An Era of Charming Tales: (Bruno and Rose Red) The Red Rose

We will get started soon but let’s first take a quick look back and see the story BEFORE this story … in a nutshell the story of Bruno and the Charming family.  A story of true love and destiny.

04-13-16_1-16-15 AM

Snow was pregnant with the triplets and Prince, being concerned for her health, took the family on a nice quiet holiday.   Rose White was out frog hunting when first her path crossed Bruno’s.  So frightened, Rose White froze unsure of whether to stay or run away.  But when he stopped right in front of her and she looked into his eyes, he had nicest smiling eyes, her fear vanished.

They became the fastest of friends … the Charmings grew to love him and he loved them too 🙂   In the years to come they would spend many happy days together.

bruno-1bruno-2It was not long before Snow started to notice that there was a special bond growing between Bruno and Rose Red.  Rosie had declared him to be her bestest bestest friend ever!  They were inseparable those two!


Bruno and his family were a part of all the castle happenings.  Their friendships brought a joy to both families.


Rose Red (Rosie)  grew in her devotion for Bruno more and more as time passed.   She was not alone in these feelings, Bruno even went so far as to confess his affection for Rosie to Rose White.  Rose White was not surprised in the least.


On her 16th birthday Rosie disclosed that she and Bruno wished to make it official  .. they were a couple!  Snow was stunned. I mean after all he IS a bear.  But she loves her daughter and wants them to be happy.


So the little couple gets the family blessing.


His family dearly loves Rosie.  They had seen her grow up and they too have seen the love their son has for this unusual princess grow and blossom.  They adore everything about her .. well except Momma Bear thinks perhaps Rosie need a little bit of meat on her bones.  She delights in feeding Rosie.  Momma Bear is a fantastic cook so Rosie gladly obliges her by enjoying all that Momma Bear sets before her.


AND SO it seems like it will be happily ever after ???  But as with most stories all is not as it seems.

One quiet day Bruno get the courage and tells Rosie the family secret … they were once a royal family …


The time came for his Great Great Grandfather to assume the royal duties much to the displeasure of his Great Great Auntie.


She cursed her own brother and took the throne for herself.  (In that their family name was Orisni .. little bear .. it seemed fitting to her to to transform him into a bear.)  She would only be allowed to have 100 years to establish her line. If she did not succeed the throne would return to her brother’s family.

This curse would pass to any who married into the family.  Bruno is desperate to find a cure and not subject his beloved Rose Red to that fate.


That 100 year is near its end and Evella, the evil Queen’s descendant becomes increasingly alarmed with the passing of the days. She knows her line is not established and  her time draws to an end.  She is working to keep the curse in place.


As fate would have it, one day Bruno met a sweet plant sim couple out in the woods.  After just a few moments of conversation they knew instantly that this was no ordinary bear.  The pressed him with their observation.  Bruno of course denied it.  Juniper informed him firmly that “we plant sims are much more in tune with all living things.”  After a little squirming Bruno spilled it .. all of it.   Ash and Juniper, who by the way were henchmen for the evil queen, (albeit, because of their good nature, not very good henchmen …  Evella cannot keep good help so she has taken to growing her own)  knew their Mastress had a special book that might help Bruno find an answer.  At great personal risk they procured the book and brought it to Bruno.


Bruno opened the book and read.  Excitedly he raced to tell Rosie … he had an answer!


“The book gave me this .. he offered up the rose.  IT is the answer to break the curse.  The book said the curse would be broken from a kiss from the red rose.  The kiss of truest love.”


Papa and Mama came running  … Papa threw his arms around his son.   There is great joy for curse has been broken.  After a long terrible century throne has returned to their line!


I will note that not every one in the kingdom is happy.  Evella has discovered that the book is missing.


Who would dare do such a thing …


… they will pay!




Just a little fun for you .. this is the evolution of Bruno.  Thank you Ascanius and Tiffiny.  They did the hard work .. most of the goofing off stuff was mine.  (and LOL I still like the hat)  He turned out so beautiful!  I am blessed to have such talented friends!!


