An Era of Charming Tales: (Mike & Rose White) A Little Gift

(I know I am supposed to be working on Bruno and Rose Red’s wedding … after all the guests are already here!  But I could not resist this one little distraction.)

Mike’s neighbors, the Andersons, were in quite a dither.  Their big old goofy dog, Ben Ben was barking like mad.  He could hear Hugh attempting to calm the beast while Agnes was exclaiming loudly over something.

He thought perhaps he should go check on them.  Maybe he could be of help with whatever was causing the commotion.   

11-11-17_3-44-50 AM

Mike smiled, waved and spoke loudly thru the din, “Hello Agnes.”  Then with a nod to the elderly gentleman,  “Good afternoon Hugh.  How are you two today?  Is there something wrong?  I heard Ben Ben and was worried”

“Oh Mike,” Agnes sighed, “Ben Ben found this stray kitty and he loves it so!  He is unhappy that I have had to separate them.”

11-11-17_3-44-55 AM

Mike took the kitten from the distraught woman, as she continued, “We have to take it to the shelter.  I would love to keep the sweet thing but our home is not big enough for two pets. We simply have no choice”

11-11-17_3-44-56 AM

Mike held the kitten and looked at her.  Her bright blue eyes captivated him and reminded him of some other beautiful blue eyes … eyes that he loved so very much.

As he snuggled the sweet kitten an idea occurred to him!

11-11-17_3-48-09 AM

“Such a sweet little princess you are!”  Mike laughed as the kitten licked his nose.  “I know just the place that you belong!”

Mike turned to Agnes and Hugh, “Please allow me to take this little Princess.  I will ensure she has the finest home any kit could ever wish for.”

11-11-17_3-48-10 AM

Agnes and Hugh looked at each other with relief, they could not have hoped for a better solution.

Agnes tearfully declared, “Oh Mike, Thank you so much.  I tell you the truth my heart was breaking at the thought of that sweet baby being in a shelter!  You have made us so very happy”

Mike patted Ben Ben as he departed with Princess.  “Don’t worry old man!  I will bring her around to visit you sometime.”  Ben Ben wagged his tail in agreement.

11-11-17_3-49-29 AM


Before anything else,  she needed a bath.  Her time on the street had left soft white downy fur grimy mess.  Taking her home to clean her up was the first thing he needed to get done.

“Oh, precious you smell so much better after your bath!  You were such a stinky little kitty.”

10-14-17_1-09-04 AM

“Now, my lovely little Princess, we will need to get you a checkup.”

Off they went to visit Dr. Chang at the Bayside Veterinary clinic.

11-11-17_3-52-33 AM


Dr. Chang gave Princess a complete checkup and he ensured that she got all the immunizations need for a kit her age.

Dr. Chang reported to Mike, “She is in perfect health and shows no sign of physical harm from her homelessness.  With tender loving care, she will live a long good life.”

Handing Mike a sheet of paper he said, “Here is a list of supplies you will need to obtain as a new pet owner and instructions on feeding her.”

11-11-17_3-59-13 AM

Shaking his head, Mike looked at the list, he had no idea such a small kit needed so much stuff!

Picking the fluffy furry kit up, Mike said to her,  “Are you ready to do some shopping, little Princess?”  With a blink of her clear blue eyes, Princess purred her response.  Mike laughed, “Well then let’s go.”

First nutritious and healthy treats from the clinic office were exactly what the doctor ordered.

11-11-17_4-00-33 AM


“This looks like a lovely place doesn’t it?”

10-14-17_1-09-05 AM

Mike shuddered!  He did not even want to think about this one.

He explained to the kitten, “I am not sure pink will make this job any easier but ok, pink it is!”

10-14-17_1-09-06 AM

“Of course you can get a pink Sparkly one!”

10-14-17_1-09-08 AM

More pink … pink  … pink … pink everywhere.

“Ahh well, you ARE a dear little princess.”

10-14-17_1-09-07 AM

“Now you stay here and play while I go look at some books that will teach us how to properly care for you.”

11-14-17_1-03-42 AM10-14-17_1-09-09 AM

“Right where I left you!  Such a good girl!”

11-14-17_1-01-02 AM


“Good day Brenna,” Mike called out, “how are things on the FurBall Farm?”

Waving cheerily, Brenna exclaimed, “Hellooo Mike!  Everyone is well, Thank you!  Who do you have there?”

“This is Princess, she is a stray, umn no WAS a stray.   Agnes found her.  Well, actually Ben Ben found her.  I stopped by to get some of your wonderful catnip.”

Brenna laughed, “That sounds like good old Ben Ben!  He is a wonderful dog.”  Then she placed some choice blossoms in a small bag.  “No charge for that this time Mike.  You come see me anytime and do bring the Princess along.”  Mike was not sure which princess she meant.

11-14-17_12-52-56 AM


Rose looked up from her study book and saw Mike enter.  Rising she declared, “Mike darling, what a lovely surprise!  I was not expecting you today.  What brings you by, sweetheart?”

Mike was having trouble containing himself.  With a big smile, he said, “I brought you a little gift.”

11-11-17_4-25-45 AM

“A gift.” cried Rose.  “Is it as mysterious as the last gift you brought me?”

Mike shook his head with a laugh, “NO … just open it, my angel.”

11-11-17_4-30-16 AM

Rose could not believe her eyes.  There, in the package,  was the sweetest little blue-eyed kitten she had ever seen.

“I have named her Princess after you my love.  She has all of her shots and I got her a complete checkup at the vet this afternoon. She is healthy and purrrrfect,”  he said, beaming proudly at his pun!  “I bought her everything she will need to be happy and healthy.”

Princess turned her little face and looked adoringly into Rose’s bright blue eyes.  It was love at first sight!

Rose whispered with a quiet laugh, “Now, little Princess, we will all live happily ever after if you remember just ONE THING … with HIM I am number one and you are number two!”

11-11-17_4-36-19 AM11-11-17_4-37-11 AM11-11-17_4-40-19 AM11-11-17_4-40-46 AM

“OH Mike!  You are such a dear!”

11-11-17_4-41-23 AM


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35 thoughts on “An Era of Charming Tales: (Mike & Rose White) A Little Gift

  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I may have turned from obsessive Mike fan to being in love….JUST KIDDING, ROSE!!! He’s all yours!

    That kitten is adorable! I love cats. In fact, we have a cat and he’s a weirdo, but so loved. Rose, Mike, and a kitten…perfect!

    I’m about to get Cats and Dogs expansion here soon. Thought about it long and hard as, honestly, Sims 4 is boring to me. I’m almost never bored, and Sims 4 has “breached” that for me. Cats and Dogs should be fun, and still keeping an eye out for Seasons and University.
    I’m excited to have my cat in Sims 4, though. This update has turned my anticipation into inspiration now….what did I saw about admiring you? You’re inspirational, too.

    Great update! Thank you, Lisa. ❤

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  2. Such a lovely chapter to celebrate C&D! ♥♥♥ The kitten was really cuteand I loved the nr. 1 sentence, it was priceless! I wish so very much I could already get my fingers on C&D but I know that, if I start, I won’t stop for a long time… so, Ifeel MUST end my Halloween story … today, I hope… after … Brindelton Bayy, I’m coming!!! ♥♥♥

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Almost a year since C&D’s release and I’ve had my fair share of sorrow with cats and the Friend of the Animals aspiration. :/
    Bbbbuuuttt, I loved how you showed us a new even softer side of Mike (was it possible?).
    And, of course, Brennachan!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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