An Era of Charming Tales: (Bruno and Rose Red) Shopping

Before I get to the update today I want to express my gratitude to you, my readers.  18 months and 119 updates ago, when I started this blog I did not think anyone would ever come read my stories.   BUT you have … and you have well over 25,000 times ❤   

 We live in a busy world and that you take time out to read my funny little scribblings brings tremendous joy to my heart and is most humbling at the same time.  I am very blessed and constantly encouraged by you! 

You, my dear readers, are very precious to me and I wondered what I could do to thank you at this special milestone.  I am not a cc creator so that was def out.  Chatting it up with a few of you in my FB group I (we) came upon an idea that I hope with be a fun ty gift to you.  

One of you (name drawn at random from comments on FB, Twitter, Tumblr, Forum and OF COURSE WP) will receive a special invitation to JUMP into the game and attend the wedding of Rose Red and Bruno

You (simself) will be a guest in the home of King Prince Charming and his lovely Queen Snow White ❤  You will meet and hang out with the royals and the likes of Mike, Jack, Bruno, the Goths and you might even get a chilling glimpse of a certain villainess, who I am told is trying to gain access to the wedding (hmmm). 

(If you do not have a simself in sims 4, part of my gift will be to create one for you. )

Happy simming!  Here is to another 119 adventures and beyond if you will have me.  (Dilly! Dilly!)

 NOW on to the update 🙂

The early days of Autumn are sweet for the family.  The sunny and bright days seems to reflect the glee in their hearts.

Bruno and Rose Red are inseparable.  Planning the wedding and establishing their new home together consumes most of their thoughts and conversations.  It is a very exciting time for the young couple who has put their future on hold for so long.

10-05-17_1-46-58 PM10-05-17_1-49-44 PM

(Can you tell he loves his Rosie .. never a challenge to snap a sweet pic of Bruno.

10-05-17_1-49-45 PM

Mike and Rose White are seen out and about more and more now.  They are getting to know each other and find they enjoy many of the same activities.  Watching their romance blossom into a beautiful bloom is a great happiness to all who know them.

(TY Lovenovavita for the wonderful screenies)

10-05-17_1-49-47 PM10-05-17_1-49-48 PM

Alexander and Lily are spending lots of time together too.

Looks like it is getting quite serious.

10-05-17_4-20-54 AM

In fact, she even got a dinner invitation to the Goth mansion.

Bella (herself) treated them to her famous Mac n Cheese.

The Goths are very fond of the sweet princess and are encouraging the relationship.

10-05-17_4-23-43 AM

Aster is in great “anguish” over all of this “LOVEY DOVEY kissing and junk”… he said its enough to make him want to throw up!

Rose Red tries to be sensitive and keeps “it” on the DL around him.  She does not want him to feel isolated and forgotten in this busy busy time.

10-11-17_4-02-48 AM

Poor Aster, you would think he would be used to it by now because the original Lovie Dovies are still going strong.

10-11-17_3-56-13 AM

Then there is Violet … No, she has not gone into the convent yet!

Violet has a knack of always showing up at the wrong times!

10-11-17_4-02-46 AM

Her cheerful “Whatcha doing?”  is a real killjoy to the lovie dovies!

Worst of all she seems oblivious to her intrusions.

10-11-17_4-02-47 AM


What a lovely morning!  Snow has her brood in tow!

Giggling and chatting, they are off to do some long-anticipated shopping for wedding attire.

The girls are all in GREAT spirits (Prince was too … because he didn’t have to go).

There have been great shopping days before BUT this one will top them all!

10-23-17_11-55-24 AM

Rose Red has chosen to visit the Swan Lake Wedding Boutique.  Although it is quite posh and will meet her all of her fashion needs, it is also small enough to get the very private personal attention she desires.

10-23-17_12-00-20 PM10-23-17_12-00-21 PM

After a quick check in the girls grab a quick cup of coffee on the veranda while they wait for the dressing rooms to be made ready.

They have been pursuing the internet for a couple of weeks and are very anxious to see the dresses that they ordered.

10-23-17_12-00-22 PM10-23-17_12-00-23 PM10-23-17_12-00-24 PM

The moms were the first up (Paola arrived during coffee).

All gold and glam, they were a vision.  The dresses would be a perfect compliment to the blue tuxedos that their husbands would wear.

The moms had struggled to find just the right look.  Stunning, YES, but NOT upstaging the bride of course!

10-23-17_12-05-09 PM

The sisters were next.  There had been a good amount of debate over this one but in the end, only a Rusty Creation would do!

Snow thought they looked like angels, her beautiful girls!

10-23-17_12-05-10 PM

Before we get to the bridal gown selection lets go back a few hours to earlier that afternoon.

While the dressing room attendants were assisting her sisters with dressing and fetching various bridesmaid dresses,  she asked her mother to go for a little walk.

Rose wanted a private moment to share something very personal with her mother.

“Mum,” she began, “I have been doing a lot of thinking and I have decided that I wish to pay you a special homage and wear a dress like the one you wore when you married Daddy the first time. ”

10-30-17_1-45-01 AM

Snow’s thoughts flew back in time … to a long-gone day when she stood across from her beloved and vowed to be his wife.

