An Era of Charming Tales: (Mike and Rose) Rose’s Delight

The day after the wedding Mike and Rose headed back to the Chalet to finish packing for their honeymoon trip.

Upon arrival, Rose seemed very unsteady on her feet.  Mike caught her up as she appeared faint. “Bella, are you ok?”

“Yeah honey, I just feel a little light-headed is all.  I think I just need some coffee.  I will be fine.”

Mike reluctantly agreed, “Ok, you get your coffee and then we will pack.”

02-03-18_2-04-21 PM02-03-18_2-04-22 PM02-03-18_2-12-58 PM

“No coffee for you!  Drink this tea and get into bed.  You need to rest.”  A very concerned Mike was being firm with the balking princess!

Rose was in near tears, “But the trip, Mike, we leave in 3 hours.”

Mike was not hearing it!   “I will call and reschedule our reservations.  Don’t worry my love, I will take care of it.”  Then he softly added, “And I will take care of you too my angel. Now lay down and rest.”

She was feeling terrible about causing a delay in the plans Mike had so carefully planned, but she was too ill to fight it so Rose relented and lay down to recover from whatever was ailing her.

Mike tended to her needs all day, bringing her tea and medicine.  He prepared a nice chicken noodle soup for dinner and tucked her into bed to sleep for the night.

“Rest and get better my love,” he said as he gave her a peck on her warm forehead.  “Good night now.”

02-03-18_3-37-07 PM

By the time he had finished making new travel arrangements and seeing to his ailing wife, Mike was exhausted himself.

02-03-18_3-37-08 PM

Whatever had Rose down the day before was out of her system by the next day.  They had most of the day to kill.  Mike was hungry, he wanted to head downtown for coffee and grab some lunch.

I am not sure Rose had the same thing on her mind but off they went.

02-03-18_11-53-15 PM

Nice little coffee shop.  A little sweet and a little chat … no?

02-04-18_12-09-32 AM

I think Rose got her wish!

(Autor’s note:  I did not put them in those ugly PJs AND I did not direct them to the closet. YEAH!)

02-04-18_12-14-56 AM

After they worked up quite an appetite they stopped for a bite at the street food vendors.  Rose had a craving for some spicy ramen.

As  Mike ordered their food he heard a little voice beside him, “Hi Mr. Mike.”

Mike looked down and grinned at the little happy face turned up at him, “Well hello there.  What is your name?”

“My name is Stephen.  I watched your wedding on TV.  Mom let me stay up for the whole thing.  Mom thinks you are very handsome.  She loves Princess Rose so much and I think she is beautiful.”

“Well that is two of us,” Mike laughed.

“Mom cried and said she was glad you would be King and Queen when I was grown.”

Mike could feel the color rise up his neck as he looked in those adoring eyes, “You will have to tell her thank you for me and,” looking over at Rose, “tell her that we promise to do our best so that when you grow up there will still be prosperous times in Windenburg.”

The boy beamed, his eyes glowed with admiration for the man standing there.

A young girl called out in an exasperated voice, “Stephen, what are you doing?  Come over here now.”

“That is my big sister.  She gets embarrassed easily.”  Both fellas chuckled and with a wave goodbye Stephen trotted off to join his sis.

From the table Rose looked on, her heart warmed by the sight of Mike chatting with the small boy.  Like her own father, he was going to be a phenomenal dad.

02-04-18_12-25-45 AM02-04-18_12-29-36 AM

Back at the chalet, there was still a bit of time to kill.  Rose recommend a bit of relaxation in the hot tub.

02-04-18_12-29-37 AM

Relaxation?  OK .. I guess .. sure.

02-04-18_12-29-38 AM02-04-18_12-29-39 AM02-04-18_12-29-40 AM02-04-18_12-29-41 AM02-04-18_12-29-42 AM

UMMM Maybe we will just wait out here for a bit ….

02-04-18_12-29-43 AM

Three woohoos later and what does Mike want to do and what does Rose want to do …

02-04-18_12-29-45 AM

Mike sits down to relax with a movie AND Rose steps in front of the tv.

Rose is like UH BOY I am your TV now!   (I swear to you I did NOT set this up).

02-04-18_12-29-48 AM

Rose cannot procrastinate the packing any longer, it is time!  She likes going but she does not like packing to go.

02-05-18_3-15-23 AM02-05-18_3-15-24 AM02-05-18_3-15-25 AM02-05-18_3-15-41 AM02-05-18_3-23-19 AM

First stop, Rome!  The famous Trevi Fountain.

The trek begins with a quick coffee stop to ward off jet lag.

02-05-18_3-23-20 AM02-05-18_3-23-22 AM02-05-18_3-23-24 AM

(Mike is always smiling .. I wonder why)

02-05-18_3-23-25 AM

Rose was stunned by the fountain’s beauty.  As she stood lost in contemplation Mike came up behind her and he slipped his arms around her waist.  He paused momentarily just to breathe in her scent, amber soap and hairspray, it was a delight his senses.

Drawing her in more closely, he whispered, “Ciao mia bella Rosa … ti amo.”

02-05-18_3-41-35 AM02-05-18_3-41-36 AM02-05-18_3-41-40 AM02-05-18_3-41-41 AM02-05-18_3-41-37 AM02-05-18_3-55-07 AM


02-05-18_3-59-41 AM02-05-18_4-01-31 AM


The concierge recommended Giardino Fresco, a lovely traditional appearing restaurant that had an avant garde menu.

