An Era of Charming Tales: (Mike and Rose) Tuscan Dreams

WOO WOO just hit a milestone .. 30K reads for my scribbles (and about to hit another … my 2-year blogaversary on the 28th of Feb).  Thank you so much for all of your sweet support!  I will be doing a proper reader thank you/blogaversary celebration in my next post.  I have a story synopsis in the works that will  help fill in gaps for long-time readers and bring new readers into the backstory “know.”  LOL and I promise it will be an “in-a-nutshell” version.  Now on to the business at hand!


“Welcome!”  A smiling Officer Theis extended his hand to the dark-haired officer seated near the front desk.

“You must be Detective V from SanMyshuno PD.”

“Yes, sir,” the young officer returned.

“We are very glad to have you here with us at WPD.  Your Captain says you are the best!  I have known him for years, we were in the academy together, and I trust his judgment wholeheartedly!”

Detective V grinned warmly, “Thank you, sir.  I hope to live up to that expectation!”

“I have heard that you are staying in Violet Snow’s boarding house.  You will like it.  Many of our single officers reside there.  So if you are all settled in and ready to start …”

Detective V quickly interjected, “Yes, sir I am!”

02-25-18_2-06-31 AM

Officer Theis laughed, “Eager, HUH?  Well, come on then.  For the most part, you will be in plain clothes working undercover so no need for a WPD uniform.

I have assigned  Nick Amaro to be your partner.  Let’s go grab him and get you briefed.”

02-25-18_2-06-32 AM

Officer Amaro and Officer Theis waited patiently as Detective V poured over the images she was handed.

02-25-18_2-28-55 AM

Officer Theis filled her in on the details, “We do not know much about our person of interest (POI) except that they are of average height, 5’7″ and slight build.  The POI’s age, race, and gender are unknown.  We do know that he or she is physically fit because they outran Officer Domgaarde when gave pursuit after spotting the unsub near Bruno Orsini’s house.  Domgaarde keeps herself in shape, criminals rarely get away when she gives chase on foot.”

02-03-18_2-52-59 aAM02-03-18_2-55-39 AM

Officer Theis continued the briefing, “the unsub has been seen all over Windenburg at night.  Cameras picked up these images on the palace grounds.”

02-18-18_9-31-33 PM02-18-18_9-37-45 PM

“We know the unsub has some pretty strong ties to the dark underbelly of Windenburg.   This surveillance camera shot shows the POI in a clandestine meeting with criminal mastermind Evella Queen.”

02-18-18_10-08-53 PM

“Just as a quick side note, until this point, we had no idea Evella was back in town.  She is sought in connection with five counts of homicide.  She is thought to be responsible for the murders of her caretakers two years ago at Hope Psychiatric Hospital, where she was confined after kidnapping Queen Snow.

She is very dangerous and should you encounter her DO NOT approach her, wait for back up!  She is very crafty.”

10-13-16_1-02-39 AM (2)

Word on the street has it that she calls the unsub “The Weasel” and is not terribly fond the POI.

From camera footage, after her departure, we are certain that the feeling is mutual. ”

02-18-18_10-10-59 PM

“A passerby caught this shot of the Weasel near the King & Queen’s personal residence.   She called 911 but by the time we got there, the POI was gone.

02-18-18_11-10-48 PM

“The POI has been seen on surveillance cameras many times near Rose’s Chateau.”

02-18-18_11-13-13 PM02-18-18_11-14-30 PM

“So far we have not gotten word of any illegal activity outside of trespassing but I am sure you can understand our alarm.

We suspect strongly that the unsub is a minion of Evella, that is how she operates.  Evella has a strong vendetta against both Snow White and Bruno Orsini.  If she is back and involved nothing good can come of it.

I want you and Nick to meet up with King Charming to introduce yourself.  He is fully apprised of the situation but does not want his family to know, so please this is A NEED TO KNOW only!  Do not discuss this outside of the precinct.”

02-25-18_2-34-31 AM02-25-18_2-34-32 AM

Spotted a couple of friends in the cafe … Cathytea what are you doing hobnobbing with Bella Goth??  That is pretty UPTOWN!

What is up Maria?  Did Victor cut you in line?  You know he is always trying to get next to Bella.

What you can not see is that I am the barista … I guess rather than go broke buying it  I thought to become a supplier and get my “stuff” for free LOL

02-25-18_2-34-33 AM


Handsome Sherrif Galliger peeked up over his monitor, “Did you get that list of informants I sent to your phone?”  His warm smiled beamed.

Detective V was hesitant to look up into those sultry eyes.  Peering down at her phone and feigning rapt interest she murmured,  “Yes here they are?  Thank you so much.”  She prayed her hot cheeks were not too red!

“Good luck out there today Marie!”

Blinking quickly, she tried to regain her composure before speaking.  She was rarely called by her first name and it sounded so wonderful coming from that deep husky voice.

Before she could stop it her “Thank you” slipped out like a sigh, causing an even wider grin to cross Gallager’s pretty face.

“T-t-time for me to take off,” she stammered.

Rising quickly eyes down not, daring but a quick glance where her eyes collided with his.  “I will see you all later.”

(Rebels this part was written JUST for you).

02-25-18_2-37-38 AM

The residents of Windenburg can rest assured that Detective V is on the job!

02-25-18_2-40-26 AM02-25-18_2-42-11 AM02-25-18_2-44-16 AM


Meanwhile, in Tuscany, the honeymoon shenanigans continue. ❤

The young couple is enjoying their visit to the beautiful Ponte Vecchio near Florence.

02-24-18_2-47-06 AM

With a soft peck, Rose whispered, “il mio tesoro.”

