally, with Snow slightly in tow, Prince steps out and the crowd erupts.


King beams with pride as he watches his charismatic son and his (now literally) blushing bride wave to the crowd. The crowd roared their approval as he gently took the hands of his beautiful bride.  After an appropriate amount of time the King raises his hand and a hush falls on the crowd. All eyes are on him as he begins to speak.  He expresses his love to his people but lets them know that the time for him to step back off of most royal duties has come.  Now in the autumn of life, he desires to spend more time with Queen and his princesses.  As of today Prince will assume many of these royal obligations. He will need to learn much so that one day he can be a good king too.  King and Queen lingered as the crowd waned and the family returned into the Château.  Queen turned quietly to her groom and asked him how he felt about this decision.  His warm embrace dismissed all of her apprehensions .. all was good!  It was very good!

king and queen

Seeing that his parents had not yet come in from the balcony, Prince thought to go check on them.  As he came thru the door he chortled a little bit at the sight of his parent in an ardent embrace.  His father beckoned him to come.  Prince listened as his father told him that he and Queen were no longer “spring chickens” and that they had a deep desire to see a grandchild.  In that the girls were still so young and marriage far off for them, this “duty” then befell to Prince and Snow.  King urged him to please consider having a child quickly so that he and Queen might get to hold their grandchild before they died.  Prince laughed, held his father close and quickly assured him that he will speak with Snow about such a possibility at the earliest opportunity!  Queen stood off a bit fondly watching her husband and son.  Two of a kind these two she thought!  Oh how she loves them!

prince and king

Leaving them on the balcony to chat, she happily heads back to her chambers.  A grandchild she thought!  How marvelous that would be.  Soon she is lost in her day dreams of her precious grandchild!

02-18-16_2-59-05 AM

Downstairs Snow relaxes with Ellie in the parlor.  Ellie informs her that she has been invited by King and Queen to stay on a while at the Château.  She has decided to stay because she feels she can be of some help with the King and Queens fragile health.  Snow is exceedingly happy for this.

02-18-16_2-59-06 AM

Later that evening on the way down to dinner Snow begins to wonder if she perhaps she needs to go let Ellie check her out.  She has not felt well since returning from the honeymoon trip.  This jet lag will just not let her go.

02-18-16_3-22-40 AM

It will be time to head home soon.  The ladies were down stairs chatting and saying their goodbyes so Prince decided to join the fellas in the Royal’s club room for a last drink of the royal ale and some quick chats.   By the time he got there the party was in full swing.  Apparently King liked having these lively lads around too because he had extended an invite to them to stay on a while.  The boys happily accepted.  Prince love to hear their stories about life on their ranch. While he would not trade away his life in Windenburg he did have to secretly admit to himself a certain amount of longing for the simpler life that they lived!  Sweet little Caroline must have felt it too because she sure stayed close by when the yarns were spinning!  Prince noted with a smile how she even volunteered to help clean up …. definitely not the norm for her!

party boys

The boys have been urging a trip to America for the Windenburg Royals and to be honest it sounds so inviting!  But for now it is back to Windenburg and home ..

03-01-16_1-37-22 AM




16 thoughts on “Snow and Prince Redux #5 Back at the Chateau

  1. I would say that King and Queen are getting that grandchild sooner rather then later 😉 So happy for them, and I can’t wait to meet the baby.


  2. I understand exactly how Prince feels! I too yearn for the “simpler life” of a billionaire rancher, lol!
    Sorry for totally spamming your Comments, lisabee2.
    I’ll come back another day, hahaha.

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