02-05-18_4-15-50 AM

To warm the evening up a very fine imported wine.  It was from the private winery of King Charming himself.  Rose had to giggle, come all this way just to drink daddy’s wine.

02-05-18_4-23-11 AM

After they are seated the waiter arrived.  UGH, don’t they have some sort of “don’t hire creepsters” policy in this place!

02-05-18_4-36-34 AM

It was an exciting dish .. Brisket with sour clover saute … mmm it smelled divine!

02-05-18_4-39-41 AM

So beautiful that they had to post it to simstagram.

02-05-18_4-40-46 AM

A delight to look at and delicious to smell does not necessarily translate to tasting good.

02-05-18_4-42-53 AM02-05-18_4-44-11 AM

Despite the “interesting” meal,  the night was pleasant and the fun was NOT over … nope Rose has plans!

02-06-18_1-03-43 AM

I think we will just wait out here in the hall ok?  Getting kind of used to it by now!

02-06-18_1-04-24 AM

Goodnight dear little love birds!

02-06-18_1-06-10 AM


02-02-18_8-34-11 PM02-02-18_10-17-59 PMa02-02-18_10-18-45 PMa02-02-18_10-19-29 PMa02-02-18_10-23-49 PM02-02-18_10-27-26 PM02-02-18_10-32-03 PMa02-02-18_10-37-31 PM02-02-18_10-37-32 PM02-02-18_10-42-37 PM02-02-18_10-43-50 PM02-02-18_10-43-52 PMa02-02-18_10-43-53 PMa02-02-18_10-46-18 PMa02-02-18_10-46-19 PMa02-02-18_11-29-49 PM02-03-18_2-35-11 AM

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An Era of Charming Tales: (current) Table of Contents

**~~~ Credits ~~~**

Kiss poses   Kisses by Joanne Bernice

Alien Costume  Cravena alien angel costume Jom Sims Creations

Apple pie dimples packing up

Neutral supply limo rendezvous


I waited over 1 year to use this GORGEOUS build by Simoniona (more from her as the honeymoon continues) .. it did not disappoint


Was very excited to find this “new” to me builder in a FB group 🙂


alien paradisealine marsh

The always lovely HatsyYT

giardino fresco

Another new to me .. stumbled upon in the gallery .. Scheinhelig1603

troop ship

TY to canadiansimmer77 for the wonderful wedding presents .. she did custom pics of the photo shoot from the wedding blog .. TY Abs

02-03-18_4-45-58 PM


38 thoughts on “An Era of Charming Tales: (Mike and Rose) Rose’s Delight

  1. Mike! What’s up with you dude! You can be so romantic one second and such as guy the next. Glad she stood right in front of that TV. You go Rose!

    That alien was awesome….absolutely stunning. But what does it mean? Hmmm.


  2. The shot of Mike stretched out on the sofa, NICE! Plain to see that Mike is not going to get any rest during the honeymoon, lol. The fountain is beautiful, your pics were gorgeous and so romantic! The Alien Angel was lovely! I wonder what had the alien and Rosie so sad? A winner once again, with the fabulous builds and beautiful shots! Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He is a tad dreamy isn’t he? Bringing the sad story to life is going to be one of my bigger challenges ❤ .. i muse on it all day long LOL it could be great or it could BOMB


  3. Funny update. I got a kick at how many times Rose looked at Mike as if she was saying, “Your job’s not done yet, we have work to do!” My goodness, I don’t know if EA realized the “cray cray” that would happen when they integrated emotions into their Sims’ game. Too funny.

    At first, I thought Rose was pregnant, then thought about it…maybe their honeymoon hadn’t started yet…if you get my drift…so that wasn’t possible. Being that both are ill is weird, though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The whole thing with Mike and Rose has me constantly rolling .. THEY are doing that not me .. the sweet poses are me but the crazy stuff like photograph their food and woohoo in a random closet downtown LOL .. I am just lucky enough to get it shot (I do miss some great stuff tho)


  4. Wonderful chapter dear Lisa!! I do love that they seem to be so into each other, especially as you are not inciting it all 😉 I can’t help but wonder what the Alien had to say to our Rosie….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. TY so much for reading too .. and I am crawling along ever so slowly to Bruno and Rosie’s story .. hold on to it for over a YEAR now … it has evolved a bit but still anxious to get under way


  5. At the rate these two are going, I think Rose will find out really soon how good a dad Mike will be! I predict the next generation of Charming’s are on their way already, haha. Anyway, that ending has me all kinds of curious! Hmm, poor Rosie. What kind of trouble is ahead of her now!?

    Liked by 1 person

  6. The fallen Angel was so friendly with Red but that’s a good start she had remembering.
    Héhé Mike and Rose are very compatible together, I notice in sims 3 (I don’t know well sims 4) when a couple is compatible they are easily romantically interacts. That’s so much easy for them.


  7. What a great chapter. I had to laugh when I saw the pic from the restaurant and it looks like Mike is holding his nose….like….blech! haha. Rose’s hair when they are at the fountain…what a great style, and that build is fantastic….and those are some of the best pics. Love it. Even though Rose was ill at the start of the chapter…she certainly made up for it…they were very…umm…busy *wink! The ending is very interesting…we will have to see what happens there…what went on…is she awake…sleep walking…is this the voices that she hears? Very intrigung.

    Liked by 1 person

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