An Era of Charming Tales: (Bruno and Rose Red) Wedding Guests

The wedding of Bruno and Rose Red was set to be a quiet family affair.  Prince is a King with his people foremost in his heart.  He was concerned that they might be disappointed with this decision.  He wanted the citizens of Windenburg to feel apart of the festivities.  He, together with Bruno and Rose Red, came up with a plan to solve this dilemma.

An invitation would go out to the kingdom inviting any who wished to attend a chance to do so.  A selection by lottery would choose seven to attend.   Those selected would represent the citizens of the kingdom and relate back accounts of the family affair.

The idea was met with approval from the populous and many were eager to enter.

The draw was made and seven lucky ladies were chosen to be the King and Queen’s personal guests of honor at the wedding.

When the day finally arrived the winners converged on the royal lake house as directed.  Barb, Brenda, CathyTea, Charlii-Mai, Diana, Jennifer, and Salome were all excitedly meeting one another when Prince arrived.

He hurried out to meet the ladies of the realm who had been chosen to attend.

Inviting them in, he extended an invitation for them to “make themselves at home.”

11-08-17_5-22-40 PM

Without a moment’s hesitation, they did just that!  Chatting and laughing, they checked out their new digs.  The beach house was lovely and well appointed.  This was going to be fun.

11-08-17_5-31-41 PM

Prince spent a bit of time briefing the ladies on the weekend events.

He let them know that Snow would be by in a bit to take them out on a walking tour of her favorite places in downtown Windenburg.

He reiterated his urging for them to “be at home” here and offered himself, personally, to be available to meet whatever needs might arise.

11-08-17_5-43-44 PM

After meeting the ladies, Prince was convinced that the seven dearest and sweetest ladies in all the land had won!

The ladies needed no convincing that they had the dearest King!

11-08-17_5-43-45 PM

Barb was in her swimsuit in a flash.  She had peeked at the pool area and could not wait to dive in!

She called out, “Anyone up for a swim?”

11-08-17_6-02-18 PM11-08-17_6-02-19 PM

Nope, no takers.  The others preferred a quieter time chatting by the TV.

11-08-17_6-05-32 PM

It has been a long trip and the first place Charlii-Mai heads is to the teapot to make a spot of tea!

11-08-17_5-32-17 PM

“Give me the tea and NO one gets hurt!”

11-08-17_5-32-18 PM

Drawn in by the delectable aroma of a rich amber colored Earl Grey … Prince is not far behind her pouring his own cup of steaming delight.   MMM, I am with them!

11-08-17_5-43-43 PM

CathyTea is feeling a bit peckish and knowing that the other ladies might be feeling the same, jumps up to prepare a light lunch for all.

11-08-17_6-03-31 PM

As promised, later that afternoon Snow arrived to take the ladies downtown.

A beaming Queen Snow led them from place to place, relating the colorful history of each.  The sights in the city center were breath-taking.  Their hearts swelled as they looked at their majestic kingdom thru Snow’s eyes.

11-15-17_3-29-36 AM11-15-17_3-29-37 AM11-15-17_3-29-38 AM11-15-17_3-29-39 AM

The last stop is at a sweet little fair set up in a small waterfront park.

“Ladies, we have a couple of hours to enjoy the facilities.  Be sure to stop and watch the sunset.  This is the prettiest spot in all of Windenburg for that.” Snow explained to her companions.

11-15-17_3-29-40 AM


Now, who was surprised that CathyTea headed straight to the musty old book peddler? Not me!

11-15-17_3-32-33 AM11-15-17_3-38-09 AM11-15-17_3-41-04 AM11-15-17_3-44-09 AM

Again, it was Cathytea to the meal rescue.  It was still quite a while until dinner that evening and she knows it is not seemingly to show up for a fancy dinner party with a raging appetite.

11-15-17_3-48-07 AM

The ladies are grateful for her delectable maple and cardamon fruit kababs!

‘Thank you CathyTea.” Barb purred with her lovely Texas drawl, “What a delightful way to take the edge off.  It is delish and I simply must get your recipe.”

11-15-17_3-48-08 AM

Later that evening Snow and Rose White inspect the facilities where the rehearsal dinner party will be held.  Everything perfectly in its place!  The guests would arrive soon.

11-20-17_2-21-11 AM11-20-17_2-21-12 AM

The caterers have outdone themselves.  The food looks divine and an abundance of  Prince’s fine wine stands at the ready!  Rose fights the temptation to sneak just a nibble.

11-20-17_2-22-02 AM

The guests begin to arrive.

11-20-17_2-23-06 AM

The perfect picture of gracious hospitality, Rose Red and Bruno personally greet those who enter.

11-20-17_2-48-17 AM

When all have arrived they “greet” one another too!

11-20-17_2-48-25 AM

Dinner is served and all partake eagerly of the spread set out before them.

Charlii-mai and Prince connect with cheerful banter.

11-20-17_3-00-22 AM

Cassandra Goth looks like she is fast becoming a bomb-shell like her momma.

11-20-17_3-00-26 AM

Firsts, seconds, thirds … all ate till MORE than satisfied.

11-20-17_3-09-27 AM

Wishing to get the party started, Lily grabbed Alexander and Bella and headed out to the dance floor.

11-20-17_3-13-15 AM

Soon the party was hopping!

11-20-17_3-13-17 AM11-20-17_4-10-17 AM

All of a sudden Brenda realized that one of them was missing.  Where was Jennifer?  None of the ladies nor the princesses know.

11-20-17_3-13-26 AM

A quick search found her attending the bar.  The inconsiderate hired staff had abandoned their post.  Not wishing for their hosts to be embarrassed by the void, Jennifer had quickly swapped her lovely frock for some more suitable clothing and jumped in to serve.

