Snow and Prince Redux #21 The Surprise


When we last left the Charming family they were well on the way to recovering a sense of normalcy in their lives.  The final days of summer were joyfully spent together.  Prince was asked to pose for a shoot in SQ (SimsQuarterly).  Although uncomfortable, he reluctantly accepted.  Snow and the girls had fun ribbing him a bit about it!  (I think it looks pretty good).


The time came to return to school and Rose White sure was glad to have mum back.  High School is hard and Rose cherishes the advice  she gives her.


Rose Red finds big sis a trustworthy confidant.  Who is it that has caught your eye little Rose?



Snow and Prince are contented just to care for their little brood.  They find gladness in the smallest of daily chores!  Life has returned to the house!


The phone rings in Prince’s personal office.  The voice on the other end has a diplomatic proposition for him.  Prince is invited on a good will trip to the USA.  The ambassador would like to extend the invitation to Snow and the princesses as well.  While Prince thinks this would be a wonderful idea for his country and his family, he begs off making the final decision until he discusses it with Snow.


Once the children have gone off to school he invites his bride to coffee where he tells her of the phone call and the request.  An excited twinkle appears in Snows eyes.  OH a voyage!!   What fun that would be and for the girls how enriching this experience would be for them.



Prince watches with amusement as Snow excited makes plans and lists of things that they will need to do.  Her sparkle was back!  Prince would accept the invitation.  He could hardly wait to tell the girls when they returned home from school.


BUT UNTIL THEN .. it was a sunny afternoon and there was a quiet bench in a beautiful garden … a little stolen moment together was in order!




The first thing on Snow’s list was getting updated Passports.  Even tho everyone was jittery with excitement the girls waited patiently.


Pictures taken and forms filled out .. things are rolling!  This will be the trip of a life time!!


Back at home the girls chatter excitedly …


… while Snow prepares her famous pancakes for dinner …


The mood in the house was as light as the delicious pancakes they happily wolfed down.


Prince went to make some phone calls and the girls are off bed.  Snow busied herself cleaning up the kitchen  .. when something mysterious caught her eye …


… she ran out to investigate …






(Poor Snow .. this was not the type of travel she anticipated!)


Because I made you all wait so long for an update here is a little gift (esp for you Bruno fans).   I made a quick visit to the den.  Tonight we learn what else a bear does in the woods!  ENJOY!


Seems Bruno’s little life is about to change with the addition of a cub.

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TY to the following builders …


This one is very special to me 🙂  TY Guardgian I adore it!!



32 thoughts on “Snow and Prince Redux #21 The Surprise

  1. This was sooo cute! Thank you so much for the double post! 🙂
    I loved your idea with the pass pics and the the city hall!
    It is wonderful normality has come to Snow’s life again… and what a smal model the prince is…
    Your pictures are lovely and it was a great fun the ones with Bruno, but … goodbye hopes he may eventually turn to a human beeing 😦
    But than, in spite of it, it remains mysterious for Snow… allthough I don’t believe any harm will happen to her… I wager!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I meant to put i can’t wait, how i miss working on my story i will soon though i am still thinking on what to put in the story next i gotta feeling something huge is about to happen but you’ll have to wait because it is a secert he he.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for catching up today. Your commentary just brought smiles the whole time. You are a delightful reader to have … thank you again. And by the way I’m scared to go back in the game to see what might’ve happened to snow because I left her just after the UFO dropped her back home. If you like Bruno you will be tickled to know I have plans for him in the next generation.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. OH! So many things happened in this sweet chapter – how stunning are those girls and YAY Bruno LOL wow!! Loved the passport pics and oh no do you think Snow will have a different kind of baby now?? LOL this save keeps giving you fits of surprises doesn’t it??

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I loooooooove you Bruno! ❤

    Just saying! lol

    It's funny how easily Rose Red catches my eye since she's the only one out of the darling girls with the black hair. And who's the triplet underneath Rose White's passport photo? I saw her earlier too and she is SO cute.

    I thought I was losing my mind for a second because of that loaf of bread on the table in one of the pictures. I thought it was a baby at first LOL

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Yay for a trip! Looking forward to seeing their adventures overseas.

    Haha, poor snow. If it isn’t Evella is had to be aliens!! Hopefully there were nice to her, maybe she got to try alien tea and chit chat about intergalactic gossip?? 😛 (that was my weird attempt at a joke, please excuse my terrible sense of humour)

    Congrats to Bruno!! Hopefully we will get to meet his newest addition sometime soon.


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