An Era of Charming Tales: (Bruno and Rose Red) Genesis

My first “official” co-lab!  Ascanius Torsoro … TY my friend … it is FAB as ever!  For those who do not know his work [I do not even know how to describe it .. I call it “the STUFF Ascanius does”]   I will link you to his Tumblr below in credits.

“There is something very different about you Bruno,” Ash said as he peered at the bear a bit too closely for Bruno’s comfort.  His lively green eyes seemed to see right thru him.  The young bear began to squirm.  “What .. what on earth are you talking about?”   Bruno’s mind was reeling.  What did they …?  How did they …?   Sputtering he began to quash their suspicions, “did … did someone say something about me?”  His mind raced to Rose Red  She was the only being he had told his secret and she had sworn to keep it confidential.  Could she have … NO!   Juniper lifted her marshmallow from the flame and glanced back at the two boys and in her sweet lilting voice declared firmly, “You do know little bear, that we plant sims are much more in tune with all living things.  Come do you not sense that even now?”    Bruno hung his head.  Yes, he was quite aware.


“You are correct,” he sighed with a long pause, “I … I am in truth a Prince from the family Orsini.”  With that confession, Bruno began to unravel a twisted tale of sorcery and curses.

“The year was 1910 … My Great Great Grandfather Walter and his twin sister Mildred had just reached adulthood.  My Great Great Great Grandfather King Clarence was to establish his heir at his right hand.


Being the first born, the heir apparent was Walter.  Like his father, he was a good man.  His charm and wit had captivated the kingdom already.  His reign was predicted to bring about a grand golden era for the Kingdom.


All this burned his twin sister Mildred.  She was a repugnant evil woman .. had a heart made of ice.  The desire for the rule and power had driven her mad.  Her covetousness knew NO bounds.  She hated her brother with a deep dark loathing.  She had been cheated out of the birthright by mere minutes!


She was determined to find a way to prevent her brother from being the heir.   Mildred was well studied in nefarious ways.  She had learned these odious arts under the tutelage of a sorcerer in a dark castle tucked away in on a craggy cliff in a nearby kingdom.  She would go there to find the way.  She would ask THE book … the book would know.


Shrouded in black, illuminated by only the full moon, she ascended to the vile chamber.


After consulting the book she conjured up a spell that would curse her brother and his future family.  The book told her that he would only allow her 100 years to build her line then when the curse is broken it could go back to her brother’s line if she had not been effective in establishing hers.


That next morning … Walter left in shame and never returned.


(The family name Orsini recalls vaguely the words small bears in Italian. Thus the curse has turned them into what their name says.) 

After months of searching in vain for his vanished son, King Clarence took Mildred to his right hand as his new heir apparent.  King Clarence and Queen Aida did not live long after that.  Both mysteriously died suddenly in their sleep.  Thus began the long terrible reign of Queen Mildred.


It has now been over 100 years and no one knows what will break the curse.  I seek the answers everywhere but have not found them.  I must find it soon as  I have met my one true love but I do not wish to curse my beautiful Rose Red with the life of a bruin.  This is the odious plight of all those who marry into the Orsini family.

Ash and Juniper look at each other .. their thoughts the same!  “Our Mastress has a book like this.  Could it be the same one?  Maybe you can find answers there.”

Bruno was overjoyed at the thought.   Jumping up he exclaimed, “Let’s go see this book now please!”

“No Bruno!  You wait here.  Our Mastress is very wicked and she could do you much harm.  We will bring the book to you.  Meet us by the Grinch Cave tonight.”  Ash and Juniper left quickly for home.  It would be a dangerous undertaking but they would take the risk for this prince of a bear!

That evening they met Bruno at the cave as promised.  The book was sinister looking and they all were afraid to open it.  Ash and Juniper remembered what fate had overtaken their Mastress after consorting with this book.



As the little trio stood quaking the book suddenly sprang open.  Bruno glanced down with trepidation and then taking a deep breath began to read what the book had offered up.  He eagerly read on .. could this be the answer his family had waited upon for so long?


“My dearest Rose Red … I have great hope that I have found an answer to undo this terrible curse … ”


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As promised above a link to the wonderful world of “the stuff Ascanius does”  🙂   Dark castle photos and magic book effects courtesy of Ascanius.

Love Nova Vita

Victorian Mansion is the creation of Vanderetro


The Grinch Cave built by the marvelous Brennachan ❤ ❤


The throne room is a part of the wonderful build by Anchesenamon


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36 thoughts on “An Era of Charming Tales: (Bruno and Rose Red) Genesis

  1. I knew there was special about Bruno! Yay! But this I didn’t expect and how thrilling you showe it that was amazing and so beautiful! I also loved the lots and your pics as usual! Congrats! This was great fun! ♥♥♥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hihihi! I think you missed something? I read about Bruno as I saw it on my reader! ♥♥♥ 🙂
      And, by the way, did you alredy read my comic at my storyblog? Or didn’t you find it? I really would like to know what you think about it, ’cause, is not only my first comic but my first story in English (blush)


  2. No Bruno has connection with the Plantsim the servant and children of Maleficent, never ever listen to them you’ll be cursed much more than you are .

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  3. Oh I figured out what your third story is. This is also a fantastic story!
    I think I’m going to go back and read your previous list of chapters where Bruno previously appeared.
    What a wonderful storyteller you are!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. So imagine my surprise when I breathed a happy sigh at the end of this chapter until to realize that I’ve already “liked” it!? Oops.
        Still, I fear I’ve jumped into the middle of a story. Is this the right story to follow after Snow White appeared in your Asylum Challenge?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I will tell you that if you want to do a super fast catch-up the update that I posted just prior to this last one that has a big long name like lemme Splaine … No lemme sum up .. My Cray Cray hipster daughters idea of a really good title LOL it will take you from the asylum all the way to the very last post past the wedding of Mike and Rose

        Liked by 1 person

      3. The question is, I guess, do I really want the super fast catch up, or do I want to savor your narrative journey at leisure. Once I start skipping stuff, I can never go back to my original innocence, lol. I plan to read Snow White Redux next.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Haha, my third time around with this chapter.
    Of course, I enjoy it new ways after my reading odyssey, lol.
    Oh, I adore this chapter every time! ❤ ❤ ❤

    How do I properly do that heart emoji?


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