Prince and Snow were quite touched by her kindness (finding the errant staff they corrected the issue and Jennifer got back to the party)!  It turns out she makes a pretty mean mixed drink!

11-20-17_3-13-27 AM

CathyTea has spent much of the evening chatting with Bruno’s father, Alfonso.  She finds their family story so fascinating.  Shhh, I think she is trying to get book rights to it. 

11-20-17_3-53-50 AM11-20-17_3-53-51 AM

The party is drawing to an end and there is still some yummy dessert left.  A few guests are feeling a need for a “top off” before they head home.  It would be a shame to waste it!

11-20-17_3-53-49 AM11-20-17_3-53-65 AM

Do we spy a couple of lovebirds?   They both seem to be enjoying their “snack!”

11-20-17_4-02-25 AM

This really happened … I instructed Violet to go make a bonfire for a bit of dancing. 

I was like WHAT??

11-20-17_4-17-36 AM11-20-17_4-19-52 AM

I thought UH OH .. Prince is coming out to shut it down (he had Jack in his thought bubble).

11-20-17_4-24-48 AM

BUT NOPE he turned right around and left!  Maybe she won’t be a nun after all. 

11-20-17_4-25-30 AM

I know Jack fans are happy … you can thank EA and their lot traits LOL

NO this was not my intention for Jack in the story.  Guess it might be time to go make a few adjustments to the storyboard. 

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Wedding guests:

Readers Thank you gift winners.   I acknowledge and thank all who entered.  Because it was met so with so much interest I decided that we would change up the plan and add seven winners 🙂   I am thankful to you all for your love and support to this story ❤

Thank you so much to the following simmers who freely loaned me their likenesses to “abuse” in story as I saw fit.  I am honored to have you all as guests and look forward to the wedding “tomorrow.”

Meet the ladies ❤ 

Barb Turley .. ❤ her Murky story @ the Tree Family Returns Home or Barb in Murkland


Brenda McBride .. ❤ one of the most supportive simmers a Simlit blog can have.  She is a very precious friend to me!   ❤


CathyTea .. an icon in the simlit community!  I love her work esp  Septemus, My Son . She also founded a marvelous “little” thread on the EA forum Writer’s Lounge for all Games .  If you are a Simlit author I encourage you to visit her there.


Charlii-Mai .. I can say without reservation that Charlii-Mai  is one of my TOP FAV writers.  I adore everything she puts out!  I was gaga over Gold and now has teamed up with CathyTea (and others)  to do a “crossover/collab in the Alien Adoption Challenge story” Letters from MyselfGo get a cup of tea and treat yourself to a read!

charli maii

Diana Poell-Roijen (Anchesenamon) – If you are looking for a FAB builder you need look no further than Anchesenamon.  She has a gallery full of wonderful builds.  I have featured her builds many times in story!  FBers give her page a like .. you will not be sad!  

Anchesenamon Sims


Jennifer Lang  (MapleSimmer)   Not only is Jennifer one of the most supportive readers for the blogs she follows and admins a wonderful FB Sims group,  she is also a very active youtube LP artist.   My FAV is her  Asylum Challenge .  She just started  Family Life with Pets and it is quite adorable.


Salome (Voguishstorm)  With nearly 3 years of experience in simlit writing, Salome brings a wealth of experience and skill to the table when she updates her wonderful blog Moonwisp ChroniclesThis is a binger’s delight .. full of beautiful shots and an engaging story built around an Alphabetcy challenge.  You will need more tea!


FAB builds!

cathedralfairmellys beach housewind town

swim bad

lovers bridge

49 thoughts on “An Era of Charming Tales: (Bruno and Rose Red) Wedding Guests

  1. Oh Violet! She found her own way to happiness 😀 Did not allow Admin Lisa to decide. Hahaha! ❤

    Earl Grey is my fave tea, next is chamomile. ❤

    Lovely crowd and story as always. Dining area and foood YUMM!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes .. there was no one more surprised than I lol (psst .. I think you got the book deal LOL) Your character literally went to the bookshop by herself .. and Charii made tea without prompting both times .. how strange this game is!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. All that talk of food has me hungry! I love the ending, though. I’m so glad Jack found himself a princess after all. Guess him and Mike will be having double dates in the future! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a party ! Cathy-tea seems a gourmet cooker and she is one of the little hero of the day for food because everybody out on tv etc.

    Charlii-Mai and Prince seems to enjoy the same tea tastes.

    Violet and Jack what a couple really their look is similar they fit together !!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Finally I am not silly ! I sometimes has strange coincidence with the real me and my simself in every sims game and I found that creepy. But in fact it’s not.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I can’t explain except telling you the Sims are connected with our brain or our souls and self adapted. A sci-fi technology for now but who don’t tell you it’s real? That’s all the explanation I myself find.

        And creepy more when you play your simself and some of your sims in different game you’ll see how much they still connected. I am sometimes creepy to play Jason and miss V because in all game they are strongly connected.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. So fun to spot a few familiar simselves from Murkland and to meet those of simmers who are familiar to me on WordPress or Youtube! Brilliant idea to add them as wedding guests!
    Oh Jack! I’m so happy to see him again and ecstatic that he’s wormed himself back into the narrative!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m still trying to find out how it will work because I’m upgrading and will end up with my own domain name. I am woefully inexperienced with WordPress and don’t quite know what’s going to happen

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      2. I remember Kymber (Noble Dynasty) moving from WordPress last year. I forgot what she did but I do remember that I continued to receive update notices without doing anything on my own. Good luck!

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