An Era of Charming Tales: Exiled (Bruno & Rose Red) Magenta

“Young lady! Where have you been?”

Molly was surprised to see a fully dressed Mama, Papa, and Caiden greet her at the door when she walked in from her bluffs meet up with Aster.

“I got a text from Aster.  He wanted to meet up to say goodbye.”

“You said goodbye at dinner,” Papa groused.

“Oh Papa,”  Mama chided playfully.  The twinkle in her eye softened him a bit.

“We were worried is all.”  He tried to sound gruff, “That crazy weasel running amok out there.  You two could have been hurt!”  Then he added with an afterthought,  “OR worse!”

Molly looked to her brother for support but Caiden was avoiding her eye contact.  He wanted no part of this trouble.

Papa continued to look stern but Mama never could stay mad at her dear little Molly.

“Molly, darling, you run upstairs and put your travel clothing on.”

Molly gave Mama a confused look, “I thought we were leaving in the am?  At dawn.”

“Papa and I decided we would like to get Windenburg a few hours behind us while it is still dark.  Besides you children are much more energetic at night than in the morning.”

Agreeing with a laugh Molly bounded up the stairs to change her clothing,

“And hide that hair under a hat or something,”  Mama called  after her, “We are already way too memorable.”

03-15-18_2-18-00 AM

Less than thirty minutes later, under cover of darkness, the Orsini family set their face to the long journey ahead of them.

03-15-18_2-20-15 AM


At the break of dawn, Mergwhen Brandywise took his clandestine position, ready to follow the Orsini family who, it was hoped,  would then lead them to Bruno and the Princess.

Patting the vial snugged into his pocket and snickering manically to himself, “Yes, then they will all meet an untimely demise.”

He clapped his hand over his mouth as the thick gravelly chortle audibly escaped his mouth.  He looked around quickly.  No one had heard.

He waited.

And waited.

And waited.

03-21-18_1-52-25 PM-2

Mustering a cheery “Halloo,”  Mergwhen approached the house.

The door was unlocked.

He silently slipped in.

“Hallooo,” he called again.

No answer.

Quietly, at first, he began his fruitless search.   There was no sign of the family anywhere.

03-21-18_1-54-40 PM

“I am sorry to awaken you my Queen, but they are gone.”

03-21-18_1-55-35 PM

“Who is gone?” She demanded.

“The Orsinis of course,” came back his reply.  “They must have left during the night.”

With an icy coldness in her voice that seemed to reach through the phone and clutch his heart, she said, ” I want them found.  Go search for them and do not return until you have found them.”

“My Queen, I have …”

The menacing GO that thundered in his ears shook Mergwhen to his core.

He would go, indeed, as far from Evella as possible!

03-21-18_2-48-12 PM

“Imbeciles! I am surrounded by imbeciles!”

Evella shook with wrath!  Nothing was going according to plans!

03-21-18_2-50-35 PM

It is a wee bit early in the day to be hitting the sauce, isn’t it Evella? 

*AN:  Just a tiny bit of fun .. it is at this point that I accidentally killed Evella (for the 6th time).  I know … I know … some of you wish she would stay that way.  ❤ 

03-21-18_3-11-01 PM



A very concerned Bruno rushed to her and brought Rose Red up to her feet.   She had fainted.

“What happened, Love.”

Regaining her wits she weakly reassured him, “I am fine Bruno.  I am fine.”

04-20-18_2-38-28 PM

Turning her head she directed, “Bruno look.”

Following her gaze, Bruno froze in place. “What?!?!”  He gasped.

04-20-18_2-46-54 PM

Looking up at them with keen black eyes set in a tiny face was a mini magenta-colored alien toddler glowing a bright red.

Both adults stood captured by those bright eyes.

04-20-18_2-52-04 PM

Slowly they became aware that they were not alone.  There was another presence in the room.

Seeing her, Bruno was stunned and took a step back but Rose knew this being and was not alarmed.

04-20-18_3-50-36 PM

As beautiful entity opened her mouth to communicate, a soft sweet-sounding melody met their ears.

Bruno looked at Rose with a new understanding.  The singing.  This is what she heard all along.  She was not sick at all.

The toddler stepped towards her and returned a song.

This was the toddler’s mother?

04-20-18_3-51-02 PM

Both Bruno and Rose were stunned as the beautiful being spun out of her splendor and into …

“Q!” Rose shouted happily.

“I am so sorry,” Q said, “I often forget that you earthlings cannot understand our language.”

Then turning to Bruno she said with a small laugh, “Is my appearance less distressing now?”

Bruno had to chuckle at himself.  Yes, it was.

04-20-18_3-55-23 PM

Q picked up the small child, “This is my daughter Trui.  Here my love, show them what Mummy taught you to do.”

04-20-18_3-56-58 PM

“TADA”  the little darling quipped.

