Snow and Prince Redux #8 Growing up

(Snow made a lovely cake but sadly I missed pictures of Rose’s first birthday .. I was off tending to other sims when she jumped out of the crib… sniff!)03-19-16_2-00-01 AM

Happy Birthday little Rose White. Childhood is a wonderful time of discovery and joy and for Rose it is proving no exception. She is a congenial child who is adored by her family.

Especially happy is Princess Caroline who has long yearned for a playmate. She is so glad that she can have fun without having to worry over her “position” as mum calls it. Despite the age difference these to have formed a fast bond. Snow and Prince are delighted to see the relationship grow.

03-31-16_3-14-06 AM
03-31-16_3-20-00 AM

Little Rose will never know the loneliness of being a royal. It is easy to see this friendship lasting far into the future!

Snow watched as Rose bounded down the stairs ready for her first day of school.  Snow tried very hard to ignore the lump in her throat and the tears that threatened to spill from her eyes.  Rose chattered away thru breakfast unaware of her mother’s heartache.

03-31-16_3-31-43 PM

All she could think of was that Caroline was meeting her and would show her around and introduce her to her school mates.  Rose was heady with the thought of the adventure that lay ahead of her.  Snow considered how very much like her father she was in this.  Snow watched from the window as Rose left.  How had this day come so soon?  She was not ready to give her daughter to the world out there.

03-31-16_3-35-34 PM

The tears she had fought now tumbled down her cheeks as she turned in to the empty house.  Prince had long ago moved back to this office at the palace.  Rose would not stop pestering him long enough for him to get any work done.  All of a sudden Snow felt very alone.  It had been a very long time since she had felt these feelings.   She decided she would call Queen and ask her out for a coffee.  Queen had become like a mother to Snow … Queen would know what to say and do.

Queen knew exactly how Snow was feeling. After all she had been thru it three times before. Contrary to popular belief the first day of school did not get easier with each succeeding child. Queen embraced the teary-eyed princess. Oh how she loved this girl!  Her heart smiled at the way Snow has tried so had to pull it all together .. fooling most yes but NOT her.

04-04-16_2-46-53 AM

With a bit of coffee, a sweetie and some chats, soon Queen has Snow smiling and feeling better.

Good thing so quickly too. Snow had a way of drawing a crowd. The people of Windenburg loved her so much. Young girls snapped pictures and tweeted furiously about her every move.

04-04-16_8-15-53 PM

A smiling Queen left Snow to her adoring public and slipped up to the counter for another espresso. Striking up a conversation with the Barista and the young boy who earnestly watched him perform his tricks with steamed milk.

04-04-16_8-19-51 PM

Snow was going to be just fine .. they all were!

04-05-16_5-40-29 PM




33 thoughts on “Snow and Prince Redux #8 Growing up

    1. Ty … The funny thing is that she really is like that I never really have to play her as nice she’s always waving and smiling at people. Can it cracks me up. And a different note … I saw such a cute diner. I will have to get you the link or if we are allowed to use someone else’s builds I might have a diner and something to contribute to your idea… I am not a good builder but I have a lot of friends that are good builders so I guess I’m kind a lazy and never even tried to improve that skill.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes you can use someone else’s build just properly give them credits and let me know so I can give them credit and Link it and everything the only thing I ask is you have to be involved someway somehow so if you don’t feel that you can build the create some sims or use any from your stories and then decide the menu and all that and just give me some backstory

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      2. I am near ready to publish my first short story .. then I will take care of that (and I will get her permission to use her build .. but she will prob be glad for the exposure in that (not unlike so many talented builders) she is still relatively obscure. Mine will be a mom and pop run by none other than 🙂 ME … I have (in RL) long dreamed of a diner/dive of my very own!

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  1. Awe Rose looks like she’s going to be a sweetie pie. Poor Snow. No it never gets easier when they go off to school… even the first day of college!


  2. Time runs so quick… I still also know how it was as my little girls turnd to schoolkids. You described it so well. And Rose is very lovely … and your chapter very short… but I cann still read a new one … that’s why I gladly reserved the saturday for the simlit (under the week I`m nearly 12 hours out for working).

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t work that long but each way takes 1,h because of the changing of train… but I like my work and my colleages, so it is worth while .
        Yes… and your description of the first schoolday brought everything back… you are very good in raising memories … not only.


  3. I love the relationship between Snow and the Queen… how fortunate to get on so well with one’s mother-in-law!

    Caroline and Rose are such sweeties… I wonder if they’ll get into the sort of trouble I always got into with the cousin I was attached to at the hip with when I was a child. ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Rose grew up so beautifully! I am glad she and Caroline became such fast friends, but poor Snow </3 Watching your children grow up is bittersweet! I am so happy that she has Queen there to help her through the rough stuff.


  5. I was wondering who the pretty little blond girl leaving for school was.
    Gah, I’m so behind reading your blog that this is a pre-toddler update! 😀
    It’s great though that Rose caught up to Caroline in age already!


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