Snow and Prince Redux #23a (Special Short Story Edition) The Curfew


“Hello, what are you doing out here alone my dear?  It is very late.”  The kindly voice spoke interrupting her sobs.  “I … I … I am not allowed to talk to strangers,” Rose Red sniffed as she peered up at the lady standing there.  “And I am lost,” she wailed.


The elderly lady’s face crinkled into a smile as she took a seat next to Rose.  “My name is Agnes Snow and I live in that brown stone right over there. So, now I am not a stranger to you anymore!” Agnes pointed to her home as she continued,  “Now what is your name and where do you live? Let’s get you found.”  “My name is Rose Red and I am not from here and I do not know where I am staying,” said Rose sadly.


“We just arrived yesterday.  My daddy is on a special trip to be friends with America.”  Agnes grinned.  Yes, all the city had been in a bustle over the good will visit from the King of Windenburg and his family.   This sweet little girl must have heard news of this excitement.  “Honey I cannot help you if you continue to pretend,” Agnes said speaking softly to Rose.


“NO,” declared Rose.   “I really am one of the princesses!”  “OK little princess,” Agnes patiently said, “if you are indeed as you say how did you get out here all alone and lost?” Rose sniffed again then began, “Momma got sick from the airplane and daddy had a big meeting  for something we are all supposed to go wearing fancy dresses.  My big sister Rose White was going to take me and my sisters to an art museum.  Daddy explained lots of stuff about stranger danger and curfew … I tried to listen … really I did!”


“Rose White took us all to see the interesting stuff at the museum.  I tried to pay good attention .. really really I did!  But there were so many Pokemon there …


… I saw Ponyta outside … I don’t have Ponyta …


… and in the park across the street there was a ninetales!


I thought I might just look around a bit more and found a Pikachu!  He was very hard to catch,”  Rose Red said looking up into the soft brown twinkling eyes.  “Do you play Pokemon Go?” Rose asked her elder benefactor.  Agnes smiled as she shook her head no.


“I guess went too far cause when I found Ekans I was LOST here.”  Agnes looked down at the little face shiny with tears and was about to try speak some comfort and reassurance to her when they heard a voice urgently calling out, “Rosie .. Rosie  … Rosie?”   “OH,” gasped Rosie, “it is my big sister!”


Rounding the sidewalk and seeing her sister, Rose White exclaimed, “Rosie!  Thank goodness we found you!  Where did you go?   Why did you run off?  You scared us so badly!”  “Well bless my boots,” Agnes exclaimed as she recognized the lovely heir to the throne of Windenburg, “you really are one of the Princesses!”   Agnes turned to Rose White, “Your Highness.”  “Oh call me Rose,” the young royal blushed! “Thank you mam’ for caring for my sister.  I will take charge of her now.”  Rose Red gave Agnes a good bye hug so hard that made the elder chuckle.  “We must hurry sisters,” Rose White urged.  “It is past curfew already.  Dad and mom will be very upset.”


Prince met the girls at the door.  He had a frown on his face that told them trouble was coming. “Do you girls know what time it is?  You are nearly an hour past curfew!  Your mother and I have been worried!”  Rose Red held her breath for what was coming next.  She wanted to run and hide but knew it would only make matters worse.  She was going to be grounded from the upcoming gala and not get to wear her pretty new dress.  She swore she could see the softest of smiles cross her face as Rose White said, “I am so sorry Daddy!  the girls were having so much fun that I forgot to check the time.  We stopped at an arcade and I should have called.”  Prince’s frown faded as he forgave the infraction.  The other two co-conspirators just smiled sweetly and stayed silent.


Rose Red whispered as she hugged Rose White, “Thank you sissy.  I love you so much.”  Rose White clung to her little sister, “It is what sisters do.” she whispered back. “I was so scared you were gone forever.  I could not bear my life without you in it. Now off to bed for us tomorrow is going to be such fun.”


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A HUGE thank you to the amazing builders that keep my story WONDERFUL!

Dear friend Elke Rentz aka Simoniona


AND the uber talented Tokulee


Creator of the Pokemon Critters – WinglySimmer


39 thoughts on “Snow and Prince Redux #23a (Special Short Story Edition) The Curfew

  1. Agnes Snow? That can’t be a coincidence! A long forgotten relative from Snow? That would be nice!
    The Times Square Lot is a dream an looked fantastic at your pics! And I had to laugh with your Pokemons story and to think how much damage they already provocated because people doesn’t pay attention to anything else!
    Your story was very sweet! And now I understand why you wrote about Bruno! Yes, he is bigger now and ready for his own story. I am very excited to know how you’ll show it! ♥♥♥

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Very sweet as a stand alone. I don’t read your challenge at this time, but this little chapter was lovely. Your CC is beautiful!


  3. This was such a sweet read. 🙂 I really loved how Agnes thought she was pretending. (And her last name is Snow? Hmmmm…..) It was also really sweet that Rose White covered for her sister. I remember doing that a time or two. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow, that TIme Square build is so convincing for a minute there I thought you must’ve gotten your hands on the City Life EP early, hahaha!

    My friends all know me as a known Ingress/PoGo hater… perhaps I’ll link them this as one of the possible dangers. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Such a lovely stand alone story bout Rose Red. I like this princess very much. To me, she resembles her mom Snow the most of the princesses along with her adventurous nature. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m so terrible at doing actual stories as opposed to my commentary style! You’re doing an awesome job at it in the ones I read.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. A lot of drifters do it. I find it tiresome and feel it takes the fun out of it. Others find it fun turning the challenge into a story. It’d be cool for my new vamp challenge.

        Liked by 1 person

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