The Menace Returns?

Donning some clothing that she appropriated from the employee’s lounge,  Evella slips out of Hope Psychiatric Center while grimmy was doing his thing.  She almost felt bad for adding poisoned apple tea to the staff tea pot.  ALMOST!  She really had nothing against these folks and they had treated her well BUT she had things to do and being locked up here was not on the list.  Those nasty Charmings would suffer her wrath soon, so it was ALL worth it!   She had sent word to her henchmen, the 2 stooges, but they were not interested in rejoining her.  They had gone straight and now happily served King Charming.  Evella cringed at the thought!


She had to see Mrs. Crumplebottom before she flew out.   Agnes hated the Charmings, with all their cuddling and smooching,  almost as much as Evella did.  It was she who had smuggled the tea bags of poison in during one of her visits.

10-13-16_12-43-50 AM

Mrs. Crumplebottom met Evella at the small Oasis Springs airport and gave her new clothing (something much more suited to Evella’s personal sense of style than this garish purple mess of a jogging suit) and some cash.

10-13-16_3-17-38 AM

Once the plane was off and flying away Evella was relieved and could let her guard down a bit.   Officer Theis and his law enforcement thugs would NOT find her this time.

She needed a false identity, a new lair and some evil henchmen to help carry out her plot.  She knew who she needed to see.  The hideout of the villainous racketeer gave her the heebie-jeebies .  This place is creepy even by my standards she mused.  Mergwhen Bramblewise saw her coming and hurried out to greet her.  “Evella my beautiful queen! What brings you to my humble abode?”  His tinny grating growl made her skin crawl!


Bucking up she purred, “Mergwhen Bramblewise!  Why aren’t you a sight for sore eyes!  I have not seen you in a good eon or so.”   He peered at her skeptically. “I had heard the King had you confined.  You did not lead five-0 here did you?”  He paused as he seemed to rethink his words.  “OH But where are my manners?  Come,” he urged, “best not to be out in the open too long.  Come in let’s talk over tea.”


Mergwhen Bramblewise was a man of many resources and he brewed a mean pot of tea too!  If not for that VOICE and those creepy lifeless eyes, he would not have been bad company.  He arranged for her new identity and sold her on a perfect new lair.  “I have whatever you need my dear except for evil henchmen, well I am fresh out.


Besides that, no one wants the risk since you lost the last two tragically to the constabulary.  I do however have 2 fine plant specimens growing in my bathroom.  They will be imprinted to the one who picks them. You are free to have them … for a small fee of course.”  His snide demeanor and rumbling chuckle gave her a slight shiver but help is help!  What stunning creatures they were.  Grown from the alien Mrgnjyzox leaves.  They would do very well!


Off she went with her new “henchmen” Juniper and Ash.  They twittered and giggled as the followed her into the woods.  The fresh forest air and dappled sunlight made them more and more jubilant with each step they took.  Finally unable to contain herself any longer, Evella let out a long hissing “STOP!”   All this cheerfulness was maddening.  Looking into their bright smiling faces she was at her wit’s end.   She could take no more shenanigans!  Waving her fists in the air she declared, “Augh curse you Mergwhen Bramblewise!  You and your bubbly little plant sims.”  Turning to them, her voice bitter and biting, “you two stop with all the chipper, cheery prattle and go get to work gathering the herbs and bugs I will need for my potions.”


“Yes Mommie dearest!” They declared in unison and skipped off to do their assigned duties.


Leaving them to their tasks she went off to visit the Dark Lord.  It would be an unsavory visitation but she had no choice.  She needed to borrow his Dark Book of Evil Secrets.   He had the only copy in existence.   Upon arrival, Evella was stunned to see the Dark Lord dressed as a CLOWN!  Reading her face he challenged, “do you find something objectionable in my appearance?”   Evella was taken aback and she shook her head no.  This trip was certainly not going as planned.  “It is my latest doing.  People all over the world will fear me!”  Evella shuddered at his thundering.   His roars were interrupted by a tiny “Hello.”  Evella turned to see a small ghost boy standing beside her.


The Dark Lord grumbled, “that is Georgie!  I keep him around as a pet.”   Georgie was a small sweet boy and seemed quite wise for his apparent age.  He tried to warn Evella that the Dark Lord was not one to be trusted and that borrowing his Dark Book of Evil Secrets could come to a very bad end for her.  Evella listened to his words with some apprehension.  The Dark Lord just sat and silently glared at them both forebodingly.    The stench of evil hung heavy around him and she knew she should just leave.  He lay the book by the cauldron in the kitchen.  “Cast an herb into the pot and see for your self what you can discern.”


