The Post-Apocalyptic Murkland Starter Challenge: #3 In the Deep Forest

Dear Diary,

Things were going swimmingly with darling Ridge until I told him that I needed to venture to Granite Falls to collect more ingredients for bath in a jar.  He was not happy at all that I would be trekking off alone.  “With vampires and zombies on the loose,” he says, “anything can happen!”  Goodness he just moped around all day.  I wish I could take him with me but I cannot afford it.  Maybe I will get better at remembering my frog breeding to save up enough to take him with me next time.  (I breed excellent frogs that are highly sought after by the local vampire population).


Anyway .. I digress.  Even though I had to leave very early the next am I decided to throw a murky dinner party that evening to see if that cheered him up a bit.  At the party he was going thru the motions but everyone could see that his heart was just not in it.


He put on a brave front but he did not even touch his tofu dog.  It is ok though, none went to waste (cause I ate his share .. I was starving).  Old Mad Mud must have been feeling unusually benevolent because when he noted Ridge’s gloomy demeanor he launched into the tallest tale …


about the days pre-apocalypse and how he and his muddy boyz used to rule the 7 seas.  Everyone was quite amused by the old landlocked swashbuckler …  old MM can spin a fantastic tale that is for sure.


The night was still young and the light from a full moon danced on the water.  The fish were jumping so a few of us grabbed our poles and ended the party by the stream.  Ridge did not join us but stayed behind in my tent to do a bit of reading from the wilderness guide and wait for my return.  I am certain I will be able to bring a him smile for my send off when I get back to camp.  *wink


Granite Falls never ceases to take my breath away.  While I will miss Ridge terribly the fresh air and serenity is like a healing balm for my soul.


After I got camp set up and a good little fire blazing (maybe a bit too blazing at times)


Ranger Rick stopped by to sit for a spell.  He is always good for a chat and I am enthralled by all the things he teaches me about surviving in the forest.  He knows I am a primitive camper and his information (like the difference between fireleaf and poison fireleaf ) has often saved me from needless grief or pain.


Early in the am I get started on my quest for supplies and do a bit of collecting along the way.  Bugs are popular menu items for the infected.  I will be sure to bring back a good load of them.  It is shower day so I will not be venturing too far off for now though.


So refreshed!  I smell so good and apparently the flies think so too.  Maybe a different shampoo .. goodness!


I met a new chum named Bruno.  He was looking for a rose??  I don’t know .. I didn’t get it.  But he was a likable fella and I sure hope he finds his rose.


I ventured deep into the forest on my search for supplies.  Herbs and veggies, rocks containing gems or trinkets and even did a bit of night fishing .. the place was a motherlode.


This one was a very odd insect.  So very pretty.  Even tho I was certain it would fetch a pretty penny  not sell it to the infected for their lunch.  It will make for a cheerful addition to the homestead or I could even give it to Ridge as a souvenir of my trip.  Perhaps that would make up for my absence … maybe?


Dinner had me so excited … I had learned from Ranger Rick the method of cooking bone fish over an open campfire.  It was a pretty decent meal.  BUT not sure I would pay 150 simoleans for it again.


The flies and skeeters sure seemed to enjoy it.


Finally .. at last … under a starry sky a peaceful sleep came over me.


The next morning I met Jose while out gathering herbs.  Jose is a loner who lives alone here in the deep woods .  He stays to himself and does not venture too close to the more populated parts of Granite Falls.  He is not a bad looking fella BUT I have my Ridge to go home to so no way Jose (sigh).


He was pretty nice guy too.  He allowed me to harvest in his garden and use his crafting bench.  I wondered why he stayed out here alone.


Then we sat down for a chat .. now I know why … wow that boy is a few bricks shy of a load!


In the mood for some exotic eats that that evening, I decided to sample some of my wares.  The infected were crazy about roasted beetles.  Time to try them out and see if they lived up to the hype.  They were alright I guess, I mean once you got past the legs and antennae.  Not necessarily my cup of tea and besides I would rather have the simoleans.


Although still missing my Ridge, I was having a wonderful time there in the deep woods.  Well at least until I bumped into Vlad while sampling some herbs at Jose’s hut.  UGH that guy give me the creeps!

Geesh a cray cray hermit and a pesky vampire .. guess it is time for me to head back to to the old murky homestead!


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****************************Credits *******************************

TY Brennachan Sims for all your hard work to give us a FAB challenge.  ALL the builds and townies are Brennachan’s and you can find links on her thread.

If you are interested is seeing more of what this challenge is about visit   

“Misery” does love company soooo we would love to have you join us!   

37 thoughts on “The Post-Apocalyptic Murkland Starter Challenge: #3 In the Deep Forest

  1. Great update! What the ***bleep*** is VLAD doing there? LOL
    Ridge needs to be not so unsecure! I LOL- ed at Ranger Rick… That’s his name? COOL!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m not sure if I can explain it or not but I think some readers don’t have sort of that audible twist and can’t hear the rhythm and in that joke you really have to hear the rhythm of it while you’re reading it

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. This one is riotous. The community is amazing .. right now about 20 to 25 simmers have banded together (and more coming in daily) we all have each other in our games and it is so much fun to see how other people play you. For some reason I’m always in the bar I don’t know why. Lol


      1. Haha – I love it! I might have to check out the challenge. Although, I have never made a simself… I made a sim version of my husband and parents but I could never get one of myself

        Liked by 1 person

      1. oh don’t be sorry. I totally know who Meme is, and just got mixed up. I do want to keep up with who is who, but it is hard sometimes. No bad feelings. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

    1. my murkland has been finished for about a year (although I do plan a revisit time to time) My current story has been heating up and since I have gained so many new followers I did a story recap so that folks did not have to go back and reread the whole thing to get to know the characters and background (although some opt for that anyway) You are in at the right time cause things just took a turn that has the readers off their feet LOL (and it is has just begun) . It is very much a fractured fairy tale .. quite fanciful!

      Liked by 1 person

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