Her heart recalled with great fondness the shimmering red satin gown that had been chosen for her.

Tears welled as she looked into the sweet face of her darling girl, “I can think of NO greater tribute than that my dear daughter!  You will be a stunning bride”

01-03-16_12-59-19 a AM

Each look was stunning INDEED ….

10-23-17_12-05-20 PM10-23-17_12-07-25 PM10-23-17_12-10-11 PM10-23-17_12-14-58 PM10-23-17_12-17-25 PM

and in the end, a final decision was not made.

So, my venerate readers, I am asking you to choose the look you think Rose Red should wear when she walks down the aisle to meet her cherished Bruno.

(The poll is at the bottom of this blog along with larger pictures of the looks.)

bridal gown rose red vote collage


It was tea time and all that shopping had them just famished!

It was a good thing that Snow had made reservations for tea at a darling little bakery nearby.

The girls were deep into conversations about bouquets, cakes and wedding music when Rose Red spotted something (someone) outside the cafe windows.

She leaned into Rose White and whispered …

10-29-17_1-20-53 PM

“I think the boys are outside.  How on earth did they find us?”

Rose White gave a small grin and hurried out to greet them.

10-29-17_1-25-17 PM

As she was giving Mike a proper little peck on the cheek she caught a glimpse of Alfonso (Bruno’s Dad) ascending the stair.

“I … I … uhhh … needed a cup of coffee … I did not know you all were here,” he fibbed (rather badly).

10-29-17_1-26-12 PM

By the time they saw Prince headed up the path they knew the girl party was over.

10-29-17_1-33-30 PM

HMMM I wonder how Prince knew where they were?  Snow?  Do have any idea?

10-29-17_1-35-12 PM

More “hmmm” .. well at least they are behaving … but I don’t know about all this! 

10-29-17_1-49-37 PM10-29-17_1-50-05 PM

Keep scrolling for the Bridal Gown poll …

First the results of the finished polls for Mother of the bride and groom and Bridesmaids… 

mother collage

LOL this one was a shootout until the end when #3 gained 7 meager votes on #1 

RR bridesmaid dress poll collage

The poll

Larger pic of the bridal looks …

10-25-17_1-13-57 AM10-25-17_1-15-22 AM10-25-17_1-16-03 AM10-25-17_1-17-47 AM10-25-17_1-18-54 AM

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Winning dresses: 

If you would like info on the other dresses just drop me a comment here  🙂

Cannot forget the FAB …

Autumn mod

46 thoughts on “An Era of Charming Tales: (Bruno and Rose Red) Shopping

  1. ~ Wow, that was a whirl wind day of dress shopping, amazing! ♥
    ~ And I just wonder who could have let the cat out of the bag,& told were they all were!Hmmm!
    ~ Lovely up date as always! ♥

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I want to be in the lottery to attend the wedding. I sort of have my own Sims 4 Sim. I recently created her, BUT she doesn’t really look like me. If I win, Lisa, you can MOST DEFINITELY recreate me in Sims 4. I’ll just give you my Aspiration (currently) and the three attributes.

    Loved the update, look forward to the wedding. Also LOVED the pictures of all the couples. This story is so rich with love of family, romantic love, and love around that it “warms the cockles of my heart” (Sims 3 quote). You, Milady, are a “New York bestseller” in the Sims community. Keep it up! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good job, by the way, on the page breaks. Makes the transitioning between what’s going on and what’s coming up very nice. Even though I recommended it, you pull it off WAY better than I do when I get that tip on things I write. Such talent!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh Lisa, taking the time to read your funny little scribblings is exactly what I need to look away from how busy this world is. 🙂
    And, I would LOVE to attend their wedding! 😀
    Everytime I look at Rosie, my god is she white! She truly is Snow White’s daughter 😮
    I do hope to seee Aster grow up into a fine young man. More adventures to come!
    Choosing this dress is much harder than the others!
    And all those people, spying on them. Leave them alone!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rosie is definitely her mother‘s mini me! I know the dress thing is difficult. I could not do it I have a couple of ones that I liked a little bit better but still they were also beautiful! And so far you are the only want to catch my spies!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Well thanks for your vote anyway ❤️. It’s a pretty rough battle been really tied up since the very beginning with only poor ole number 5 bringing up the rear. Right now I have a two-way tie for First and second with third only one vote behind.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Ty 😊. You are not alone. This thing has been tied up since the beginning of the vote … at first it was a four way tie And you have a brought it to one point away from a three-way tie LOL this is crazy. With nearly 50 votes what are the odds of this happening

      Liked by 1 person

  4. My choices
    3 for Rose
    B for Snow
    A for Paola

    but no matter what dresses they are wearing the wedding will be awesome.

    Ha and Bella Goth is awesome in this game really . I like her a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Indeed ! She is she cared of Tessie when she went too much tired but Tessie hates her. She tried her best. Tessie is a hard baby vampire .

        Liked by 1 person

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