An Era of Charming Tales: (Mike and Rose White) Black and White … a bonus update

A little something for those who have been WAITING  for this … ❤ u 🙂  Don’t worry there is more coming right around the corner!

Rose’s return came with a return to her Royal duties.  There was always such and such function going on and often Rose was delegated to represent the Charmings.

Most were stuffy pompous affairs, like day old bread, dry and dull!

That night’s Black and White affair was no different!   Rose White was dispatched by her father and Mike was sent along as her escort for the evening.

This little couple definitely turned heads when they made their entrance!

The old gents would pat her hand and pry with pointed questions and the ladies would cluck cluck at her or purr at him with batted eyelashes.

Oh, it was delicious … everyone there was dying to know MORE!!

As the night got on Rose and Mike both desired … NO NEEDED a bit of alone time.

They quietly slipped out onto a secluded little porch for some solitude.

She was radiant and smelled amazing … drew him like a moth to the flame …

he looked divine … her eyes saw nothing else …

they got caught up in the soft music and in each other  …

08-23-17_11-24-40 PM08-23-17_11-25-19 PM08-23-17_11-26-29 PM08-23-17_11-29-30 PM08-23-17_11-30-51 PM08-23-17_11-32-03 PM08-23-17_11-33-31 PM08-23-17_11-36-09 PM08-23-17_11-40-49 PM08-23-17_11-43-39 PM08-23-17_11-44-31 PM08-23-17_11-45-25 PM08-23-17_11-46-44 PM08-23-17_11-47-38 PM


and completely missed seeing HER!

08-23-17_11-53-13 PM


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**** credits ****

The room was by LuckyHeather

Poses by Rethdis-love

34 thoughts on “An Era of Charming Tales: (Mike and Rose White) Black and White … a bonus update

  1. They are a gorgeous couple. ❤️ A true fairy tale romance. Let her take pictures. They are a new couple and, as you said, needed a little romantic time alone.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I don’t like it much I just enjoyed playing with my family Diz-Gosling and with sometimes Miss V Family and I don’t do much with . I rather play ts2 but I have so much to do with ts2 I avoid to touch it ahaha.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. NICE! Update! Love it! I love seeing men getting romantic (appropriately) with their girl. I bet Ascanius had fun seeing this update, his creation, too.

    Thank you, Lisa! It was an wonderful and beautiful update. As always.

    All I can say about that peeper is…OH NO!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yay, I’m finally at an update in Era of Charming Tales that is new to me!
    Rose and Mike are both stunning in their formal wear in those poses.
    Just when things are looking so perfect, one of Evella’s minions must appear, natch!

    I’m excited about catching up to your most recent updates! ❤
    It has been a long and satisfying journey from Snow White's asylum days!

    Liked by 1 person

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