Snow and Prince Redux #27 A New England Autumn


His Jeep arrived today!  Prince is like a boy with a new toy.  Papa Bear and he discuss the finer points of off road driving. They dream of everything from everything from easy forest  roads and unpaved backroads to extreme mountainous trails!  Prince invites him out for a spin while the ladies prepare for the triplet’s birthday celebration.  Papa Bear gladly accepts (neither want get stuck on kitchen duty).


The guests have all arrived and the cakes are finished .. party time!  Didn’t they do a wonderful job with the cakes?   NO caterer for this one!  Snow and Rose White are very proud to have made them all by themselves!  Each girl got a favorite cake of her own choosing.


First Lily …


then Rosie …


and last but never least little Violet.  The adventures of the teen years lay ahead for them and they face it with excitement!


However, in true Sims fashion a makeover was needed!  So first things first …


I think they like it!  I do too!


Snow enters to the sound of her darling daughters giggling and chatting over a slice of cake.  “Oh Mum,” they gush, “the cakes are simply divine!  You and Rose White make the yummiest cakes!”


Joining the happy conversation delighted her heart.  How she loved her sweet silly girls.    As she sat she noted Rosie seemed a bit pensive.  “Rosie, are you okay?”


After a pause Rosie sighed, “Mum … um … Bruno and I are going steady!”  Snow gasped, “What!  Honey he is not of our species.  Sweetheart he is a BEAR!”


“I know he is a bear!  Augh Mum” she retorted, “you do not understand … we are in love.  I have known for a long time that he is special to me.  I don’t care one tiny bit that he is different from me!”


A bit taken back by Rose Red’s outburst, Snow begins calmly, “Darling what about your position as a Princess of Windenburg.  I am not sure how comfortable Bruno would feel in such a life.”


“Mummy I am NOT Rose White!   My dream is not of palaces and position!  I have no desire for such things!


I would rather live in a small cave with Bruno than in the most luxurious castle in our kingdom!”


Snow looked at her dear daughter.  Yes this one was cut from different cloth than her sisters.  She could see so much of herself in Rosie.  She knew well that independent streak could not be so easily tamed.  It is very obvious she loves Bruno and Snows knows well about true love’s heart!  “Alright my precious one!  I do love Bruno too.  He is a wonderful bear!”


Rosie sprang up and embraced Snow.  “Thank you Mummy … I love you so much!   Your approval is special to my heart!”  Knowing again and again that these days were numbered, Snow held her baby girl tightly and wished time would pass more slowly!


Later that evening Bruno and Rosie sneak off for a bit of quiet time alone.  She is excited to share with Bruno her Momma’s blessings.  As they lay under the stars they dream and plan of a bright future.  The world would just HAVE to understand!


It is a beautiful New England morning.  Bright and sunny!   The days here have been glorious but this day topped them all.  It is as though mother nature was pulling out all the stops for their last day in New England!   They are up bright and early to get things all packed up.  Now out to enjoy this extraordinary day!


That evening, under supervision from Snow, Rose prepared the entire supper meal for the family.  EVEN baked the bread from scratch!   Fresh fish, a lovely salad and that warm buttery bread … the meal was met with highest of praise.


Tomorrow they are off .. headed west.  They all agree that they will miss this place!   Hope you join us .. next stop Tuscon 🙂

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Prince and Snow Redux Table of Contents


TY to the following builders and modders .. you make my stories shine!!


Autumn in The Sims 4 by Dani Paradise


33 thoughts on “Snow and Prince Redux #27 A New England Autumn

    1. Lol hmmm perhaps I am busted lol … Tucson is a beautiful city. But my girls and I were there couple years ago and I loved it. Even in the summertime because we came in June. We have friends there and it sure would be nice to visit them again.

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    1. I went into a different file and found your comments. Yes she is crazy and now you know where my next story is going to start with her. And snow is a beautiful beautiful baby.


  1. Sooooo beautiful! Starting with the postcard, the wonderful autumn pics and the cutest love story with Rosie and Bruno! I’m more than curious how you’ll be spining it 😉


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