Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #13 It’s A Wrap

As this story wraps up and moves on to the “next chapter” I want to first pause and express my gratitude … I have so many people to thank for this story.

I promise there is a (small) story at the end of this diatribe. 

First and foremost I thank you, the readers.  You make this so much fun.  You inspire me and encourage me to keep going even when the ole brain is empty.   I have had a blast doing this chapter of the story for nearly (less than 2 months shy) a year.  I hope I can do well by you in the next chapters (right now I have envisioned a rotation rather than a straight legacy).  I promise to give you my BEST!



Next are the builders.  OH, YOU KNOW HOW I LOVE YOU ALL!  I say it all the time and I MEAN it … without you freely sharing your talents I would not be able to create any story at all.  Whenever I get a bit dry in the old ideas department I just scroll my WONDERFUL “follow list” in the gallery.  You all never fail to spark my imagination and enliven my fingers!

Although they are all wonderful I would like to thank these 5 especially:

Canadiansimmer77 .. who built the incredible penthouse exclusively for this challenge .. a wonderful job Abs ❤

Gothkittymimi .. who I say “OH I need this or that” .. and poof there it is and it is always jaw-dropping! ❤ u dear Michelle

Lyhandros ..  who brings his penchant for fanciful and very romantic builds in a yacht so stunning I was floored when I first saw it (well I still am lol)!  We call it “the stuff Ascanius does” … Grazie Ascanius mi amico!

Simoniona .. her builds have inspired entire chapter updates.  Amazing is too small of a word for her work!  Visit her in gallery and be astonished!  Danke, mein liebe Freund Elke!

Tokulee … his builds are a delight to the eye and a dream to play!

And that is just four from a long list of FAB!  I could go on and on … anchesenamon … Brennachansims … Vetroretro … Melly20 … waterwoman1987 … Guardgian … the list keeps going and I could go on but I will spare you LOL

heart cloud

Last TY goes to the creators of the suitors ❤ ❤  You gave me your “babies” to use and abuse as I saw fit.  Each one of them was a masterpiece and gave us all so many hours of delight.  I am honored by your generosity!   TY! TY! TY! (Gallery Pics of each suitor is in the credits portion of this update).

heart beach sand



The next day Jack and Rose were scheduled to meet up in downtown SanMyshuno.  Rose saw Jack seated on a bench outside of the coffee house.  He was patiently waiting for her.   She was, at first, hesitant to approach.  Would he be angry or sad?   She abhorred this part.

He looked up, saw her and a bright smile spread across his face.  Relief flooded her heart.  She had come to greatly value Jack and did not relish causing him pain.

He was anxious to know all that had happened between her and Mike.  She recanted the events of the previous day.  All the while searching his eyes for any trace of hurt or betrayal.  There was none.

“I … I am so sorry Jack.”  Her voice soft, woeful and full of penitency.

10-03-17_1-14-53 AM

“Rosie,” Jack began carefully, “There is no need for sorry.  I am not upset.  Like you, I too put my life in the hands of the people.  It was to be their choice all along.  I knew that going in .. we all did.  Am I disappointed?   Mmmm yes .. maybe.  Truth is that I love you two too much dwell on the could have beens. I want to look forward not behind.  Come on, let’s go get some coffee and finish our conversation inside.”

Rose smiled and rising, obliged.

10-03-17_1-16-36 AM

The little shop was crowded so they ordered …

10-03-17_1-33-53 AM

and found a quiet corner to continue their chat.

10-03-17_1-40-51 AM

Rose blushed as she saw Jack was looking at her engagement ring.  “Do you love him?”

Rose smiled and replied, “Yes, very much! I love him very much!”

“He loves you too you know. I have known that for a while now.  I am very happy for you and for Mike.  I wish you many long years of happiness.  He will make a wonderful husband and King.”

10-03-17_1-41-50 AM

As it was prearranged, a beaming Mike arrived a while later.  He drew closer to these two dear people in his life and he called out, “Hey can I join you two up here?”

Both Rose and Jack happily agreed, “come sit!”

10-03-17_1-44-51 AM

The three friends spent the rest of that sunny afternoon in merry conversation.  A strong bond had formed in that penthouse.  It was a lasting, lifelong friendship that was priceless to all three.

10-03-17_1-46-49 AM10-03-17_1-47-51 AM10-03-17_1-48-04 AM

“If you two will forgive me, I have to leave.  I have an appointment to look at a house with a Windenburg Realator. ”

Rose was quite curious, “Where is it?”

Jack returned, “right on the waterfront in downtown.”

Rose acknowledged that was a very lovely area.  She and Mike were glad to know that Jack was staying on for a while.   “I am just not ready to go back to my solitude,” he had told them.

10-03-17_1-47-31 AM

Jack turned to Mike, “You know the house is quite large so if you would want to be roomies again .. at least until the wedding .. then I would welcome it.”

Mike was quite moved by his friend’s generous offer, “yes, that would be wonderful.”

“I will send you a message if the deal goes thru.”

10-03-17_1-50-09 AM

And with a quick hug, Jack was off.

10-03-17_1-49-29 AM

A few days later, Rose and Mike found themselves back in Windenburg, reconnecting with family and friends AND very excited to embark upon their future!  We all hope you join them.

10-05-17_2-57-56 AM10-05-17_3-01-58 AM10-05-17_3-01-59 AM10-05-17_3-09-06 AM

(This is NOT the end of the story … NO … only the begining of the next)

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LOL actually by my daughter Tiffybee .. she used my computer.

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25 thoughts on “Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #13 It’s A Wrap

    1. You bring up a very good point why didn’t they bicker at this time. I did not do those before but now that they’re just friends they don’t bicker how weird is that. Ea loves to mess with our minds huh

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Best friends forever! I love it! Now, Mike and Rose will continue their story and make lots of babies and live happily ever after! 😀 I can’t wait to see what their kids look like. I’m probably too far ahead o myself, haha.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I’m trying not to cry right now, that was so beautiful. How do you do it, Lisa, capture the moment in a precious, beautiful, elegant grace that’s incomparable? Seriously! If you can make your scenes of saying goodbye beautiful and moments of happiness seethe beautiful, I am a little uncertain if my heart can stand the wedding. I might have to pace myself for that. I’m a little emotional lately, I guess, being I’m pregnant and all, but I was also just so moved by this update. So beautiful.

    Lisa, not to start an argument, but I might be your number one fan…at least, for this story. Haven’t really followed your other stories. Seriously want your autograph, haha! I could go on and on about how wonderful this update, and story, was, and about how much I look forward to the next chapter, but I am afraid that I would probably (literally) write a novel about it. Although, if I wrote a novel, you could read it over and over…just kidding.

    Great job! ❤ you!

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  3. Awww! What a lovely and perfect ending for a triangle lovestory! It couldn’t be best and just what I was wishing! Hooray! I’m happy I will read and see a lot from the three of them! ♥♥♥

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