Snow and Prince Redux #11 Something Wicked This Way Comes

The bear continued towards her.  Rose White froze unsure of whether to stay or run as fast as her little legs could run.  He stopped right in front of her.  She almost swore he was smiling and he had the nicest eyes!  “H-h-h-hi,” she stammered, “m-m-m-y na-a-ame is R-r-r-ose White.” The bear looked at her quizzically for a moment and then he spoke! Rose could not believe her ears … a talking bear!!  “My name is Bruno,” he said in a soft growl.

Rose White and Bruno spent a happy afternoon on the playground together!  They became fast friends.

As Bruno looked in on the happy family gathered around the campfire his heart was heavy.  He never knew his momma bear and his papa bear spent many long hours foraging for their food and keeping their den clean and safe.  How he wished he could have a family like that!

04-13-16_1-38-31 AM

He crept in a bit closer so he could hear the story being told by Rose Whites’s daddy.  The delicious smell of the hot dogs that her momma was cooking hit his nose and made his tummy growl.   Rose White looked up and saw him.  “Come on Bruno,” she beckoned with a smile, “have a seat!  Join us!”  His heart skipped a beat as he scurried on over to the fire.  As her daddy rose and gave Bruno his chair he knew he did not have to be afraid.  He spent the entire evening and OH what an evening it was.  Hot dogs, marshmallows, singing and storytelling around the fire.   They laughed and laughed!  Everyone agreed that Bruno told the funniest stories!!

04-13-16_1-40-35 AM

It was late and he had to scamper for home.  Papa Bear would be worried!

04-13-16_1-48-00 AM

Snow hopped up early to get the grill fired up.  She had a taste for grilled fruit.  They were headed back home today and while her heart would be sad at leaving this place, her back would be glad for her own bed!

04-13-16_2-00-22 AM

04-13-16_2-02-10 AM

The next morning Rose White was so excited to get to school that she ate her breakfast standing up.  She was eager to see Caroline.  She missed her so much and there was everything to tell her about the trip, about Bruno, campfires, fishing and how it felt to sleep in a tent IN THE OUTDOORS!!  As she dashed out past her dad he wondered if she ever slowed down!

After school Rose White burst into the house (still running) and called out, “Mom can I go down to the beach with Caroline?”  “Rose White slow down and do not shout,” Snow admonished, “you can go after your homework is done and after your violin practice.  I can assure Caroline with be doing her homework and piano practice first too.”

04-06-16_2-14-42 PM

Rose White hurried thru her homework and her violin practice.  OH today it sounded terrible with all that screeching!

04-06-16_2-14-43 PM

Truth be told Snow was glad when it was over today!  “Can I go now Mom,” she called loudly as she ran out the door.  Leaving behind a delightful hush!

Down at the beach Rose and Caroline chatted as they looked for shells and other treasures.  They did not notice the mysterious lady walk up on them.

04-05-16_2-34-17 AM

“Hello dear children,” she purred, “whose darling little treasures are you?” The girls eyeballed her suspiciously.

04-05-16_2-36-28 AM

Caroline piped up and says, “we are not to speak to people we do not know!”

04-05-16_2-34-18 AM

“EWOHHH  we are not to speak to people we do not know,” the lady mocked.

04-05-16_2-37-07 AM

Caroline was a bit taken back but remained undaunted!  “Rose White you know we are not to speak to strangers,” she admonished her curious cousin.  “Well that shows how much you know you little snit,” the woman said cunningly, “because I am her grandmother!”

04-05-16_2-35-50 AM

The girls stared and Rose White gasped but had no time to speak as Prince came roaring down the hill … demanding the woman leave the children at once!

04-05-16_2-41-08 AM


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39 thoughts on “Snow and Prince Redux #11 Something Wicked This Way Comes

  1. That violin outfit Rose had on was so adorable! The little cub was priceless ❤ and so thankful the Prince is on guard at all times!! That could have ended horribly I am thinking!!! Great Update

    PS Snow's belly is SO BIG LOL

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh lol I was more putting myself on notice than you … I tend to be a slacker when it comes to doing them … Lol I in no way implied that I was so compelling that one could not wait 😄

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I am glad that Bruno and Rose White became good friends! Seems as though he needed a night like that.

    But OH NO! The Evil Witch D:


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