Snow and Prince Redux #28 Tucson Family Time

The family finally makes Tucson.  Hot, dry and sunny, it is very different from Windenburg. It will take some getting used to but it is worth it because this is the home of their American cousins.


They are so excited to see them again.  Prince and Snow have missed them very much.  The last time they saw them was when Prince’s father died.  The cousins have never met the triplets and Rose white was so little the last time they  were all together.   They all have been looking forward to reconnecting!

There are many strange and wonderful places to visit in this place.  Cousin Robbie J took them out to the odd Area 61. An alien space ship had crashed on this site over a decade ago.  Strange lights and sounds could still be heard coming from the ship.  That and the sheer magnitude of the crater made standing out over it unnerving.    Violet discovered she has vertigo.  Breathing deeply and on wobbly knees she stayed out with the family  but kept her eyes up on the horizon (cousin Dwayne told her it helps).  Rosie has no fear of it at all and with all her leaning over the railing “to see better” she is about to give poor Snow fits!  “Rosie” she exclaims, “I cannot bear more!  You are scaring me to death!”  Rosie just leans a bit out over the railing again as she laughs and then she hugs her mum.  “Don’t be a worry wart Mum!”


Mount Gnome-more left them breathless.  They could not imagine the dedication it took to create such a mammoth masterpiece!


Snow’s favorite was the  old general store.  It was a delightful trip to the past way of life for old west families.


The old train that had been converted into a saloon was a great place to get everyone together for a bit of refreshment and chats.


Cousin Chet took Prince and Snow on a trail ride thru their property.  Oh this is the life thought Prince.  He and Snow both love to ride but his duties rarely give him an opportunity for such a luxury.  Snow, an excellent horsewoman, cantered up to take the lead .  Urging her wonderful steed forward she joyously enjoyed the sense of total freedom and rode ahead with abandon.  Chet and Prince just laughed and hung back to chat as they rode.


The homestead was phenomenally beautiful. (See links below for horses and poses)


Speaking of phenomenally beautiful.  The girls love just hanging out in the sweet sunshine .. watching the horses AND the cute ranch hands that care for the homestead.  Cousin Clint said that those boys sure did not get much work done that day .. but who could blame them with a bevy of beautify princesses hanging out on the fences .. all giggles and winks!


Sunday dinner and the gang is all here!


Rose White tee-hees as she watches Cousin Clara and her hubby flirt with each other the way as she often see her mum and dad do.  It must run in the family she muses.  She dreams of her own great love and she hopes they will love each other that much too .. and for that long too!


Snow is joined in the kitchen by Rose White and cousin Clara.  She is whipping up a perfect batch of her famous .. you know what .. pancakes LOL


Prince was starving so he snuck out and snagged him a fresh tomato to tide him over til the gals got done cooking.


The triplets take the few minutes before dinner is served to bond with the horses.  They sneak a few mint candies to the happy ponies.  The horses instantly trust them.  The girls seem to have inherited their mum’s way with the beasts.


Speaking of beasts .. OH Prince have you not learned from past encounters with these varmints??


At last dinner is served!  YUM!  They are all quite famished!


The food was FAB and the table banter light and amusing.  Towards the end everyone was sad that the visit was drawing to an end.  “Alright now,” cousin Chet drawled, “we will have no somber faces for tonight’s barn dace.  Your cousin Clara has turned that old barn into a real party house!”   Everyone laughed .. it was going to be great!


Cousin Dwayne chuckled as he walked by Rosie who was teasing Old Bessie. “Now little Missy you be careful with that critter.  They have a dark side!  As your daddy knows all too well!  We all heard that he nearly got ‘et by one!  That was a back east cowplant .. ours out here mean business.  Anyways you had best go get ready because we will be leaving for the dance soon.”


Cousin Chet was right!  Cousin Clara had turned this place in to a wonderland!  The lights and music .. wow!


Clara was a fabulous hostess.  She had seen to everything!


Everyone agreed it was a wonderful party!  They were all having a grand time!


Especially Snow who did not get off the dance floor most of the night!


Well maybe not everyone was having a grand time .. poor cousin Dwayne.  Ellie is seriously NOT interested in how much milk a cow plant puts out in a day.


Now cousin Clifford, that rascal, he comes to the recuse with an invite to do a little two-stepping.  Ellie is GLAD to be out of that conversation!


The food was divine.  Clara’s homemade cakes were delectable and Prince had trouble resisting (he had a piece of each type).


Even Violet took a break from dancing to snag a piece of the strawberry (made with strawberries grown right here on this ranch).


OH Prince .. he is drawn to these beasts like a moth to a flame.  He hopes to have his very own soon!


Exiting the restroom, Snow finds Rosie sitting outside looking up at the stars.  Sitting down beside her she asked, “Missing Bruno?”  Rosie sniffed, “yes mum.  I know he is out there looking at the same stars I am.”  The weepy princess lay her head on her mum’s shoulder and Snow hugged her tight.  “You will see him soon may dearest,” she reassured.


Back in the barn the party goes on .. well for most folks anyway .. looks like these two have danced them selves out!


They are up bright and early.  The want to visit the Gold Rush town before they board the train west.  Snow is not feeling so great.  Those fish tacos and all that dancing … urp!


The town is wonderful.  The family feels like they have stepped back in time.


Prince and Snow do a bit of exploring in the mine shaft.


Well what a find!  He does not intend to keep it though.  Prince will turn this over to the local historical society.


ALL ABOARD .. headed west to California!


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Horses by Severinka (be sure to note that there are horses for decor AND horses for poses.  Be sure to get what you need.  … TS4 Horses

Poses with horses by Dreacia …  Horse Lover






29 thoughts on “Snow and Prince Redux #28 Tucson Family Time

  1. That was so great! Old Tucson really looks like Old Tucson Studios! So fun to see them having such a great time. You’re doing a wonderful tour of the country, and I bet these Sims will be happy to get home again once the tour winds down! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh Lisa this installment was so lovely the lots were excellent I really enjoyed the binocular poses!! OF course the horses too!! You are a master of cc and I always know I will get a visual treat with these lovelies ❤


  3. Such great pics you made with the different lots. Some of them I did already know from the Galerie but here they look a lot better, on your amazing fotos. I am happy to know that the journey goes on and am already very excited about California… and Snow has stomach problems? I can almost guess it is not the stomach, I bet! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Really loving all those travel updates!
    Such fantastic use of lots, custom content clothes/objects, and poses!!!
    I kept expecting the barn dance to be crawling with the hawtie ranch hands. :/
    Uh huh, fish tacos….

    Liked by 1 person

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