Snow and Prince Redux #29 They left their hearts in SanFrancisco

As I near the 10,000 reads mark for this blog (only 11 more reads to go as I write) and the last regular 2 posts for this story I want to thank all my wonderful readers and supporters.  You guys make me smile with your

BUT for now the family has need of a quiet respite in San Francisco.  The trip is near it’s end and they find themselves in need of a rest.


Prince arranged for them to stay in one of the famous Victorian homes nicknamed San Francisco’s Painted Ladies. The captivating house overlooked the lovely Alamo Square park and was the perfect place to relax!



It had all the amenities needed to make a royal family feel right at home.  Prince was over joyed at the sound that came from that sweet baby blue grand piano.  The house rang out with lovely music .. much to his ladies delight!






The views at the house were astounding … Rose Red is overcome by the splendor of it all.  Lily is less a fan of the outdoors and enjoys the view from the INSIDE!



As evening approaches Prince decides to take his beauties out for a night on the town.  They start with dinner at the 5 star Fishbites.  It is an exquisite little place near the bay that serves local seafood.


The concierge had recommended it and it did not disappoint.  The atmosphere and food were divine!


While enjoying a beverage at the bar after dinner, Prince could not resist a little impromptu concerto on the piano.


As night falls they make their way to the colorful Champagne Lounge to let down their hair and LET LOOSE a while.


Violet giggles as she chats and flirts with Joaquin.  “OHHH how cute is he,”  she whispers to her sisters.  J seems to be rather enchanted with the princess himself!  Who could blame him, looking into those sparkling purple eyes and basking in that sunny smile could do the best of fellas in!


Even tho it was already the wee hours of the AM, the girls were not ready to call it a night just yet.  Mom and dad had gone back to the house .. mom was not feeling well.  Violet said she recalled that there was a coffee shop near by.  The girls agreed that this would fabulous end to the night.


Even though it had been a very late night, the whole family was up bright and early.  They were headed out to tour the winery Prince had purchased a few years ago.  This small winery provided  nectar for the castle and many other fine houses in Windenburg.  Prince was excited to visit and see it in person.  The sun shone warmly on them as they toured the grounds and vineyards.


Not sure which view was more beautiful!


The grounds were so romantically beautiful, Prince and Snow could not resist a bit of canoodling in the garden.


Prince spent some time taking survey of his notable collection of fine wine.


Then it was time to sample the goods over a lovely dinner.


A nightcap in the cellar finished the night off!


Good night dear royal family!


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12 thoughts on “Snow and Prince Redux #29 They left their hearts in SanFrancisco

  1. I agree with Sanjana really incredible screenshots and the family is as perfect as ever. I was actually getting nostalgia – is this their last time as an entire ‘little’ family to travel together? I mean the girls will be off soon to start their own families right? UGH I already am blue 😦


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