The Post-Apocalyptic Murkland Starter Challenge: #6 A Word From Perot

Hello!  My name is Perot.  OH and yes .. yes, why thank you!  I am quite handsome.  I am a Murkland native.  Born and raised right under Mad Mud’s house.   I am very proud of my murky heritage!  Momma raised us well!  She would instruct us from infancy, “When you are grown my little kits you must do your civic responsibility.  The humans need our help to survive.  It is our lot in life to give it to them.”

That is why when the time came I picked Lisabee’s camp because it was obvious she needed me.  Poor hapless human … it was the responsible thing to do.

03-05-17_11-56-25 PM

My pals Mo and Jacques live here in Murkland too .. BUT I do not share my human with them.  They will have to find their own …

03-05-17_11-56-26 PM

Life used to be so sweet.  I was her favorite boy.  We would sit and cuddle for hours.  But then Ridge came along she has been so vacant and preoccupied.  She just sits and stares off into space smiling.

AUGH how aggravating is it that I have to seek attention?  I sit on her head (or on her book or on her plate of food) for her to come back to earth long enough for one measly pat on the head.

I have even had to resort to rubbing myself on her legs .. tripping her quite by “accident” … *sigh  “Nice kitty” .. a pat and then back to la la land for her.

OH and BTW lets clear something up …  my name is NOT kitty .. do I look like a kitty?   Jacques .. he looks like a kitty but I am a tom thru and thru!

It took me forever to get used to her clucking, “Here kitty kitty kitty!”  I tell you if it were not for the pats and snuggles being so good I would have found a new human!

03-05-17_11-56-30 PM

Oh she just prattles on and on about Ridge to that idiot scapegoat she found wandering in the wilderness (you’re welcome OT Bible Scholars).  I tried practicing my mind control on him but it did not work.  You see you have to have one to have it controlled.

03-05-17_11-56-32 PM

She does still keep up with home chores .. whistling while she works (yes it is as annoying as you would imagine).

I do my part .. why just this morning I helped with the laundry by peeing in the basket.  I do what I can!  I work hard the entire 20 minutes a day that I am awake.

03-07-17_3-08-33 AM

UGH and she is forever tending to those nasty trash fruit plants.  All they are good for is drawing vermin.

Sometimes I help take “care” of them.

Plant?  What plant?  I am just a dumb animal … I know not of what you speak …

*blink * blink

Sometimes it is just too easy.  Ehhh what do you expect she is just human.

03-07-17_3-05-36 AM

And of course she manages the household finances .. the mailman (UGH I hate that guy) is not the only one who leaves her something special in there 😀

03-07-17_3-08-35 AM

I guard the potty bush.  It is my job to ensure that she gets the job done quickly .. so just when she gets comfortable I pounce … OH she is a master at kegels, my human.

03-07-17_3-08-36 AM

I bring her wonderful gifts …

03-07-17_3-08-37 AM

What is with all the screetching and a hollering …

03-07-17_3-08-38 AM

“Get that thing out of here right now!”

HUH .. that THING??

Ohhhh maybe she is pretending for the idiots sake .. he can’t catch a cold.  I will just leave it in her bed tonight.

03-07-17_3-08-39 AM

She is getting better at making that bath stuff ..

03-07-17_3-13-24 AM

which is great because sometimes not even the idiot can stand to be near her (and he lives by the potty bush).

03-07-17_3-13-23 AM

When she got herself all gussied up I knew we were headed out for adventure.  Would not be with lover boy because it was his turn to tend the gardens.  MMM I hope they are growing catnip up there!

03-07-17_3-04-15 AM

We arrive at Salamander Burner camp #42

My human knows this human they call Trin.  Lisabee is very happy to see her.

03-07-17_3-13-25 AM

Soon there was a gaggle of them .. all that clucking make me hungry for chicken03-07-17_3-18-39 AM03-07-17_3-19-39 AM

AAACK there is the “cat whisperer” doing her daily work out .. don’t let her see me!  She is always after us .. temptin’ us with her wiley ways and delicious fish!

I hear tell that after she catches you she even puts smelly herb powder on us to make us smell better and ward off bugs.  It is “all natural” .. NO .. I AM ALL NATURAL!

Mo told me he barely escaped with his life!  He also told me that Jacques moved in with her .. he is an “indoor” cat now!   Augh he has always been a bit pretentious.

