Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #4 Sunday Funday


I remind you again that I am NOT controlling any of the bachelors (unless it involves starting a challenge and departing the house when it is time to leave).

For the most part, Rose’s actions are autonomous or determined by her whims (esp when interacting on an outing).

I will be updating this in an observer/commentator role.

So in the last episode:

  • She gave out roses to the fellas and found it was not quite as easy as we had assumed.
  • Said a sad goodbye to Darren.
  • Had a rocky outing with Jack (that ended well).
  • Looked stunning on a lovely evening outing with Pace.


Today is a day just to relax.  No stress, no challenges, and NO eliminations.

Just a day for friendship and fun … dare we HOPE for a bit of ROMANCE too?

Rose has set the itinerary for their group outing … the first stop is Lisa’s Garden.  It is her FAV coffee shop for a quick cup of joe and some lively conversation.

07-31-17_10-11-31 PM

Some of you may recall this was a fav haunt of her parents, Prince Charming and Snow White too.

Mike must be very fond of coffee cause he is there and gets his order in well ahead of the rest.

07-31-17_10-12-11 PM

The little shop is lively with their cheerful banter.  Everyone is glad for a relaxed day/

07-31-17_10-13-07 PM

So where is Rose?  YEP!  No cheerful banter but it does seem that she is enjoying the lovely sunshine.

07-31-17_10-14-01 PM

She must have gotten tired of sitting alone because got up from her solitude and crashed the bro party.

I think they were alright with it.

07-31-17_10-25-08 PM

Hmm maybe?  Looks like Jack might still be having an issue with the way things went yesterday.

Not sure what Pace is waiting for … maybe he fears there might be some more fireworks between these two.

Hugo appears oblivious to any of it …

07-31-17_10-29-09 PM

and Prince … uhhh … yeah … It is always the right time for pushups???

07-31-17_10-29-58 PM

Coffee enjoyed and bickering avoided,  Rose and the crew decide to take in a matinee at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

They arrive a bit early so that they can take some time to explore this wonderful landmark!

Such a romantic place .. FINGERS crossed??

What fun it was to find the names of their fav celebrities that adorned the stars the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

06-02-17_1-54-02 AM

The boys and Rose are a bit in awe of the showcase of Oscar statuettes on loan to the theatre.  All of their very favorite movies were well represented in the awards on display.  06-02-17_1-56-21 AM

Every nook and cranny of the amazing place had something wonderful to see or hear.

06-02-17_1-58-17 AM06-02-17_2-02-34 AM

Matinee time!  They are here to see “Domino Finds His Way Home.”  Rose has ensured she has a pocketful of tissues because it is said not many can keep a dry eye during this delightful tale.

07-31-17_10-46-12 PM

The boys munched their popped-corn.

Hugo jaunted in and sat down next to Rose but seeing the “kitten” who had taken a seat near them … he promptly sprang up and moved WAY down the row.

(really … he took one look at Jade and it was as though he had a spring in his behind)

With a cute little wave, the kitten purred hello in Rose’s direction.

Rose stared straight ahead, wondering who is she and who is she talking to.

Glancing around she thought ME??   This is awkward.

07-31-17_10-48-21 PM

The boys showed no sign of life.  I think Jack and Mike had gone to the next state to get their snacks.

Rose tried to blow it off by playing with her popped-corn.

Maybe this stranger would get a clue that she was definitely not available.

07-31-17_10-56-16 PM


UH fellas?  Any help here?


The “kitten” was not easily dissuaded.

(I will let you make up your own dialog for the next few shots … I was rolling as this was happening .. NO POSES .. what a goofy game).

07-31-17_10-59-39 PM07-31-17_11-00-38 PM07-31-17_11-01-13 PM07-31-17_11-01-21 PM07-31-17_11-01-26 PM07-31-17_11-04-09 PM

The movie was over … they had wiped their tears and blown their noses.  A quick pause for the cause in the adult lounge had them smiling again.

The drinks were quite expensive but totally delightful.

