Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #14 Meet Darren

OH dear readers .. we are sooooo close now.  Only one more suitor to be introduced and then that BIG vote!  I am excited to get to the actual challenge.  Stay tuned!


The old fire station has always been one of Rose’s favorite buildings in Windenburg.  She has always been curious about what the inside looks like and today she will find out.

She was here to meet Darren Childs, the next suitor.

Darren plays baseball for the Windenburg Royals, a franchise team that the Laandgrabs had purchased from America 2 years ago.  Baseball has had a slow start in this place but has steadily gained popularity thanks in large part to their “Royal boyz.”

06-22-17_1-18-38 AM

Today finds Darren and his teammates concluding a shift as volunteer firefighters.  The team is well known for their volunteerism.  They feel it is important to give back to their community.

Darren explained their philanthropy, “this helps us feel connected to our community and truthfully we all enjoy it.”

Having a very benevolent Father, she was not unaccustomed to such thoughts.  However, at the moment Rose struggled to focus in on what he was saying.  NOT  because she had no interest or understanding BUT  because she was having an issue on where to rest her eyes.  She was not accustomed to being in the presence of so many handsome shirtless men and she coudl feel the burn in her cheeks.

Darren gave her the nickel tour of the station and introduced her to the rest of the team. They were a great bunch of (shirtless) guys, each one big chested .. uh I mean big-hearted fellas.

06-22-17_1-25-00 AM06-22-17_1-40-45 AM

Rose was especially interested in the fire engines. She related, “my dad was the one who donated these.  I am certain he will be pleased with how well they are maintained.”

Darren was amused with Rose and her enthusiasm for the station.  A Princess firefighter perhaps .. no!

“Would you like to see my favorite spot in the building?”

Yes, she affirmed, indeed she would like that.

06-22-17_1-40-46 AM

Rose found herself perched on a small bit of the façade that graced the front of that magnificent old building.  The view of her lovely Windenburg was breathtaking.  You could see for miles from this vantage point. She could understand why this was Darren’s favorite spot.

“Makes you feel on top of the world, doesn’t it?”  Rose smiled her agreement.

She did have to confess that she was feeling rather anxious up so high but she kept a white-knuckled grip on Darren, who seemed to have no difficulty with it at all.

06-22-17_1-46-41 AM06-22-17_1-50-23 AM

Rose had agreed to arrive early so that she could go for a morning run with Darren.  Soon they were off.

06-21-17_3-19-30 AM

It was a perfect morning for it.

06-21-17_3-19-31 AM06-21-17_3-19-32 AM

They jogged past a small fenced-in basketball court.  He paused for a moment to reminisce, “This is where I played basketball as a kid. I spent many long happy summer days here.”

Rose had to confess that she had never played basketball in her life!

06-21-17_3-24-48 AM

“What? Really?” He was incredulous. “Come on princess let me give you a few tips and pointers on the fine game of basketball!  You have been missing out!”

06-21-17_3-25-17 AM06-21-17_3-00-51 AM06-21-17_3-02-43 AM06-21-17_3-03-16 AM06-21-17_3-08-07 AM06-21-17_3-08-34 AM

Later that afternoon the team had practice.  Coach had been adamant that he attend, despite his special visitor.   “I am so sorry,” he began woefully.  Rose not only understood but appreciated being committed and dedicated.   She quickly dismissed his apology and said she would love to come and watch.

Although he feigned dismay he was secretly thrilled to have Princess Rose at his practice.

06-22-17_2-29-46 AM06-22-17_2-30-25 AM

Although Darren was trying his hardest to impress, Rose does not seem to be paying much attention. Perhaps she is dreaming of the lovely frock that she will be wearing as Darren escorts her to the team gala hosted by the Laandgrabs this evening.

06-22-17_2-31-41 AM

“We are all done and a bit early too! Quickly go get changed and let’s go visit that climbing wall I promised I would take you to if we had time.”

06-22-17_2-34-58 AM06-22-17_2-46-20 AM06-22-17_2-49-15 AM06-22-17_2-50-18 AM

Apparently, she is a baseball fan.. a flirty baseball fan.  Honey you had best move on cause it seems Darren has eyes for only one!

06-22-17_2-51-50 AM

Wow this was some swanky joint. The boys stepped off the elevator with their mouths gaping open … looking like cod fish.


“The Laandgrabs really know how to throw a shindig.” One of the teammates said to no one in particular.  With all this swag you knew someone was going to embarrass themselves tonight.

Rose White was just stunning in her beautiful gown.  She looked every bit of being a royal Princess.  Darren was thrilled to be her escort and had to keep himself from gloating over it.

This time it was the boyz who had trouble finding the proper place to rest their eyes.

06-22-17_3-05-16 AM

The menu was so strange.  “No burgers,” one of the Royal boyz whispered, “what weird stuff rich folks eat.”

They did the best they could and made their choices.  None had any idea what exactly they had ordered.

06-22-17_3-42-18 AM

While they waited for the food to arrive Darren and Rose took a quiet moment together to look over the city and get to know each other better.  Was it the city lights or the angel that stood near him?  He was not sure but something had him breathless!