Casting some noxious fireweed into the cauldron Evella is given a delightful vision.  Dead Charmings … all of them DEAD!  WONDERFUL!  Not heeding Georgie’s words of warning she picked up the borrowed book and headed home to her fortress hideaway.  Well after first gathering up her “children” that is.  Who, by the way, had made friends with some wretched bear named Bruno!  “NO!  He cannot come along.  Now off to home for you two and you miserable little bear be gone!” She flicked her fingers at the stunned bear and turned for home.


She opened the book and was shocked to see one last warning.  There on the pages of the Dark Book of Evil Secrets the words “he will suck your soul dry” appeared written in BLOOD!  Certainly this was a trick and the lure of what the cauldron had revealed was far too tempting for her.

10-16-16_12-52-60-amLate into the night she climbed the tower and begun.  Uttering the incantations she summons forth the dark forces and they appeared on the four corners of her highest tower.   Each one began to emit a sinister light.  It shot out from each object and filled the sky around her.  She shouted to the light, “bring me the BEAST.  I have need of his service.”  The tower began to shake and a bright green serpent …  MMM … NO … a bright green sea monster burst forth and began to swim around her in the waves of light.  OH her joy knew no bounds.  This magnificent creature would exact her revenge.


“GO OUT MY BEAUTY!  Destroy King Charming and his family!”   She watched as the critter went forward and then dropped and disappeared into the waters that surrounded her fortress.  “Augh,” she cried, “what a stupid beast you are!”


All of a sudden the shaking grew more severe.   An invisible force was clawing at her.  She could hear the thunderous laughter from the Dark Lord in the glow around her.  “It is time to pay up my Queen!”  She felt a part of herself draining away.  “NO,” she screamed as she dropped to the floor.  BUT  it was too late.


“OH mommie dearest your great beauty is gone,”  cried an alarmed Juniper.  Yes, it was true the Dark Lord had taken what she valued most …her beauty.  The two bewildered plant sims stood stunned looking at the shriveled hag before them.  Ash was puzzled.  “So it did not work then? Your revenge, Mummy.  You did not get your revenge?”  No, she had not BUT she would find a way!  Both to get her beauty back and to repay the Charmings for her embarrassment.  She stood up straight and said, “I’ll think about that tomorrow… After all … Tomorrow is another day!”


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This story is written as a short story for submission to a Short story contest in the EA Forum ..

HOWEVER, it is also written as a treat for my regular readers who will appreciate the Evil Evella and her backfired revenge LOL  I love you all dearly!!

** the quote from Gone with the Wind is not intended as plagiarism but added for a touch of humor.

Thank you to the following builders and modders. You make my stories shine!!

For you plantsim lovers … here are two links to fix you right up 🙂

Plantsim trait

Plantsim hair

Michelle who created the fortress just for Evella .. ❤ I am blessed by you!


Ascanius T who was my inspiration and showed me how to employ this wonderful mod ..


Simmywise and Georgie (what an amazing Dark Lord he is!)


Mergwhen Bramblewise ❤ a super lucky gallery find!


Phew It’s a Bait Shop


Hope Psychiatric center

hope psych center




32 thoughts on “The Menace Returns?

  1. This was sooo cool! Evella is back – what is a story without a good villain, right? And how you used the lots and mods was just fantastic! A really wonderful creepy tale and on time for halloween, Thank you for the treat! ♥♥♥

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This was really cool! Just goes to show that revenge hardly ever goes as planned. You should’ve quit while you were ahead, Evella. 🙂

    Loved how you used the builds and Mods. You’re always amazing at that. And oh, the Plant Sims were adorable! 🙂 I haven’t played with them much in TS2 but really enjoy them in TS3. I always imagine them as very cheerful and happy-go-lucky. I have several in my game that I’m very fond of. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I had to lol about your Evella comments … yes she is not so good at the whole evil thing. I adore plant sims too and I agree I always seem to make them happy. They will be featured in my new story ,, Bruno’s story

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m glad I could give you big LOL. 🙂 Seems not much works out for Evella. I’ve a feeling we haven’t seen the last of her.

        Oh cool! More Plant Sims! 🙂 🙂 Yeah, I really like them, and you’ll be seeing some of mine being featured in a few of my stories too.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m not sure let me take a look at that. A lot of it was put together with various special effects. Some of them with the special-effects player from Andrew at Sims four studio… but I will check and confirm for a link


  3. Haha, the Dark Lord stole her Evella’s beauty. I was surprised that she wouldn’t be interested in paying back the Dark Lord for that travesty. Too dangerous?
    Oooh, plant sims before the game actually had plant sims!
    I’m so happy to know that you’ll be keeping them!!! (But not as the Big E’s minions, I hope…)

    Liked by 1 person

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