Snow and Prince Redux #16 :(

The family had been holed up in the house for far too many days!  Prince was determined NOT to let Evella’s presence in the kingdom effect the way they lived their lives.  He simply would not cower and hide.

He loaded up the family and they all headed down to the Magnolia Park market area.  There was an adorable new restaurant that promised to enchant the kiddos.  This would be a perfect family outing.

06-09-16_7-02-58 PM

With clown hostesses and waiters dressed as hotdogs .. it certainly did not fail to deliver on ambiance.  The children were totally enthralled ..

What it DID FAIL to deliver was FOOD!

Later that night, with the kids snuggley in bed, Prince and Snow took a midnight stroll along their beach.  Prince reached into his pocket and fiddled a moment with his iPod.   Soon a sweet tune floated to their ears.

Prince took Snow in is arms and began dance her over the sand as the singer crooned …

(The Flamingos –  I Only Have Eyes for You  click link to enjoy the song on the beach with them)

♪♫  My love must be a kind of blind love
I can’t see anyone but you
Sha bop sha bop
Sha bop sha bop ♪♫
♪♫ Are the stars out tonight
I don’t know if it’s cloudy or bright
I only have eyes for you dear
Sha bop sha bop ♪♫
05-29-16_3-07-10 PM
♪♫ The moon may be high
Sha bop sha bop
But I can’t see a thing in the sky
I only have eyes for you. ♪♫
05-29-16_3-06-14 PM
 As they danced together, Snow felt as giddy as a school girl.  After all this time how did he still make her feel this way??
06-23-16_1-53-50 AM
Evella was not taking this affront lying down!   She had a plan and it was now time for it to come to fruition!!  She would spring into action today!
06-10-16_2-02-53 AM
A small incantation and within a twinkling of an eye she was transformed!
Evella inspected her disguise carefully.  There was no way her nemesis would see thru this.  After a bit of practice in the mirror (oh how she loves mirrors) she is ready to visit Snow and gift her this special apple .. grown JUST for her.
 06-10-16_2-46-51 AM
She hurried off to Snows home.  She did not have long before Prince or the princesses came home.
“Oh my Queen,” the dear elderly woman said, “I have heard of your great love for apples.  I am proud to say I have grown the most wonderful apple I have ever tasted. I bring one as a gift to you.”  Snow looked at  the beautiful fruit and then took it from the sweet lady.  She took a bite …
06-10-16_3-04-07 AM
She knew instantly something was very wrong!
06-10-16_3-05-28 AM
06-10-16_3-06-34 AM
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 Author’s note:
The song I heard as they were dancing on the beach …
The Flamingos – I Only Have Eyes for You
The cute hot dog restaurant.

39 thoughts on “Snow and Prince Redux #16 :(

  1. Poor poor Snow… of course she had to eat the apple… although I hoped she wouldn’t… now I`m longing to know what happens next!!!
    The pics were so lovely und lively! A lovely exercise and show for the eyes! ♥♥♥

    Liked by 1 person

  2. love Snow and Prince dance but no no no Snow ;( Prince! you must return fast and kiss Snow and have hope that it will help!


  3. Oh Snow! I suppose old habits die hard don’t they. I hope Prince comes quick with his special cure 😉

    But seriously, this wicked witch has overstepped her welcome I would say!


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