Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #9 Three Roses and Four Surprises

I remind you again (and again and again and again) that I am NOT controlling any of the bachelors (unless it involves starting a challenge and departing the house when it is time to leave).

For the most part, Rose’s actions are autonomous or determined by her whims (esp when interacting on an outing).

I will be updating this in an observer/commentator role.

Can you believe we are nearing the end!

So in the last episode, we found that: 

  • Jack is an extremely GOOD frog hunter/breeder
  • Jack is terrible at LLama Jenga
  • Flirty cookies are a very BAD idea
  • The gym does NOT make the flirty go away!
  • The magic cube really does know it’s stuff
  • Mike and Prince are facing elimination (in the hands of the readers)
  • A week is a very LONG time (perhaps that was just me)

SOOO Let’s get into the house …

Prince Charming is very concerned for his daughter.  The stress of the contest has been weighing on her heavily.   He is truly fearful for her health (she already suffered thru a bout of Sweaty Shivers).

He has insisted that she take a break from the suitor house for a few days and has put her up in some lovely quarters in downtown SanMyshuno.

09-08-17_1-03-27 AM

It is quite posh (Daddy knows what his girl likes) … she IS a princess after all!

09-08-17_1-06-28 AM

The truth is she knows she needs time to collect her thoughts on this challenge too.   Saying goodbye to the suitors has been getting harder and harder.  She fears it could get more complicated and wearisome in end.

Now with the selection being out of her hands (again) she is very fretful.  She even snapped at Snow on the phone the other night.

Prince wants her to take some time to consider … is this something that she wants to see thru to the end?

If she were being totally honest right now she did not know!

09-08-17_1-07-04 AM

She settled into her suite and in the evening she took a bit of time to explore the street happenings near her suite.  The festival-like atmosphere with its bright lights, colorful vendors, and delish aromas was a welcome distraction for a few moments and helped her clear her mind of scrambled thoughts and conflicting emotions.

09-08-17_1-07-05 AM

AUGH a little fun with small fireworks?

WELL, that did not quite go the way she had planned.

09-08-17_1-07-06 AM

After a quick clean up, Rose realized she was quite hungry.  She had no inkling to go back out so she decided to explore the well-appointed kitchen to see what she could find.

Rose is a wonderful cook and seems to be able to whip up amazing meals out of little of nothing.  Tonight was no exception …

09-08-17_1-25-01 AM

A pinch of this and a bit of that .. the resulting veggie stir fry was divine .. even if she did say so herself.

09-08-17_1-29-08 AM

Rose pondered over her situation as she ate.

Looking up at her ‘dinner companion’ she asked, “What do you think of all this?”

Rose paused in her deliberations long enough for a response but (long sigh) the girl in the picture was MUM.  She offered no word of advice aptly spoken to help Rose along with her mental wrestling.  Whatever her thoughts were on the subject she was keeping them to them to herself. (AUGH RUDE)

09-08-17_1-35-37 AM

Tomorrow Pace was scheduled to arrive early for his solo date but tonight she struggled with her burden alone.

09-08-17_1-35-40 AM

The morning found Pace and Rose enjoying the small secluded patio.  Rose was making a delectable Fruit Kebab for their breakfast.

Pace had his own dilemma …

Uhhmmm the blue one with coffee .. or that blue one with coffee .. or … that back blue one with coffee … mmm coffee!  (MMM COFFEE … oh sorry)

09-08-17_2-54-02 AM09-08-17_2-55-59 AM

AND they say I AM BLONDE, Rose thought to herself.

Pace is a cutie and very very sweet BUT not always fully engaged with the here and now.

09-08-17_2-58-41 AM

Rose was curious about his thoughts … she offered a penny for them.

“When I was coming in I noticed a sign for a hotel spa.  Thought that might be a good place for you to relax and put your concerns away for a while.”

Rose smiled at him warmly and nodded in agreement.  How kind of him to think of her well-being on his solo date.   It sounded just like what she needed.