With everyone a bit warmed up from the round of cocktails, it was time to go get ready to hit the club.

08-01-17_12-40-38 AM

The joint was jumping when they arrived!

08-01-17_1-25-30 AM

OHHH looking GOOD Rose but still not sure you have their attention (well except for that guy glaring at you)!

08-01-17_1-19-35 AM

UH OH .. uh fancy meeting you here …

08-01-17_1-30-40 AM

The girl got moves …

08-01-17_1-32-33 AM08-01-17_1-32-38 AM

Kitten got moves too …

08-01-17_1-33-04 AM08-01-17_1-33-08 AM08-01-17_1-33-34 AM

Hmm .. no clue what this exchange between Mike and Pace was all about but Rose was still waiting to be noticed.

08-01-17_1-39-57 AM

WELL looks like someone noticed!

08-01-17_1-40-21 AM08-01-17_1-40-38 AM08-01-17_1-41-09 AM

The hour was LATE and everyone was feeling quite peckish.  Finding a restaurant open at this hour was proving to be quite a challenge.

08-01-17_2-22-16 AM

Upper crust it is not, but it will feed some very hungry boys and a famished Princess!

08-01-17_2-27-46 AM

Most of the fellas are seated a table outdoors to dine al fresco.

08-01-17_2-27-47 AM

In that, there was no room at the boy’s table when they got there these two opted for indoor eating.

(Mike gets an advantage – one on one time with Rose –  from a very annoying Dine Out difficulty .. not all diners who arrive to eat together are seated together).

08-01-17_2-37-36 AM08-01-17_2-39-17 AM

A flirty drink for Rose?

08-01-17_2-40-45 AM08-01-17_2-41-44 AM

Rose does not handle drink well.  Come on Princess time to take you home … you are bit woozy!

Mike, ever the gentleman does not press his advantage!

08-01-17_2-44-08 AM

Did not bother to show you the relationship info because, sadly, there was no noticeable increase in anyone’s pink or green.

This story will be on a brief hiatus.  I tried to tell my niece that I was in the middle of my story but she planned her wedding for this time anyway (Love you Roxy ❤ ) … 🙂   Things will heat up a bit with a challenge when I return.  

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The newest from the amazing Simoniona


These builds have been featured before but well worth “mentioning” again!

Lisa's Garden




24 thoughts on “Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #4 Sunday Funday

  1. Oh goodness, these boys may need a labotomy whilst your away. Oorrrr a swift kick in the rear. Maybe if we threaten to reolacr them they’ll get their act together. However, Rose was gorgeous as ever! Great update!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. ~ I agree with Lee,what is wrong with those guys, & I wonder what sort of Bro-code they have going, because sadly, it is clearly not working for them! LOL!
    ~ Loved this & the self-explained pictures, loved Roses eye role skywards!Classic!♥


  3. The parts with Jade were my favorites. At least Mike seemed to show a little interest. Usually when my sims go out to eat I make sure there’s a table that will fit them all and if there isn’t I add one and then click on it to have them seated there together.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yea, if you could at least tell her to request the table. It was cute how she sat alone with Mike… but that’s just cuz I like him.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. What a funny update. These guys…I think they would all desert poor Rose if there was something more exciting going on. Well, at least Mike got to spend time with her. Go Mike! And, Jade, how hilarious is that. Now Jade, you teach those boys how it’s done. lol

    Liked by 1 person

  5. hahahahaha, oh my gosh this whole thing was just too funny…and scary…due to the white lighting on Rose’s face in those two pics. These guys had better get a clue I’m telling ya, they are not here on vacay! Now on a side note and not to be one of those sore loser kind of people. But if my guy was still in the house with his traits, we would have seen plenty of romance by now, LOL! You should have seen him in my game! Whew!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Wonderful locations and pics again 🙂 . Sadly, they didn’t work inspiring to the boys… well only to Mike but it was rather luck, I think! Poor Rose, … what must she do so that the boys notice her?


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