Sweet interview with RosemaryMarie <3

TYSVM Kymber for featuring me.  I am so blessed by it!   click here for the interview Featured Author: An Interview with Lisabeesims

Kymber (Aka RosemaryMarie or Booomcha) is a wonderful author!  Be sure to check out her story as (if) you swing by to hear my ramblings LOL


PREVIOUS An Era of Charming Tales: (Mike and Rose) Rose’s Delight

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20 thoughts on “Sweet interview with RosemaryMarie <3

    1. OH ty .. that is so sweet .. if I can give you a synopsis of anything let me know and I think you are in a contest i am judging in forum ❤ NICE to meet you! I have not been in the contest thread much but need to get there more often.

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  1. Thank you so much, Lisa, for your kind words and also for allowing me the opportunity to interview you! I really loved your insightful answers and appreciate all the time you took to be thoughtful. ❤ Thank you again.

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      1. In the next part Néo came house and she was about to eat her food , she always welcome people in PJ ahaha in panty and top héhé my god she’s so shooless I am so shoo ! I will reblog the chapter(s) she’ll featured , please tell me in which which of my blogs do you think it suits?
        The regular is about her missions and about my regular gameplay.
        The bsides blog (it’s a secondary blog managed by my main account this one) are everything about other sims I play, special mission of miss V, families, collab etc using all the sims games.

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      2. I didn’t publish Néo’s visit part yet even put a word on it. I am still working on the story and I am still working on playing it but it was really cool because she’s just helped him. héhé

        Ouch I am sorry about your accident, how are you now? Take some rest. Nothing is in a hurry with me. You can read my story even in 5 years if you need.

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      3. I am dishonouring currently because my health is upside down I start a treatment for my stress Thursday it makes me ill give me d..today and yesterday I was so high even replying you was a challenge done I laughed all day . My meds are too much strong for me in only 2 takes omg ! ahahaha I have to come back to the psychiatric ahahaha.
        I hate when people use these pills for being drugs it’s awful.

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