An Era of Charming Tales: (Mike and Rose White) Home Sweet Home

This is a rotational play legacy story that follows the children of Prince and Snow white Charming.  The two primary rotations are (Mike & Rose White) and (Bruno & Rose Red).  Other family stories will be inserted as they come into play.  

As she walked along, the leaves that crunched beneath her feet sang a happy little duet with the waves that lapped the shoreline below the cliff near her house.   The “song” brought joy to Rose’s heart.

When she had last walked out of this gate the crocus’ had barely begun to peek out from their blanket of snow.  Now the warm colors of autumn welcomed her.

She breathed in deeply the scent of apples, fallen leaves and the smoke from the hearth at home.  It was heady and flooded her head with memories of autumns past.

She was HOME.

10-10-17_3-19-15 AM

Oh, it was not that she did not have a wonderful time during the search.  SanMyshuno is a beautiful city and in reality, she knew she did not even begin to scratch the surface of all it had to offer.

But here, this place, offered Mom, Dad, her sisters and her brother … all waiting and eager for her arrival.

Here was her past and here was her future.  For Rose, this is a very good thing indeed!

Mike did not accompany her.  He was giving her some time and space to BE home.  To reconnect.   She smiled as she recalled how thoughtful he was!

She would see him tomorrow!

10-10-17_3-19-50 AM

Running feet and loud joyful exclamations, the clamor of homecoming greeted her cheery “Hellooo, I am home.”

Prince reached his Princess first and he enveloped her in a giant welcomed HUG!

“Oh Dad I missed you so.”

10-11-17_11-05-02 PM

Soon they had all gathered, laughing and chatting.  Rose White was back home and none could wait to hear all about the many adventures she had in the city!

10-11-17_11-06-37 PM

Snow hustled the family to the breakfast table.  “Sit … sit,” she instructed and after quickly placing a cup of hot tea in front of Rose White she scurried out the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

Rose listened contentedly as her sisters chattered on and on about the boys in their lives!  Bruno this .. Alexander that …

Well, all except for Violet … for her it was the boy OUT of her life!  She had ever so briefly entertained a local boy named Joaquin but he was a gad about and she had no patience for his wandering eye!

Even tho Prince often assured her not, she was certain that she would end up a Nun.

11-01-16_1-25-53 AM

Prince was lost in thoughts of his own.  He reveled in the fact that all of his girls were seated around the table now.  He knew in his heart that these days were numbered.  Soon each one will be off tending to their own families but for now, this moment in time, they are all right here gathered around him.

10-11-17_11-43-39 PM

Snow whipped up a batch of her famous pancakes.   Love is her secret ingredient and she uses it liberally!   She adores being a wife and mother.  She believes .. no she KNOWS that she has the most wonderful family on earth!

(Just for you simophonique ❤ ❤  some of you long time readers already know … this is the only thing Snow has ever learned to cook.)

10-11-17_11-45-18 PM10-11-17_11-56-50 PM

Just as always, the family received Snow’s breakfast offering as tho it were manna from heaven.

“MMM!  Mum these are just divine!”  Rose White gushed, ” I have missed them so much.  Thank you!”

The other girls and Prince chimed in with Rose White.  “Yes, just delicious!” “Wonderful.” “Best you have ever made.” “Awesome job Mummy!”

Snow beamed at the lovely compliments from her sweet family.  They are such dears.

10-12-17_12-16-03 AM

Rose took her afternoon coffee at the computer.  She needed to tend to her long neglected correspondences.   She could not keep her mind on it and found herself searching bridal sites and looking at gowns and flowers and cakes.

10-12-17_12-16-04 AM

There was a sound at the stairs and Rose went to see …

“Claudia!”  Rose rushed to hug her friend (and if you recall, her personal assistant), “how have you been?  I missed you terri … ”   Rose stopped in mid sentence!

11-11-17_3-30-30 AM

Something sparkly caught her eye.  “Claudia!  What is that?”

11-11-17_3-31-01 AM

“OH Rose, I have so much to share.  I have been dying to tell you.  We kept it a secret until I could tell you myself!

11-11-17_3-32-01 AM

Walter asked me to marry him,” Claudia explained.

“Walter? Who is tha … ” Rose grasped for even a hint of recognition from the name.

“OH, Rose you are so funny!  Officer Theis!   He has a first name you know … it is Walter.”

“OHHHH! WHAT!”  Rose was shouting excitedly, “WHEN! OH MY GOSH!”

10-06-17_8-44-37 AM

“Your mom and dad were so sweet.  They took us to a private little chapel and your father officiated our private ceremony and your sweet mother witnessed it for us.