09-08-17_2-59-08 AM

Rose went with the relaxing hot stone massage but Pace opted for the rigorous athletic massage.

He may have had some second thoughts just a few minutes into the treatment.

09-08-17_3-06-31 AM

All the groans and cries of pain had Rose feeling very bad for him.  His masseuse really seemed to enjoy her job!

09-08-17_3-07-45 AM

They stopped off at the little gym afterward but poor old Pace could hardly move after his trouncing on the massage table!

Rose was afraid he would fall off the treadmill and hurt himself so she suggested some time on the mats in an adjacent quiet room.

09-08-17_3-07-46 AM

She hoped a bit of time spent stretching and getting serenely focused would help them both.

09-08-17_3-09-54 AM09-08-17_3-10-48 AM

“What on earth is wrong with you?  COME ON NOW!  Let’s get it together girl.  Good grief!  Pull out of this!”  Rose lambasted the poor princess in the mirror.

It must have done some good because she got herself ready to meet Jack for his solo date.  09-08-17_3-10-50 AM09-08-17_3-10-51 AM

(sorry I know we have been there and done this but … I just love the vanity shots ❤ )

09-08-17_3-10-52 AM

Jack is prompt and looking pretty good.  Rose compliments his attire and Jack, ever the gentleman, carefully and thoughtfully returns the compliment.


It was all smiles and chuckles between them so far …

09-08-17_3-11-01 AM

still going smoothly …

09-08-17_3-11-03 AM

and then, as aways, SOMETHING takes a turn!

09-08-17_3-11-04 AM09-08-17_3-11-05 AM09-08-17_3-11-06 AM


09-08-17_3-11-07 AM09-08-17_3-11-08 AM09-08-17_3-11-09 AM


09-08-17_3-11-10 AM

By the end of the evening, she had even convinced the dance phobic Jack to get out on the floor and shake his groove thing! (some of you will still be singing that tomorrow he he he he)

09-08-17_3-11-11 AM

Jack escorted her on a walk out to the lake.  Listening to the soft aquatic sounds mixed with ambient city noise seemed to put her at ease.

Speaking softly, he finally broke the silence, “You know Rose, whatever choice you make we all will understand.   Everyone of us suitors just wants to see you happy.”

09-08-17_3-11-12 AM

Rose looked into his sincere face and melted in a tearful puddle.  Jack held her close and let her cry for a moment and then he escorted her back to her suite.

“Good night Princess.  I will leave you to your decision.  Until tomorrow then.”

09-08-17_3-11-14 AM09-08-17_12-03-04 AM09-08-17_12-03-05 AM09-08-17_12-03-06 AM09-08-17_12-03-07a AM

Good night sweet Rose.

09-08-17_12-03-07aa AM09-08-17_12-03-08 AM09-08-17_12-03-09 AM09-08-17_12-03-10 AM09-08-17_12-03-10a AM09-08-17_12-03-11 AM09-08-17_12-03-12 AM09-08-17_12-04-35 AM09-08-17_12-04-36 AM09-08-17_12-11-19 AM09-08-17_12-12-03 AM09-08-17_12-12-28 AM

DAG DAG sweet Prince ❤

09-08-17_12-13-39 AM

The decision was made and now all there is left is to go forward to the end!  She has to trust the people to make the right decision when required.  They know her and they want her to be happy too! She can trust them.

Daddy has promised her a BIG surprise tomorrow .. she can hardly wait to see what it is (Prince Charming is VERY good at surprises)

A little retail therapy will help pass the time!

09-08-17_12-13-39aa AM


09-08-17_12-13-40 AM09-08-17_12-13-41 AM

The next moring, true to his word, daddy sent four precious surprises!

09-11-17_2-27-36 PM

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The venue is from the FAB Simoniona … so versatile and plays like a dream in game!








