Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #2 Fashion Show

This story is a spin-off of Prince and Snow Redux.  Rose White is heir to the throne of Windenburg.  There have been many young men who seek to be her suitor and wish for an attempt to win the heart and hand of the young princess (AND the right to sit at her side as King).  A plan was made that would give each young man a fair shot at this quest.  Join us as we see the plan unfold.  You dear reader will be asked along the way to have your input into these proceedings so keep watch 🙂 

This is the first of a number of colabs that will happen during this challenge.  TY to my good friend Ascanius for going above and beyond with this.  The fashion show and it’s respective screenies are his.

Rose White was so excited to be off to the fashion show.  She had been dreaming about glamour of it ever since meeting the Duchess Matilde and her nephew at her Father’s benefit concert.  Even through she was a princess  she had been a bit sheltered from this type of gala.  Prince and Snow opted to rear their children simply and more down to earth.  She knew and believed as they did, that this would help her be a better Queen to her people but for now she could not help but be a bit charmed by this adventure.

“Be sure to be reviewing the suitors while you are on the plane.  I packed your tablet in your carry on.  When you return we begin to arrange the meetings.”  Claudia bustled busily getting the Princess to her plane.   “Try to arrange them in some sort of order and we will go with the top fourteen.”


“OH YES!  I will do all that you ask my dear Claudia. I will message you the list before I exit the plane.”  Rose White gave a laugh as she hugged her.  “You take the best care of me!  I will miss you.”


The lobby of  Castello Di San Marco was stunning.  As Rose White entered it took her breath away.  The Duchess had seen to everything so that the Princess would be comfortable and well cared for.  Her excitement of this experience bubbled inside her.


Matilde’s Atelier was in a flurry of activity.  Organized chaos with it’s charming mistress at the helm driving the well oiled machine.   “Mike, come here please.  I have word that the car I sent for the Princess is near.” Noting the gleam in his eye Matilde instructed, “I don’t think that being her escort will be a great chore for you dear nephew. You two have good time and do be sure to bring her back here before the show so I can say hello and she can see the fun.  OH and you look wonderful dear.” She gave his shoulder a quick cursory brush with her fingers and sent him on is way to greet her majesty.


“Welcome darling.  I am so glad to see you.”  The duchess rose to greet her, smiling as she teased,  “I trust you found your accommodations suitable?” Rose White, understanding the Duchess’ poke at her, gave an impish smile and poked back in jest.  “you mean that little old room.”  Matilde’s smile broadened at the Princess’ quick wit,  “Mike will take charge of you as your escort and I will see you after the show.”    The Duchess turned to Mike,  her eyes twinkling, “Be sure to show her around and see to her comfort.”   Mike gave a small polite bow (along with a very discreet  eye roll in her direction), “Yes, Auntie I shall.”    The excitement was electric back stage, she could not stop smiling as Mike gave her the “grand tour.”  He escorted her to her seat for the show and of course was quite attentive.  The  experience was all that Rose White had hope it would be.



“Thank you so much Duchess.  I had a wonderful time.  Everything was so amazing.”  Rose White gushed.    Matilde gave her a hug “I hear that you are to go on a small cruise with my nephew on his boat tomorrow.  How wonderful! I am certain you will enjoy it!   I have had lots of lovely trips on his sail boat!  (insert blatant teaser here)


Do come for breakfast before you go out.  I would love to have a moment to chat dear. ”


Rose looked at Mike, “I do not think it will be a problem?  Will it Mike?” Mike laughed, “Auntie you know I have a fully equipped galley on board and can handle breakfast.”  One look at his auntie’s beaming face and he caved, “Of course we will be there but do not make a big fuss!  Now Princess may I walk you to your car?”


“Until tomorrow then.”


“Hi Daddy.  Yes, I am fine.  I did have a wonderful time.  No, my silly Daddy I did not buy too much.  Just a little something for the girls and mom.  Oh and for Claudia too.”


“How did the boy behave?  A perfect gentleman, I hope. Oh here is your mother she is dying to get the phone. I will see tomorrow and hear of your day.”


“Oh sweet we miss you terribly.  I am so glad you had fun!  Now tell me all about it … I want to hear everything!”


“Oh mom .. it was magical. The dresses were exquisite and the music and the lights made your heart race …  I cannot wait to show you the dress I picked for you.  Oh and tell daddy Michael was indeed a perfect gentleman!  I am to have breakfast with the Duchess in the morning and we are going out on his sail boat before my return flight tomorrow night.”  Rose just rambled on and on.  Finally Snow stopped her and admonished gently, “Have fun but do be careful tomorrow.  We don’t know this boy at all.  So keep your head about you.  Now go get some sleep.”  “I will Mum,” a sleepy Rose replied “Good night,  I love you all dearly.  See you tomorrow.”


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Again I thank my wonderful colabber for this WONDERFUL post (and wait til you see the next one .. this one is nothing LOL)  … Ascanius your shots and builds are magical!

Be sure to go visit and follow his tumblr (you might even see a few more adventures from Mike on there soon)

Lyhandros  Love Nova Vita  (Tumblr) and his FB page Lovenovavita



27 thoughts on “Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #2 Fashion Show

  1. Adorable – loved the fashion show pictures. There are times with all the poses and such I swear we are playing a different game! Amazing! It was a great update as always. Can’t wait for more. Sign of a great writer…always leave them wanting more! 🙂 🙂 Love ya Lisa!

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    1. LOL I finally got it fixed .. I had accidentally hit publish late last night and it was still quite a mess. That did motivate me to git ‘er done this am tho ❤ Your fella is coming soon!


    1. Lol me too! I need to connect with you so we can get David introduced. I would really love to get your art museum in the story too … I thought it would be fun but since they first met there that that’s where they would meet up this time and then go off to dinner or something like that …


      1. I am so glad … no I want to do a blog that I follow. I tried it through the widget but just put a bunch of random ones that are OK. What I want to do is put up the wanted I want to focus on. I might do that with a page too

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  2. Wow! This was a grand show! Almost every pic is full of hard work, I bet, but so very pretty too. Like a true fashion show and full of lovely dresses! The duchess looks really distinguished and David…well, I am glad will be seeing a lot of him! A very lovely couple… I hope he wins your bachelorette!!! 🙂

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  3. I love this chapter. The fashion show does look real, and the dresses were so very cool. The best pic is of Mike kissing her hand, so debonair! And I loved the lobby with the vase and the knights standing guard. Just great!

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