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*********************************Credits *******************************

TY so much to my awesome colab  Lyhandros  Love Nova Vita  (Tumblr) and his FB Page Lovenovavita  (I highly recommend his Adventures with Mike 🙂 

I also thank my beautiful daughter Tiffiny for her help in the creation of Bruno ..

TY Brennachan for the amazing build for the bears  🙂 … you MUST check her out in gallery .. she is awesome


And the new home for Evella (in this one and the story to come) .. gloomy house by Melly20x from


For those who have not followed and want to read more on Bruno …

Bruno in the Backstory

Bruno is a beloved character in Prince and Snow Redux.  For your convenience, I have listed here all updates that he is a part of in that story so that you can see how he became connected to the Charmings and how this love story came to be.

04-13-16_1-16-15 AM

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Snow and Prince Redux #12 Surprises!

Snow and Prince Redux #14 Long Live the King

Snow and Prince Redux #21 The Surprise (second half)

Snow and Prince Redux #22 Party Party

Snow and Prince Redux #23 Time to GO

Snow and Prince Redux #24 The Gala

Snow and Prince Redux #27 A New England Autumn

Snow and Prince Redux #31 Home Sweet Home!

Snow and Prince Redux #32 Welcome Baby Charming

Rose White – Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge): #1 Merry Christmas











32 thoughts on “An Era of Charming Tales: (Bruno and Rose Red) The Red Rose

  1. Evella fails again ! She will take revenge.
    I am glad for Bruno and all this family they’ll become human once again. Rosie and Bruno should be married now , it was the kiss of Love.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😊 Will you called couple things right. They definitely will marry. I am trying to figure out where and how. Because the family has been bears and lived in the woods so long they would not be comfortable with a huge state wedding even though I have a bear is now the king. And yes Evella is very angry

      Liked by 1 person

      1. If I were you I didn’t plan so much complicated things, as the bear family lived in simply condition,and the Charming in high-end, I planed a gorgeous place , in a park or in a forest with either : average mid priced furnitures and yummy food like this you gather both way of life , or a mix of both furnitures half high end, half cheap or bear futnitures.
        It’ll be an unique wedding, an unique theme and everybody will be happy and confortable.
        What do you think of? If I could play ts4 I could help you more with cc or with place people’ creates.

        Evella made me giggles, she thinks she’s a high priestrest of Evil , she’s nothing more than a pitiful one. None of her negative spell works on anybody. I feel for her, she lives in a big disenchantment.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. YOU have my thoughts EXACTLY .. Pince and snow are no strangers to camping and of course the bears .. well they have lived in a cave .. I thought it might be fun to do a granite falls wedding 🙂

        I too love Evella she is a delicious mix of evil and incompetence 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. So you were right to start this conversation with me. I know the taste of camping of the Charming and yes a wedding at GF can fit them perfectly. it sounds like a wonderful place by the way. Plus Bruno’s mother who is a perfect cooker, I am sure she’ll cook something. Nothing can be so dreamy for the family.
        I bet Evella will self invited to the party it’ll be very exciting with a poisonous sweet that she’ll eat herself at the end ahaha. (because she’s the kind of witch to self poison)

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Okay okay I shut up now, but it was obvious the rage she is she won’t come especially the Plantsims betrayed her.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. AH! Lisa, Bruno is a HUNK!! Wowsers!! My eyes are still popping and my heart is still fluttering! Glad I read this during the day. My DH is known to actually get jealous of sims. LOL Just playing, but really, he is gorgeous. You did a great job on him, and I can’t wait to read where the story goes from here. I’m so glad to see the story progress where the curse is broken – and we know the wedding is next. Exciting! 🙂 Great job dear one!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Lol, I liked this update already, too.
    Nobody has mentioned it but Bruno’s father is as good-looking as his gorgeous son, Bruno.
    So happy that all is well with the Bruins at the moment, even though we know it can’t last.

    I’m going to catch up eventually….the light at the end of the tunnel!


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