36 thoughts on “Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #9 Three Roses and Four Surprises

  1. ~ I am sad & happy at the same time,it is very hard to explain…………….anywho, Pace showed us just what he will go through for his Princes Rose, even if he he seems a little lost for words he does mean well,it was a lovely date!
    ~ The ever frosty Jack did not let us down with his special brand of showing Rose just how much he cares,didn’t you know he lurves a good debate,true, true,it was sweet what he said at the end………And that is all we all really want,to see Rose happy!
    ~ I hope Daddies surprise cheers her up,as the stress is really getting to her,that sad face, not long now!♥

    Liked by 1 person

  2. hhha Mike stays it’ll be so interesting ! It’s not great for Prince his name is honoured Charming’s family.
    Daddy Prince is bringing the sisters.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Once again, I couldn’t help laughing in some of those pictures. And, once again, what talent, beauty, freshness, and skill you bring when writing these updates. Seriously, if you ever decide to become a world famous author (and you could do it), I would bring your Snow and Prince story, from the beginning (the Asylum Challenge) to the publishing place (don’t know what they are called) and show them your gift.

    Anyway, you make a sad update (seeing another suitor be let go) a lighthearted and awesome thing. Look forward to the next update, but not next challenge, haha.

    I found it so funny how even the waitress behind the bar seemed dismayed at the awkward conversation, as if she were thinking, “Really? This is how tries to wins hearts…by saying things like THAT? Sheesh!” (Whatever was said).

    Side question: After the Bachelorette Challenge, and the big wedding, are you going to continue on with this story for another generation or so? Your Snow and Prince story was brilliant and loved everything about it, and now we have fallen in love with Rose. I’d love to see what the progression of Rose’s and (whoever wins)’s story goes on to. I’d also love to see what happens with the rest of the siblings, too. Mainly, Rose and *suitor*.

    See what you’ve done…made yours readers obsessive…hahahahaha!!!! ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Poor Rose. I can imagine it must be very difficult at this point. I have to say I wasn’t attached to Prince at all so there’s that. LOL I can’t wait for the next chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I had the same problem with the dating challenge for the Drifter Challenge. I ended up finding husbands for them all and moving them into houses and my family visited theirs and my kids were friends with theirs. I just couldn’t let go!

        Liked by 2 people

  5. Pace is obviously not knowledgeable about coffee. He should have CLEARLY picked the blue cup with coffee!
    If Jack wins, they’re going to be one of those quirky couple that just acts weird sometimes but they’re still meant to be together because they both get that’s just how the other one is and never make it escalate.
    I have to agree with Sharissa on making us obsessed.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are correct the blue cup with the coffee was the right choice … clearly he needs us to explain that to him. I crack up because every time we get together a spat happens on their own without me doing anything … I just keep shooting and pretty soon they’re OK. I die … lol it’s way too weird.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I found that hilarious, too. Like, I didn’t even expect to see a Sim story with the Sim in the aftermath of a firework explosion…and then I read this update and laugh so hard. I’ve had that happen to me in my games…Sims…! It was annoying in Sims 3 how I would take the fireworks OUTSIDE to prevent fires and explosion and it STILL happened. One moment, I think everything’s good and safe and THEN, BOOM!, a fire happens and my Sim’s freaking out. I’m just like, “Seriously?!? That’s why I had you go OUTSIDE!!!!!” Dumb Sims.

      Poor Rose, not only was she a bit burnt, but the look of dismay and annoyance was super hilarious. I couldn’t help but laughing at it.


  6. I just don’t know what to do now if there’s another vote. Pace is so hilariously slow, but so sweet. Jack would be the perfect opposite to Rose, keeping her on her toes with their little tiffs. And Mike…oh, Mike!!! He’s always thinking of his sweet Rose. I can’t wait for more!!

    Liked by 2 people

  7. How nice is that??? Im so thrille to know you’ll be telling stories about the Charming family! Snow’ s Family won my heart and it is wonderfull to know they “stay! I like your story telling very much as well as your pictures and selection of sceneries! ♥♥♥

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, if only Mike, Prince, and Jack are left but Jack is exempt, the result of the next elimination is a no-brainer.
        But I would vote for Pace to stay. 😀
        With my boi, Jack, of course. Erm, Rose’s boi…

        Liked by 1 person

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