03-07-17_3-16-34 AMOK who was supposed to be watching my human during my nap?

03-18-17_4-03-50 AM

Can someone get her before she sets the whole camp on fire!

03-18-17_4-10-52 AM03-18-17_4-10-55 AM

*snicker  There seems to be a line at the pee bush … I wonder “who” could be in there that long?  Hey don’t judge me .. I needed a little nap. (I do feel a tiny bit bad because I hear she is a cat lover).

03-18-17_4-10-58 AM

I guess they were all having a grand time .. I think Fala and Freddie were conspiring over something musical.  Everyone was all a twitter.  I don’t know.  I could barely keep my eyes open.  Exhaustion was setting in fast!

03-18-17_4-15-29 AM

All that dancing and frolicking UGH!

Hey Trin must still be a line at the potty bush ..  it is not me this time!

03-18-17_4-20-48 AM

This one they call Freddie is trying to figure out her game strategy so she can keep her camp winning streak.

*yawn  I do need a nap and that table looks perfect.   OOO and those little wooden thingys look delicious.  A bed and a snack .. perfection!

03-18-17_4-27-50 AM03-18-17_4-27-51 AM

Looks like she needs a little cat nap before the evening .. that is not a bad idea *yawn!

03-18-17_4-27-52 AM

Freddie and Lisabee got there a little early.  UH yeah I was shocked too .. Lisabee never gets anywhere early.  I am pretty sure she is allergic to early.

Anyway I digress .. they met up with that foxy momma Dusty Boots (hey I might be a cat but even I know pretty when I see it).

They extended her an invite to the festivities tonight but she could not stay.  She had to hurry home to help care for a campmate who had contracted gas and giggles .. good heavens no one wants that!

03-19-17_3-48-49 AM

Now the gang is all here ..

Meagan what is wrong with that cereal?

03-19-17_3-48-50 AM03-19-17_3-49-53 AM

Harrumph .. Papa Cliff-dweller doing a tom cat strut right in front of the ladies .. that is supposed to be my job!  Nancy … don’t bother …  he is taken.

03-19-17_3-51-33 AM

Simantha saw the “cat whisperer” walk by and gave her an invite to the shindig but it seems that there was a Pookey sighting up near the fort that she needed to check out so she did not stay.  PHEW!

03-19-17_3-52-03 AM

Tubbin’ ..

03-19-17_4-00-51 AM

Grubbin’ ..

03-20-17_3-32-11 AM

and dubbin’ ..

What a great night it was for the gals!  Or so I heard (I took a nap).

03-20-17_3-37-37 AM

Come on ole Lisabee … hurry up and unzip that tent so we can curl up and zzzzzzzzz  I only had 238 naps today .. I am spent …

and I have a schedule to keep!  At 1 am I will fall asleep on her face … at 2 am when she is in deep rem I will attack her eyeballs like they are prey and then at 3 am I will run around the tent yowling for no reason at all ..

“Oh come come Kitty, it is time for bed.  Be a good kitty tonight ok?”

*blink *blink (oh and NO I did not forget the present)

03-20-17_3-37-40 AM

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********************  credits ***************

If you enjoyed Perot then allow me to recommend a story for you .. it is one of my FAVS  … a delightful tale of Shadow the cat and his sweet elder wrinkly one

Mastressalita Cat chronicles

Perot is part of a wonderful deco pet pack from artist Severinka … and so sorry but you have to take the dogs too (it happens)

Severinka’s Animal Conversion Part 1

This is the first of a long line of WONDERFULLY MURKY simmers to be introduced: 

Salamander Burner camp #42



I did not forget Brennachan .. she is a part of the Freegans and we will visit them soon and uncover this allegation of pampered cats!

TY Brennachan Sims for all your hard work to give us a FAB challenge.  ALL the builds and townies are Brennachan’s and you can find links on her forum thread.

If you are interested is seeing more of what this challenge is about visit   

“Misery” does love company soooo we would love to have you join us!

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      1. Did toksik delete their tumblr account or just restart elsewhere? I remember looking for something a few months ago and got a “doesn’t exist” message


      1. Too much and they are not quite sociable like Perot. I love the way you make an object real (poor pets there aren’t animated yet I hope to see a ts4 pets someday)


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