11-12-17_1-56-44 cAM

We were so honored when Prince gifted us the little house out on the water front.  It is so pretty and we are so happy there.”

11-12-17_2-11-08 cc AM11-12-17_2-18-03 cc AM

(How many of you long time readers recognize that little house?  It is the original house Prince and Snow lived in during the first story  … OH I do love it so!) ❤ ❤ ❤

01-05-16_3-11-34 AM

Rose and Claudia chattered away the afternoon.  First Claudia on the many virtues of being married .. then Rose White on searching for her king and finding him in Mike.  OH it was all so very romantic.

Then the girls got down to some serious business … wedding planning!  With ohhhs and ahhhs and squeals and giggles, they went thru three pots of tea and Claudia got hand cramps from taking so many notes.

11-11-17_3-48-50 AM

When it was time to leave Claudia leaned in and whispered softly, “you are going to love marriage Rose … I know I do!  It is wonderful … just wonderful!”

11-21-17_3-32-02 AM

After dinner the family settled in to watch a movie.  It was unanimous that Rose got to choose of course she picked her favorite cat movie “Perot in Murkland; One cat’s Post-Apocalyptic Adventure.”

11-21-17_3-32-05 AM

All the excitement in the house that evening caused Aster to procrastinate on his homework until it got quite late.  Rose White found him hard at work in the back garden.  “Aster, homework by candle light?”

11-21-17_3-32-08 AM

He looked up, surprised to see her out there.  “You’ll not tell Mum and dad, will you?”

Rose looked down at the little earnest face of her brother.   She loved this bright little guy so very much.  Of course she would not.

Smiling she assured him that this was their little secret.  “Now off to bed with you!”

11-21-17_3-32-09 AM

He was so tired that he fell asleep before Rose could finish tucking him in.

“Good night my dear little prince,” she whispered softly.

11-21-17_3-32-10 AM

Exhausted herself, she was settling into her room when her eye fell upon the sweetly wrapped little package.  She had forgotten all about this!


Many many months earlier, Mike had dropped this package off at her front gate with instructions not to open it until after the search had been completed (and only if he should win).

22196488_894660890681777_8186620581549285345_n (1)m22382167_897507077063825_4553045598608539409_om22382167_897507077063825_4553045598608539410_om22382167_897507077063825_4553045598608539411_om

She opened it slowly.

The package contained a beautiful enchanted rose and a hand written letter.

It began, “My dearest Rose …….”


TY LoveNovavita  (creator of Mike) for the pictures of Mike delivering the package … for those who wish to see the lovely video of this presentation click the link below …



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******************** Credits *************

A BIG THANK YOU  to my precious friend Beth for the wonderful story TAG line .. “An Era of Charming Tales” is a winner indeed!


Dear Tokulee .. how wonderful to be back in your FAB build!  It is as enchanting as the first day I played it!

1st family home

the house in gallery

Sims from MagicBlueDragon:


I will make one quick mention .. did you note the beautiful paintings .. they are the work of Kardofe and can be found on TSR

Kardofe’s Women on Tsr


Kardofe Mothers








25 thoughts on “An Era of Charming Tales: (Mike and Rose White) Home Sweet Home

  1. This was so darn sweet! I loved seeing them all together again and it was beautiful the way you described how Rose felt about being home at last. I also loved the family eating together, it makes the reunion all the sweeter to see them. Astor is cute! 😀

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  2. Question: Where did Aster’s red hair come from?

    Such a sweet update. All the aspects of family are there *sigh*. Always makes me giggle when you mention Snow and her pancakes. I actually want a piece of them…haha!

    Those flashback pictures are amazing. I don’t even remember them, honestly.

    This new “era story” might become another favorite of mine. Great job! ❤

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  3. Oh what a great chapter. Loved as she arrived home and thought of all the wonderful things home means. And Snow making pancakes…here only recipe. lol And then the mysterious package that Mike left….hmmm….I wonder what this could mean….

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  4. So many references in this update! I’m excited to finally see things continue onward for the family. Also, wait to go for Walter and Claudia! Was hoping those two would hit it off. 😉

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  5. Woaah so much good news ! A wedding, a fabulous gift from Mike as if he expected to win ahaha and yeeees thank you for including Snow White famous pancakes for me you’re a sweetheart

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  6. Awww, boo! Mike’s video presentation required logging into Facebook! :/
    Now I now where I’d left off before!
    (Also, I mentioned many updates earlier that Joaquin was a loser, did I not? lol)

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