Snow and Prince Redux #22 Party Party

Snow is happy to realize that she has not suffered any physical harm from her abduction.  She has NOT shared that experience with any one … not even Prince.  She considered going to see Ellie to get a check-up but she fears that she might be found insane and hospitalized again.

Even now she wonders if it really happened or did she dream it all.  For now she will keep this to herself because she could NEVER go back to that old life in the asylum!


The day is beautiful.  Perfect for a walk on the grounds.  Everyone at their home quarters was buzzing over the upcoming trip.  Yes, she was excited too and it did  seem as tho the departure day would never arrive.  But today Rose White has other things occupying her mind.


She is getting older.  There have already been a number of inquiries to officially court the princess.  Prince, doing his best daddy thing, of course jovially shooed them off and urged them to wait a while.  She has a bit more time before these issues can be considered officially.  As for Rose she is considering them unofficially.  It is weighty for her.  How will she ever choose the man who would one day become king along side of her.   “He loves me .. he loves me not … he loves me … he loves me not …” she whispered to her self. Wishing the daisy could give her the answers she needed.  How would she know if it was her he loved or the position that came with being wed to her.  Princess, he will certainly love you!  Just as we all do!  


The excitement in the house is hard to contain.  Prince tries desperately to busy himself.  Waiting for the visas is nearly unbearable.  The wheels and cogs of bureaucracy turn slowly!


Spending time together with his sweet bride on a sunny Sunday afternoon is just what was needed to take his mind off of it.  Little Violet joins her mom and dad as they are enjoying a fine beverage.  “Daddy,” she brightly begins.


Snow recognizes the tone and nervously peers into her glass .. giving it a deep inspection.  Is that a fly?


Violet continues, “can I have a sleep over party?”   Prince cringes at the thought of all those children running thru the house BUT she is so sweet how can he say possibly say no??  Yes indeed they will allow it 🙂


Friday night is upon them and all the little school chums are here!!  Let the party commence!  The noise is deafening BUT children are all happy and getting along .. so nice!


Snow notes that Rose Red and Bruno have developed a deep friendship.  Little partners in crime! Snow is so pleased.  Bruno is a very nice bear and good friend who comes from a lovely bruin family!


It is not long before mom and dad, with pillows over their heads, fall fast asleep.  Leaving Rose White and the triplets in charge.


The night wanes on and a sleepy Rose White nods off in a chair while watching a movie.  Soon the triplets snuggle into the cozy sleep bunks … just to relax … only for a little while.


THEN the sleep over shenanigans begin!!  For the most part it was all just harmless fun.


But OH MY!  Alex’s ill fated accident was catastrophic.  How would he face his friends in the am!


Max got scared and decided he missed his parents.  He wants to go home early … Good night Max!


There was lots of clean up that next am.  Their very tidy friend Lucas stayed to help.  It was not long before all was in order.


Monday finds the girls skipping off to school and …


Snow headed to Magnolia Mall.


She has to do some shopping for the trip … replace the busted up doll house …


and try on a few of the latest style offerings in her fav little chic boutique.


She has a lunch time meet up with Irene and Blair, two of  her sister’s in law and her dear friend Ellie.


They pass a lovely lunch hour … each sharing the latest in their lives.  Everyone is so very excited about the goodwill trip.


Snow spends a few more happy moments looking in various shops in the mall.  She found the most fabulous bedroom set.  She excitedly called home to share her find with Prince who promises to come down to see it after they return from the trip.


Meanwhile back at home Prince is flying around the kitchen.   It is Snow’s birthday and he is throwing a party for her.  Yes, his sisters and Ellie knew – they were a part of the diversion.  He had considered hiring a chef but then decided he wanted it to be a special party.  He would do the food prep himself.


By the time Snow came trotting home …


the party was already underway in the backyard.  Precious friends and family were all in attendance.


She was so surprised.  Everything was pure perfection!  Prince had not overlooked anything.


The party lasted well into the night  (yes even on a school night).


There was one more surprise.  Prince led Snow upstairs and opened the bedroom door to divulge his birthday gift.  Her dream room.  She was stunned!  “How on earth did you manage to pull this off,” she stammered!  “I have my ways,” was all he said.


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Thank you to the builder of this wonderful retail build!


I highly recommend this delightful mod (and very talented modder)

Slumber Party Mod by brittpinkiesims


21 thoughts on “Snow and Prince Redux #22 Party Party

    1. LOL and that’s how the game plays you. All I intended to do was have a shopping before our family takes off. Because the game had thrown me a curveball last week with the abduction I had to answer that … The when the slumber party mod came out I thought all just tack on a quick showcase of that one … While snow was out shopping I noted it was her birthday. Aargh even more to add that on. I hope it was not as helter-skelter as it felt when I was writing it.

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  1. I confess I was already afraid for Snow as she worried about her sanity of mind and hoped all would end well. To my relief it was really so and it couldn’t end better as with a party. I loved your party pics both … first the pijama party (did Max really went home?) and then the birthday one. Also the pics on the wall were beautiful and I am already very wondering how the nex ones will be 🙂 ♥♥♥

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I do suppose aging again might give mixed feelings but Snow is ever so gracefully when aging. By this time I would probably start messing memories up lol. Surprised Snow hasn’t found confidence enough in the Charming household, to be honest about the encounter though.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lovely chapter ❤ Always a joy to see the Charming's loving their lives happily. They have been through so much in the past, they deserve this peace.


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