Snow and Prince Redux #14 Long Live the King

In the weeks following the death of Queen life has moved slowly on for the Charming Family.  Prince has found solace in his music and Snow busies herself with household duties.

The triplets are growing fast.  They are a sweet trio, always trying to do their best.   Rose White is a great big sis to them and they look up to her!  Under her careful guidance the girls are exceeding in their studies.  Mom and dad are so very proud of their hard work.

Prince’s birthday has come and passed without fanfare.  Still deep in grief, he had no desire to celebrate.  For him that was just fine.  However, Rose White’s  sweet 16 would take place in a few days.  He and Snow discussed the matter and felt it would be unfair to let hers pass un-celebrated.  The whole family was invited … Rose was so excited to have friends and family in the house again.  She was even allowed to invite Bruno.  Bruno was pleased to meet the triplets.  He had heard so much about them.  The girls were quite enchanted by his charming ways.

Rose has grown to become a beautiful young lady .. both inside and out!  All agree she has the elegance and grace befitting a future queen.   The party was delightful and it lifted the cloud that seemed to hang over the house.

05-27-16_10-56-00 PM


A proper time of mourning has passed and it is now time for Prince to assume is duties as the King of Windenburg.  The Summer castle is prepared for the festivities.

06-26-16_11-19-26 PM

The day arrived and the family solemnly joined Prince as he accepted the crown that was worn by his father.  It is time for healing to begin for the people of Windenburg.  The new royal family is celebrated far and wide.  “Long live King Prince and Queen Snow,” rang out over the land.  Many also sent blessings to the princesses and especially to the heir to the throne, lovely Rose White.

06-27-16_12-23-40 AM06-27-16_12-24-21 AM

Chef Claudia prepared a fest of delectable delights for the royal family (and Bruno too).  It was a joyful time.  The future looked bright and hopeful.

Prince ordered that their finest wine be brought up from the cellars.  The special treat was served to the jubilant gathering.   Gazing at Snow and smiling as she rose to toast her family Prince mused, “True the wine is wonderful but even the rarest wine does not intoxicate as much as my you my beautiful bride.”

06-27-16_12-52-11 AM

Later that evening, after all was finished, Prince and Snow shared a silent moment on the old Lovers Bridge that stood as a monument there in the center of Windenburg.  Looking out over the grandeur that was now his kingdom, Prince felt suddenly frail and vulnerable.

06-18-16_11-54-49 PM

Taking her hands and looking deeply into her eyes he whispered, “Thank you my precious wife, I could not bear this burden with out you by my side.”  For Snow the beauty that surrounded them paled in comparison to her Prince!   She had made a promise a long time ago that she would stay beside him no matter what came their way and today was no different.  Her resolved remained strong.


“What is this?” Snow thought, ” Such an adorable little market!”  Snow excitedly hurried into the market, the thoughts of a juicy farm fresh apple made her mouth water.  Her penchant for apples is well known in the kingdom and she often seeks out local growers!  The sight and smell of the establishment took her back to her asylum days when she worked at such a cute little place as this.

07-21-16_2-52-24 AM

She is lost in thought when she hears an oddly familiar voice ask, “can I help you my dear Queen.”   The voice dripped icily over her heart.

07-21-16_2-53-59 AM

Snow’s heart quickened as she looked up to the face that addressed her.  “I have many fine apples for your MY queen,” she hissed.  Her voice did not hide the rage she held against QUEEN Snow.

07-21-16_2-53-27 AM

Snow’s breath left her for a second or two.  “YOU .. WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE Step-mother?” stammered Snow.  She backed away .. but Evella followed as she snarled,”this, my queen, is home for me now.”

07-21-16_2-58-48 AM

Snow’s blood ran cold.  Her mind reeled with thoughts of dread for her family.  Evella had tried to have her killed before and Snow has hidden from her for a lifetime and a half now. “NO NOT NOW!  This cannot be happening,” her anguished heart was about to break .

07-21-16_2-56-29 AM

Then  the vile creature spoke the most horrific words she could utter.  “I am, my queen, to understand I have granddaughters … ”

07-21-16_2-58-03 AM

“… the princesses.  I should love to pay them a visit.”  Oddly enough there almost seemed to be a tiny bit of plea in that  wicked voice.  Snow was unable to control her fears .. they washed over her like a tidal wave.  NOT her daughters.  They would NEVER  meet this dastardly one!

07-21-16_2-55-14 AM

Snow garnered up all her strength and laid it on the line to Evella.  This would never happen.  She was to stay away from the girls.  She was NOT welcome in their lives!

07-21-16_3-01-23 AM


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Author’s Note:

This blog features the following FAB builds …

red queen castle

lovers bridge


38 thoughts on “Snow and Prince Redux #14 Long Live the King

  1. Loving the stories. I caught sight of the true storyline right away, and am really enjoying your take on it! Threw me off off, since Rose and Snow are sisters in the story I knew. But anyhow. Rose is stunning! She is a perfect Princess in every way.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Excellent catch … There is a version of the story that has a Rose White and a rose red 🙂 BUT in mine I may take a few liberties with Bruno’s love .. and the Snow White of this story is not the Snow white of the well known story but to save confusion I used the alternate version name 🙂


  2. First, Rose White looks absolutely gorgeus! Second, I love that lovers bridge… what do you do just spend all your free time looking for awesome builds?? And lastly, I was wondering when the step-mother would make herself known to Snow. I wonder if she has nefarious plans for the girls or for Snow herself?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh wow! How stunning is Rose White. She is truly beautiful and oh noooo…the wicked stepmother found her. Whatever will Snow do? I hope she can keep her away from the girls.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Rose White is a really beauty and your “official” pics with the royal family are so realistic, like magazins! Snow looked so queenly like on her wonderful dress and crown! I loved too how you showed three more adorable builds of! Each new chapter of you is far more than a story going on! A pleasure to read and absolute eyecatching pics! I can’t wait to see what happens next to Snow and her lovely family… thank God for the happy ending genre! 🙂


  5. Aww Rose White, I hope she keeps that adventurous spirit into her teen years.

    Poor Snow, she actually looked like she was going through the stages of PTSD when her evil step-mother showed up. At least her momma-bearness pulled her through it!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. What a beautiful ceremony! I am so happy for Prince and Snow, despite the hard times they have faced they are still so full of grace and are raising their daughters to be wonderful future leaders.

    Oh that wicked witch!


  7. Rose White in that lacy dress at the start of this chapter!
    Haha, I just dropped by to read 5 chapters of this story but I keep reading “just one more.” 😀


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