Snow and Prince Redux #7 Meet Rose White

It’s TIME .. it’s TIME … it’s TIME … 3 am and off they rush to the hospital ..

03-08-16_3-03-40 AM

03-08-16_3-06-39 AM

Snow was quite a trooper but Prince was as nervous as a teen on a first date!    He is so frantic that at one point Doctor Cassandra Goth threatened to give HIM a sedative 🙂

birth rw

As he watched sweet little Rose White Charming enter this world he was certain his heart would explode!  Daddy is in love … (he is just ridiculous … Snow did not get to touch the baby til they were at home).

rose white

Prince is so proud of his beautiful bride .. Snow is surprised how she still flushes as he whispers praise in her ear!

good job

When King and Queen Charming heard that Snow had gone into labor they made plans to leave the Chalet and return to Windenburg immediately. The girls and the rest of the household would follow at the end of the week.  The happy grandparents could not wait to meet their grandchild.  King looked down into her sweet little face and was instantly captured by precious Rose White.  His heart swelled with pride as he held her.

03-09-16_2-45-29 AM

The family chatted happily as they caught up with each other’s lives and happenings in the kingdom.  King informs Snow and Prince that the whole family will be returning to the Windenburg residence on Friday.  He wants to be near his granddaughter and besides he knows that Queen is not going not leave that little bundle of love for anything.

03-09-16_2-52-51 AM

Little Rose slept soundly nearby.  Queen’s keen nose caught the aroma of a dirty diaper first.  As she tentatively reached for the baby, King swept in and in a flash changed the baby.


As Queen fed Rose, she smiled at the thought of her regal husband jumping up to change a dirty diaper.   As the happy family bantered back and forth with one another Queen contentedly snuggled her sweet little progeny.  Her dreams had come true.


Snow was very happy for the care and support of this loving family.  Truth be told she was very nervous about caring for Rose.  What if she did something wrong?  Knowing Queen would be nearby was very reassuring.

It is time for Prince to return to his place duties.  Snow faces the task of caring for little Rose White on her own.  Meeting both of their needs is a daunting task but she manages well.  Prince offered to hire help but Snow does not want anyone other than family caring for her baby.   In the afternoon she decided to take a walk up to see Queen at her quarters.  The fresh air will do them both good!

at home w mom

Shrieks of joy echoed thru the house as the aunties rushed in to see their little niece!  Minutes ago they had just landed in Windenburg.   Sweet Caroline ran with abandon and made it to the baby well ahead of everyone.  She was captivated by that little face looking up at her.  She is certain she will be her best friend and thinks of how much she has to teach this little darling.  Truth be told she was so glad not to be the baby anymore!


Blair and Irene came in next followed by a noisy throng of family.  Rose White squawked her objections at the noise level but Irene did not seem to notice.   By the time Blair held her she was growing accustomed to the bustle.

irene and blair

Loved by her family so very much,  Rose White is a blessed little one indeed!

Prince and Snow are finally getting the hang of this parenting thing.  Nights are the hardest but they tag team the job.  They are getting very familiar with what is on late night television!

night care

The whole burning the candle at both ends thing is really taking a toll on Prince.

03-01-16_12-35-16 AM

He made the decision to move his office to the house temporarily.   He has a nice quiet workspace and can help with Rose White when needed.  He has found that there is the added benefit of “happy wife .. happy life.”  With the pressure off Snow finds time for herself AND for him!

03-18-16_3-32-05 AM

03-18-16_3-27-38 AM


03-19-16_1-58-41 AM

35 thoughts on “Snow and Prince Redux #7 Meet Rose White

  1. Aww, sweet baby time! Things I absolutely love: 1. The image of Prince running down the hall – so cute! 2. That carriage! 3. Rose White has hair – 🙂
    Really great chapter.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You’re right, The Queen looks amazing! So elegant! Really chic! But it is truth! A new baby in the house and all go crazy about it. 🙂 Wonderful chapter. The CC and pics are beautful.
    and now to the nex one… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Your story is so beautiful and oh my so is the name Rose White! Perfect for a little Princess. I love your decorations and the CC. I also laughed when you wrote that Prince might have needed to be sedated himself.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. awwww, something special with little girls….don’t tell my sons I said that! She is going to be a very well loved baby. Lucky mommy to have such a considerate daddy to always want to be there to help out. I see good things for this family’s future.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Welcome Rose White! What an absolutely beautiful name ❤ You can tell this one is going to be loved and pampered her whole life through! I am so glad that King and Queen got their wish of having a grandchild and that Prince and Snow have been able to grow to meet the demands of having a family. Rose White is certain to have a wonderful life!


  6. Ohhh! So this is Rose White! ❤ And the baby has hair and she has a different beeeeed and cradle! Wow, I didn't know that's also a thing! I only use the default ones for baby. Time to search! HUWAHAHA!

    Liked by 1 person

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