04-20-18_4-08-50 PM

UH OH Bruno … 

04-20-18_5-40-21 PM

I think someone has your number already!

04-20-18_5-44-54 PM


After Trui was snuggled into the tent to sleep the trio sat down by the campfire to relax and enjoy some Smores.

While Q seemed to really love them,  Rose was still getting used this whole campfire thing.

04-19-18_3-06-10 AM04-19-18_3-06-11 AM

“I know you must be wondering why I am here,” Q began.

04-19-18_3-06-12 AM

“I come from far away.  My sun is a star that cannot be seen from this planet.

I am from the royal family that has governed that planet for eons.

My Sister, K, reigns as queen now.  She is a very dark queen and she has learned nefarious ways from her travels far and wide in the universe.

My planet is an unhappy place full of oppression and bondage.  All fear her and the few who attempt to upset her reign disappear never to be seen again.”

04-19-18_3-06-14 AM04-19-18_3-13-24 AM

Bruno gives a shudder.  He is NOT fond of evil queens.

04-19-18_3-13-25 AM

“I became pregnant and my sister feared the people would grow to love my child and thus endanger her throne.

Thru her cunning magic, she stole me away and brought me to this planet.

She sold me and my future child to a vile scientific research laboratory in the drylands.

04-19-18_3-13-27 AM

“This place is owned by Doctor J. Zest, a wicked intergalactic criminal mastermind.”

04-20-18_1-07-45 AM

(Anyone remember him?)



“He and his two mad scientists are responsible for many atrocities done to my people.  All done in the name of science of course!”

04-20-18_1-07-48 AM

“There was a time when the children on our planet were happy and carefree.  My sister hates the children because they represent a future when she will no longer have her kingdom.”

04-20-18_1-07-49 AM

“She would abduct the innocents and bring them to this terrible place.

She sells them to Dr. Zest as lab specimens.”

04-20-18_1-07-51 AM04-20-18_1-07-52 AM

“She negotiated a good price for me, although Dr. Zest was not fond of having an adult around.”

04-20-18_1-52-38 AM04-20-18_1-53-11 AM

“In the laboratory, she used her dark powers to plant evil suggestions into the mind of the weak-willed Dr. Beaker.”

04-20-18_1-56-17 AM04-20-18_1-56-18 AM04-20-18_2-00-19 AM

“I was to be imprisoned and remain here, subjected to barbarous experimentation for the duration of my life.  My child would suffer the same fate.”

04-20-18_2-02-21 AM

“In this dismal place, I gave birth my sweet Trui.  She was sunshine in my darkness.”

04-20-18_2-19-03 AM

“But my happiness would be short-lived.”

04-20-18_2-20-16 AM

“As soon as she was weened Dr. Beaker took her from me.  He was thrilled because he felt she was quite a windfall for science.

All babies born to my people arrive in the typical blue, green or purple colors.  When the age up into toddlers their destiny is revealed by a change in color.

My colors show me to be a celestial.  We are peacekeepers and messengers of blessing.

Even tho my sister is a royal she retained the very commonplace purple.  That has stuck in her craw since we were small children.  It is why she seeks out the dark powers so that it will mask her own lowly destiny.

Trui is a  Magenta.  The rarest of all color destinies.   It signifies royalty and a strong benevolent power.  I believe she was born to lead my people back to the happy prosperity they once knew and enjoyed under other magnificent Magentas.

My sister does not know this yet and must never know this or Trui’s life will be in danger.

Dr. Beaker wisely kept mum about her.”

04-20-18_2-21-50 AM

“One night while cleaning the lab, an unsuspecting human got to close to the tank of one very powerful little Orange.   She drew him in …”

04-20-18_2-21-52 AM

“… and taking control of his mind …”

04-20-18_2-21-53 AM

” .. she convinced him to set fire to the laboratory and release all of us.”

04-20-18_2-21-54 AM

“I grabbed Trui and ran away into the desert.”

04-20-18_2-43-42 AM

“Soon I stumbled upon a rebel faction’s secret outpost.  While they we open to me staying with them, I knew our presence cause much danger to these brave fighter.

It was here I made my plan to keep Trui safe and give her an opportunity to reach her destiny.”

04-20-18_2-48-43 AM

“I began to search for a good hearted human who would be strong enough to guide my child into adulthood.

It was not long before I found you, dear Rose.

I called and called to you but was unable to communicate.

I had not yet learned to transform myself or to speak your language.

That night that I summoned you I hoped to make you understand.  But I was unable to convey my hope to you.”



“I knew you were the one and I set about to study transformation and your language.  Well,” Sighed Q, “and here we are.

You princess can teach Trui to be a proper royal, not one of spoiled indulgence but one of compassion and caring.

You, dear Bruno, have a heart for adoption that you learned from your mama and papa.  I have no doubt that you will treat Trui as your very own.