06-22-17_3-42-19 AM

Hmmm … interesting.

06-22-17_4-01-47 AM

Darren stared woefully at his plate.  He leaned over and whispered, “Princess, I am starving!  do you want to go get some real food?”

Rose, who had attempted a bite of her strange egg, was quite agreeable to his suggestion.

“Well let’s make a run for it then,” he whispered with a soft chuckle.

06-22-17_4-04-11 AM
06-20-17_3-28-57 AM06-22-17_12-11-08 AM

Well, the atmosphere was not “uptown” but the food sure was delicious.

Careful Rose!  You do not want to stain your beautiful gown!

06-22-17_12-18-49 AM

“The night is still young, princess, would you care to accompany me to that little Cantina for a nightcap?”  Darren gestured towards a little old dilapidated building that stood next door.

Although she was at first a bit alarmed at the appearance of the building,  but then Rose thought to herself, this certainly has been a day of odd adventure so why not end with one.

“I would love to, ” she replied.

(OHHH NOT another flirty fan!  OBNOXIOUS!)

06-20-17_3-46-37 AM06-20-17_3-50-59 AM06-20-17_3-51-55 AM06-20-17_3-52-13 AM06-21-17_2-00-33 AM06-21-17_2-02-02 AM06-21-17_2-04-37 AM06-21-17_2-10-50 AM06-21-17_2-12-10 AM

“Thank you for a day to remember dear Rose.”

06-21-17_2-15-46 AM


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Thank you to the builders, sim creators, pose makers and cc makers!  Without you all I would have no story!




(I cannot tell you how impressive this is in game!)

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Rinvalee Getting ready to run #20

RL sitting on a fence

Bexo Basketball couples

BA Baseball bat

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RL Slow dance

SO Dance dance

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35 thoughts on “Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #14 Meet Darren

  1. Wow so many beautiful shirtless men, it almost distracted me from the rest of it too hehehe Lucky ROSE!! ❤ awweee and I didnt even realize it was our Spottys Sim ❤ I miss her. Great images and story as always <3<3

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great story… I really do like Darren! He seems super sweet. Taking her to the rooftop and getting her to get some real food. Teaching her basketball. I think he REALLY liked that part. LOL!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I really like what you did with the sim, he looks really cute. The one thing about Rose is that you have written her as a down to earth girl who can basically fit in to every scenario. I think that is a great quality for a princess to have. But she is still royal which means that anyone she chooses, must be able to fit into her life as well. Darren is great there is no doubt, but I wonder if he would be happy as a king? I think he may be bored and miss his life as a fire fighter. I know he could do great work for the community as a King, but it wouldn’t be the same as actually being part of the community on the ground doing what he loves best. That is the life that is right for him. So my vote for Darren is a no.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I can understand Rose’s feelings in that fire station. I wouldn’t know how to keep my eyes at eye level either! Anyway, I”m excited to see the final suitor.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. In TS3, I was about fed up with the paparazzi, let me tell you. I even opted out of the celebrity system in my game settings, but it made no difference. lol I haven’t played 4 enough to really get the fans coming up like that; but it’s so funny. The sims have so much personality.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. a Darren guy that is wearing dreadlocks is a true romantic. Mine also wear deadlocks and in the last year save, he always called Miss V for a date. He maybe Darren after all ahaha, make sure he’ll call Rose for a date often. A such Darren guy never forgot a beautiful face .

    aah that so weird people story ! sometimes we see in other games what’s happens in ours.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. aah I can’t wait to see 🙂 but yes you’re Darren is better than mine just because mine even didn’t know Miss V and called her for a date in my 2016’s save, your Darren knows Rose.

        Liked by 1 person

  6. The baseball lot and poses made such great pics! It was incredible how you set them together. But I also loved all the other sceneries. And the shirtless men in the firestation were genial! Wonderful idea…. I loved also the contrast between the luxury restaurand and the little ones. That was too cute. You had so many different ideas for the story…I could only wonder. But your way to find inspiration with the fantastic lots on the galerie is so great and it really works! I tryed it newly as I falled in love with a Tiny City: I felt only some gameplay was failing and built a Straßenfest for it …. I’m sure I would never though about it without the City lot 🙂 Surely have your stories inspired me to try it, Thank you so very much! ♥♥♥

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I don’t know if I get to upload it because I didn’t build the city… but I will be showing pictures on tumblr and on my blog album… they look really great! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Hubba hubba….Darren is a dreamboat. Firefighter and community volunteer! Wow! And he has his own fan club lol! I really liked how well they looked together, and the dreds…loved them. He was so swooney looking (is that a word? lol) But he is a down to earth type person, and although they both agreed that the Landgraab soiree meal was “interesting”, I feel that by splitting and ending up in a “dive” joint lol ( a regular guys place), would not be something that a King would do. A King would have to endure and be gracious and thank the hosts politely, and then split! lol So, even though Darren is a dreamboat…I am not sure he would be a good choice. But he is swooney (my new word) lol

    Liked by 1 person

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