Snow and Prince Redux #31 Home Sweet Home!

The trip is over and that means it is back to school for the girls.  Well for the triplets anyway.  Rose White completed the requirements for graduation while they were traveling.  The younger girls still have a little ways to go.


School means study time and friends time too.  They are serious about their studies …


and serious about their friends too.  Rosie invited Bruno over to study after school and Lily brought that nice Munch boy home.  Prince and Snow grinned as they crashed the after-school fun for a few minutes.  “How is you mother Mila doing?” Snow inquired.  “She is quite well Mam’ .. she has started a cooking vlog (*) with Joaquin and it is doing quite well,”  Lucas answered.    “Give her my greeting,” said Snow.  “Let her know I will call some time next week so we can get coffee and get caught up.”  “Yes  mam’  I will do that,” the polite boy returned.  Lily rolled her eyes, exasperated at having to share his attention with her MOM!


Rose Red and Bruno went for a shot walk.  They both loved being outdoors and it was the only time they could get time alone.  “Augh I am starving,” she complained.  “Momma was making corn pudding and honey flan for dinner.”  He breathed in deeply reflecting on the delicious scent that was coming from his mom’s kitchen as he was leaving. “Come on.  She will love to have you over for dinner.  We can spend some time with my little brother too.  He is so cute and funny!”


Where was Violet?  In the garden day dreaming about that cute boy she met in San Francisco.  I don’t know about that one Violet …




The girls are all a buzz.  It is Rose White’s birthday and the family from Tucson is arriving  for the occasion today. Seeing their beloved family again so soon brings them great joy!


No expense was spared for the birthday party.  From the cheese cake and steak to lobster tortellini and garlicky noodles the spread was extravagant and delectable!


Everyone crowed around as Prince jazzed up the place on the piano.  Toes taped, heads bobbed and smiles widened as he effortlessly skimmed the keys to bring the lively song to his appreciative audience.


Bruno’s dad was especially enamored!  OHHH who the music soothed him so!  After the concerto he chatted with Prince about he possibility of hosting a benefit concert for the restoration of the waterfront.  Prince is pleased with the idea and agreed to allow Bruno’s dad to see to the arrangements.


The place was a disaster.  Violet could not handle all the mess so she got to cleaning up at bit.


The party lasted til the wee hours of the morning.  Some had more staying power than others LOL



After all was cleaned up the girls enjoyed some leftovers for a LATE LATE LATE night snack 🙂  “It was a divine party,” cooed Lily.  Although her mouth was full of delicious cake, Rosie mumbled her happy agreement and Violet so tired, just sat smiling.


A few days later Prince and Snow sit down with Rose White.  Now that she was a young adult it was time to discuss the ever growing number of suitors who have been inquiring for the pretty princess’ time and attention.  There have been requests from all over the world.  Prince has had his pal Officer Theis investigate each and every one of them.  Many have been dismissed already. Even at that, there are 24 young men who have the integrity to inquire of her.  Rose White is so excited to go thru the files and see who the young men are.


“It is time you had a personal assistant,” Prince explained to his beloved first born.   “Your Mother and I have taken the liberty of hiring a lovely young woman for you.  Meet Claudia.  She will help you screen the remaining suitors and also assist with setting up the meetings.”  Rose greeted the smiling young woman.  Looking into those lively eyes she liked her already.


They developed a fast bond.  Rose White trusted her totally and together they reduced the number of fellas to fourteen.  Claudia would begin to contact them and make the arrangements.  Rose was excited to meet all of them.


Prince finally put his foot down.  Snow has not felt well since New York.  Reluctantly she agreed to go see her dear Ellie at the hospital.


Snow and Prince gather the girls … much to everyone’s surprise .. Snow announces that she is expecting a baby.  The girls are over the top with excitement at the thought of a baby in the house.


Everyone was so excited to see the Baby’s first picture 🙂   It has gotten many many kisses … just cant wait to see you in person little nooboo !


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** If you are interested in Joaquin and Mila’s Vlog  (yes it really does exist LOL) from the wonderful Virtualee

Jay’s Vlog: Mila’s dare machinima

TY to the creator of this wonderful hospital …




20 thoughts on “Snow and Prince Redux #31 Home Sweet Home!

  1. Aww happy birthday to Rose White and congrats to Prince and Snow on the pregnancy. I can’t wait to see what they have….fingers crossed for a boy (or 2) this time.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh YAY – Rose has 14 SUITORS!!?? I am over the moon with this news. AND…Speaking of news!!!! Another BABY!!?? Wooo they are busy busy! hehehehhehe – Have I mentioned how much I love your story?? ALso, Thank YOU for the shout out!! HUGS

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