02-24-18_2-47-07 AM02-24-18_2-47-43 AM02-24-18_2-47-44 AM02-24-18_2-47-45 AM02-24-18_2-47-46 AM

UH OH .. a tiny bit of trouble in paradise.  You two had best leave the board games alone and stick to romancing!

02-24-18_2-47-54 AM02-24-18_2-47-55 AM02-24-18_2-47-58 AM

“There you are my love. I have been searching for you.”

02-24-18_2-52-15 AM

“OH Mike, I am sorry for being a spoiled braaa ….”

“Shhh il mio amore!  It is I who need to be sorry.”

02-24-18_2-55-17 AM02-24-18_2-58-18 AM


02-24-18_3-09-36 AM02-24-18_3-10-09 AM02-24-18_3-17-46 AM01-24-18_2-01-51 AM01-24-18_2-01-52 AM01-24-18_2-01-53 AM01-24-18_2-01-61 AM01-24-18_2-01-63 AM02-24-18_1-31-52 AM02-24-18_1-32-25 AM02-24-18_1-32-54 AM02-24-18_1-32-56 AM02-24-18_1-36-20 AM02-24-18_1-38-48 AM02-24-18_1-39-34 AM02-24-18_1-41-03 AM02-24-18_1-41-52 AM02-24-18_1-43-47 AM02-24-18_1-43-56 AM02-24-18_1-43-57 AM02-24-18_1-43-58 AM02-24-18_2-12-24 AM

Our visit with the lovebirds ends as it began, with a small endearing peck on the cheek from Rose to her beloved!  She does cherish her man!

02-24-18_2-16-27 AM

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An Era of Charming Tales: (current) Table of Contents

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ponte vecchio

So excited to have Miss V on loan from my good friend Simsophonique

mis v

You can visit her story here Simsophonique & the Sims

This cute little build was the perfect start to the Tuscan picnic spot ❤


Poses by Sylent Whisper (I don’t think she has released these to the public yet but I will be sure to link it when she has.




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35 thoughts on “An Era of Charming Tales: (Mike and Rose) Tuscan Dreams

  1. Oh my….where to start…. The ending was so sweet. I was smiling all through it. ❤️❤️❤️ The beginning – great job on all,of those surveillance photos! Those were great. And the scene with Detective V and Sheriff Gallager was great! Who wouldn’t be drooling… haha. So many handsome boys to look at.

    Well I hope nothing bad happens to Rose…a little worried.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Héhé that’s true about her name. In my game people always called her with full name or Miss V they never called her Marie. This is something myself I hate even when my mom always calls me like this everyday as nickname, everybody I know and that’s very brooding to me even thought I say nothing. I feel my name isn’t respected . (as she has my name and my real name for reader who discovers Detective V)
        So good point in that and thank you for writting about this !

        And no worry Officer Theis she is a tomb about her cases and in Windenburg no Simnotif I hope just parazzi so she’ll be more discreet about her actions , more than in Sunset Valley that it shouts out everything. At least her chief might be header of the header Michel Arland (header of the SBI and the SVPD) and header SBI Agent Stanislas Jones and she’s a close friend to him.
        I say maybe because in she was under Stanislas’ wings in the A Day at SVPD bsides as Jason told her he’s one of the most experimented agent of the Sunset Valley and beyond. (with him)
        Everybody says in SV she’s the most respectful and she never mock or spread the cases she’s working on and Vallerians appreciate that even the Néfastes.

        May her mission won’t failed if so she’ll be seriously hurt by Michel Arland who hates her because Jason is her Guardian and Soulmate. Jason divorced from a forced arranged wedding.


    1. No Miss V never drooling over boys because in the sims 4 version I rarely play with she’s cold she is always in horror when she sees somebody kissing or cuddling in front of her and in the sims 3 version I always play she is just attracted but she’s an asexual without the traits.
      However she might think they are beautiful sure asthetically spoken.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Yes as all asexual (in the large spectrum) she appreciates the Beauty of people not in the sexual way just if she says somebody is beautiful that’s never because she got butterflies in her tummy she never feel that , that’s because this person is aesthetically beautiful that how she feel “attraction”.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Windenburg is a city of love … after all Prince and snow are the king and queen of love … and now with Mike and Rose 🌹 … miss v will be fine when she returns to Sunset Valley … besides she is so focused on the job there is no fear of anything besides finding her poi

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I trust you Lisa because you know my story and you know her so well there is no reason to cheat on who she is. Except she could fear of lovers haha or compliments. Jeez she received the compliment of Dylan yesterday I am working on my next part and it’ll be a bit long.
        and hopefully womanizers too because in my story there is Damien and Scott they are lovers and they like a lot her because they are friendly a lot.
        In my ts4 last time she has a strange attitude because a townie looked at her very oddily ahaha. I was LMAO because it’s so me too.

        However your readers doesn’t know at all my story even Miss V at all I am not a popular simlit author I am a very small one. So they could imagine a flirt or a small date with her colleague. I just warm them this isn’t an option and this is not the goal of your story for her too.
        maybe the lack of romance make new readers escape but I don’t care of ahaha. I don’t feel confortable to play with romance a lot.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Hmmm, so Detective Theis is fully aware that Evella is up to her old tricks and he has done a great job tracking her new minion! Great use of picks as evidence. Ahh, Tuscany is so romantic. The picnic poses and shots were gorgeous.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mike and Rose are so perfect for one another and a beautiful couple. Are those pictures of a shirtless Mike for us Cray Cray Mike lovers? Haha!

    Great update. However, I am not one for drama. Not too thrilled for the Evil Queen to back in the story. Oh well. I hope nothing happens to any member of the Charming family, especially Rose and Mike.

    Liked by 1 person

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