You are both strong enough to help Trui to learn to bring her powers under control and to be used for good.”

Q bowed her head, “The decision is yours to make.

I am afraid it must be made quickly.

I must leave soon.   Even now I can sense my sister searching thru the Universe for me.  She is drawing closer and closer.”

04-20-18_6-22-60 PM

Bruno and Rose looked at each other, and without a word passing between them, both knew instantly this was the right thing to do.   Yes, they would take Trui with them and raise her as their own.

“Trui will be safe here for a few reasons,” Q assured Bruno and Rose, “Trui was born here and K does not know her brain wave patterns so she cannot track them and she also would never suspect I would leave her behind to grow up on such a primitive planet.  Even so be ever on your guard.”

Q picked up Trui and held her close for a moment, “OH my baby never forget how much I love you.  One day I will be back.”

04-20-18_6-22-70 PM

Putting Trui down safely behind the fence, Q rose up directly in front of them.

04-20-18_6-22-72 PM

“Do not cry my little one.”

04-20-18_6-22-73 PM

“Remember that no matter where in the Universe I will travel, I will always carry you right here in my heart.”

04-20-18_6-22-74 PM

With that, she was gone.

04-20-18_6-22-79 PM

The next day the happy little family continued their journey.

04-21-18_5-04-04 PM04-21-18_5-10-17 PM04-21-18_5-11-10 PM04-21-18_5-14-01 PM

That mushy stuff, dear Trui, is something you will have to get used to.  You are a Charming now!

04-21-18_5-15-48 PM

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If you are new to my story .. might I recommend the story synopsis.  This will bring you from the beginning to the present,  Well few chapters back 🙂

An Era of Charming Tales: Special Feature (Lemme es’plain .. UH NO! Too much! Lemme sum up!)

********~~~~~~~~~~~~ Credits ~~~~~~~~~********

I owe a huge TY to a FAB simmer named Charlii-mai who not only allowed me to use her wonderful Magenta and mad scientists the Beakers …


but also gave me some of the “memory shots” (*) from her own story.

If you have not read any of her work, I STRONGLY  encourage you to do so!

Rainbow plumbob

I will also thank the wonderful Cathytea for being an inspiration to me with her FAB story.

Septemus,my Son

I adore Septemus and maybe one day he will come to visit Trui and let her know what the rebel faction is up to 🙂


Fairy poses from











I thnk Magenta will have to get used to this .. it is a charming thing!

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  1. That was amazing. She’s a charming now!!! That was so bittersweet. But Rose and Bruno got an insta fam. ❤️ And Evella…..haha for missing out! Of course she hasn’t given up.

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    1. I know … This is a challenge for you can’t control the top there or even know what their needs are. How well it should be pretty tough since I usually don’t play and have never play the tablet before.

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  2. Oh how I loved this! A happy reason for the Alien Angel’s calls. Of course Rosie and Bruno would adopt Magenta, they are lights. And she could develop powers to aide the Charmings. I’m excited about this.

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  3. Poor Q her story is heartbreaking but Trui will be so loved by Prince and Snow and by the whole family. She has wonderful foster parents.


  4. Another great update! Another cute toddler. Look forward to seeing her grow. But, if Rose White is the heir to the throne, why give her to Rose Red and Bruno, as they are not the heirs?


  5. My favorite chapter yet. Love the story about the toddler and the Orsini’s and Rose/Bruno is such a great part of this story.


    1. Well there will be some other things in the next update the funny part should be where we see Rose and Bruno try to be a parent. This is for a challenge and unfortunately they rolled a wild child! Hello LOL

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  6. Evella, always scheming, always losing, at least I hope that continues! Little Trui is adorable and I know that rose and Bruno will raise her as their own to be a happy, helpful royal. Brilliant chapter sweetie!

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  7. Oh Evella – I am glad she is not making any progress, but this new threat…Sister K looks even more sinister and has much more power than Evella. I hope that Trui will be safe. I didn’t like those poor children in the lab portion and was glad that they were all released. The last part was really, really sad when Q has to leave Trui. Trui is a very special alien child and if anyone will protect her, it is the Charmings. I do believe that they have a “secret” power as a family. Great work on making Sister K and all the screenshots, especially the one of her searching the universe are superb.


  8. Ah! This is so awesome ! Somehow I missed it when it came out and only discovered it today when I backtracked from your last post ! I love the use of Charliimai’s shots! Can I announce this on the collab thread ? Congratulations on starting ! Really love it!

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    1. Oh please do … I hope I haven’t adulterated it too much. I had to make it fit into the story. It is difficult LOL and that baby is wild … Rose and Bruno are horrible parents because they don’t know what to do LOL

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  9. Aw I’m so glad that Q was someone good but unfortunately running from her own evil sister. I have a bad feeling that sister will eventually track down Trui. I hope that in the mean time Bruno and Rose will be able to raise her and give her a happy life.


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