Snow and Prince Redux #6 Snow’s Illness

Prince is beginning to get worried. Snow has not felt well since returning from their honeymoon. Snow has no idea what is going on she is just worn out all the time. She gives Ellie a call and Ellie recommends a pregnancy test.  A pregnancy test? She followed her advice. Snow was elated when she saw the results. SHE WAS HAVING A BABY!  Her Prince’s baby! She could hardly contain herself. She rushed to him and blurted it out as soon as he hit the door. As Prince embraced his bride he was both excited for the baby and relived that Snow would be fine. Snow looked into his face and knew from deep within herself what a wonderful father Prince would be.


Prince took a look around and thought to himself, this little home is not going to be big enough.  He loved it here but they were going to have to move.  It took a bit of convincing to get Snow to agree.  A search was made and a new place found.  He commissioned the best builders/decorators Windenburg had to offer to ready the house for he and Snow.  Prince supervised the details of renovations himself.  When it was finished he was so excited to share it with Snow.  Snow stood amazed at how lovely the house was.  The view is spectacular!  The house and gardens were incredible.


Their things were moved and unpacked.  Later that evening Snow sat contentedly in the little nursery.  Listening as her beloved play the piano in the music room she wondered if any woman could possibly be as happy as she.



Snow’s good friend Ellie is flown in to give the mom and baby a checkup.  03-02-16_3-09-13 AM


So far so good Snow but be sure you lay off the grilled cheese advises Ellie!  Mother and baby doing very well.

03-02-16_3-11-02 AM

The pregnancy is going great Snow and Prince are happy in their new home and looking forward to meeting this sweet baby!flirty

The baby has not slowed them at all ..

03-01-16_12-35-15 AM

The princesses and Ellie want to throw a surprise baby shower.  Prince convinces Snow to accompany him on a trip to the Chateau.  Truthfully they were glad to get some time away from Windenburg.  The excitement in the kingdom at the pending birth is wonderful but Prince worries that the intense attention is becoming too taxing on Snow.  It will be good for her to relax and rest since she is nearing the end of her gestation.  The house staff is already fussing over her and will pamper her for a few days.  Prince is glad for the opportunity to see his family even if only for a quick visit.  The sisters are so excited to be aunties and to “meet” the baby!


The party was being held in Snow’s fav coffee shop.  They all got up early and got out before Snow got up.  When she rose that am the house was so quiet.  She probably should have been more suspicious but a smiling Ellie appeared at her room to invite Snow to coffee (decaf of course) and her thoughts flew away.  How surprised she was when she stepped into that Coffee shop.

03-07-16_2-26-05 AM

The place was packed with family and friends.  The decorations were wonderful, the food exquisite and the warm repartee filled her heart with joy.

party 1

party 2

Her baby would be the luckiest baby ever.  He or she would be surrounded by so much love!  Now on to the presents.

03-07-16_2-30-51 AM



The beautiful new home is the creation of TokuSims

1st family home

Toku also did the bistro that the shower was held in …

Windenburg Café Bistro by Toku

The wonderful Baby Shower CC is from Sanjana Sims Studio


31 thoughts on “Snow and Prince Redux #6 Snow’s Illness

    1. Your comment or likes always bring a smile .. you are such a faithful support! I am so thankful that you stop by this raggedy novice’s wobbly attempt at simlit. LOL Prince and Snow have a few surprises coming for you all 🙂

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    1. AHH Lee you are such a blessing!! Rae gave me the sweetest bird feeder analogy (about simlit blogs) to encourage me when I was a bit down … how most come and nibble then fly away without singing even a note .. but you my friend sing the sweetest songs at the feeder ..

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  1. Snow must know it will a babyprincess – the nursery shows it – or I miss something! The new home is adorable as well. Another lovely chapter… aaaaaand… the best of it: I can keep reading ’cause, as I noticed, there are two more chapters! So… so long! 🙂

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      1. Why not she losts her beloved husband so she is totally welcomed in the purple day. I have no sims died so I can’t really participate.

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  2. Aw! The nursery is so sweet, and Snow looks absolutely wonderful she is going to be such a great mother… I men she took care of seven men for how long? Haha.

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  3. I practically choked when I read that hilarious comment by Emily Anne about Snow having looked after seven men.
    You are so creative, lisabee! I adore the idea of throwing a baby shower for your Snow!
    My sims will absolutely mutiny if they ever get wind of how your sims live! lol

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