An Era of Charming Tales: Exiled (Bruno & Rose Red) Drylands

The drylands are beautiful but Bruno knows that they can be quite treacherous.

The little family is taking things pretty slowly.   Bruno wisely does not push them too fast, stopping frequently for hydration, sunscreen and rest.

Trui often INSISTS upon walking “by herself.”  The only word she knows really well is “DOWN!” and she wants that all the time!

Bruno and Rosie do not mind, they are very patient simmies.

There is no rush.

04-26-18_2-55-06 PM04-26-18_2-59-52 PM04-26-18_3-02-03 PM

Bruno was elated at the sight of Oasis Springs!

A small campground (unoccupied), comfort facilities (rustic sure but way better than a shrub), and a large swimming lake with lots of fish just waiting for him to come catch them (and a BBQ grill so he can eat them too).

He hoped to spend a few days relaxing here.

04-26-18_3-04-57 PM

Rosie really appreciated the comfort facilities!   After carefully inspecting for spiders, she enjoyed a nice hot shower.  Her first since she left home five days ago.

04-26-18_3-50-15 PM

Rosie and Trui are quickly developing a trust relationship.

04-26-18_3-07-43 PM04-26-18_3-07-57 PM

Trui learned quickly that Dada is an awesome playmate (and she adores him).

Watch out Bruno I am pretty sure she has got your number.

04-26-18_3-28-24 PM04-26-18_3-29-06 PM04-26-18_3-32-35 PM04-26-18_3-33-48 PM

And Mama is the one who takes care of you.

04-26-18_3-10-39 PM04-26-18_3-21-53 PM

This stuff called food sure can be fun!

04-26-18_3-22-39 PM04-26-18_3-23-32 PM

Aww Rosie … no fresh fish for breakfast in the am 😦

04-26-18_3-38-43 PM

The babe is asleep, Bruno and Rosie sit down for a quiet moment beside a crackling fire.

The stars seem especially twinkly out here.

As they sit warming hands and feet by the flames, Bruno and Rosie enjoy the concerto from the desert nightlife.  A coyote wails his mournful refrain as the crickets sing a sweet melody and the bullfrogs bring the bass line!

04-26-18_3-40-10 PM

Awakened at 3 AM by a raucous clamor outside of the tent, a sleepy Rosie crawls out to find a wide-awake, half-naked Trui happily making a huge mess.

Seeing Rosie the tot sings to her with glee, “preee preee!”

“Trui, no sweetie it is a mess, it is not pretty.  Why did you make such a mess?”

“Preeee,” the jubilant baby maintained.

“Where are your pajamas?  It is night-night time now sweets.”  Rosie pleaded with the energetic tot,  “Papa Bruno is asleep and Mama Rose wants to sleep.  It is time for baby Trui to sleep too.”

Trui babbled as she danced wildly, “Poppo poppo poppo.”

Rosie was feeling despondent, “OH baby, Mama doesn’t want to play now.”

04-26-18_3-47-38 PM

Rosie knew that further argument was futile so she resigned herself just to wait Trui out.

About 5 am the little dumpling crawled into the tent and snuggled next to a snoring Bruno and fell fast asleep.

04-26-18_3-48-32 PM

Rosie drug herself out of the tent early to make a nice breakfast for Bruno.

She was going to have to break his heart by telling them that staying here was not going to work out.

They had to find a proper house and rest there for a few days.

A secure place where Trui could not wander off into the desert and be eaten by some terrible night creature!

04-26-18_3-52-37 PM

It was near lunchtime when they came upon the “Wiggly Piggly” diner.    The smell of pancakes, bacon, and hamburgers wafted out and drew them in like a siren song.

They were all famished and exhausted.

04-26-18_2-35-10 PM

The bright diner was simple place run by a cheerful lady named Betty.

Hanging their jackets on the homey coat rack, the trio made their way to the host stand to request a table.  (UGH manned by DON … smh).

04-30-18_12-40-07 AM

Betty took one look at the young travelers and knew they were in need of help.

The dark circles under Rosie’s eyes reminded Betty of old Bilbo who came every few nights to rob her trash cans.

Poor thing is dead on her feet she thought.  She resolved to see what she could do.

05-01-18_1-08-52 AM

Betty seated them in a quiet corner and popped Trui into a waiting high chair.

04-30-18_12-42-52 AM

Before the young couple could blink twice she had whisked a cup of milk and bowl of cereal to Trui.

She said with a laugh, “Mrs. Betty knows what babies like to eat.”

04-30-18_12-47-16 AM

Trui was skeptical.

It sure seemed like she did (the bowl and the cup stayed on the chair tray).

04-30-18_12-48-15 AM

Betty stood by smiling as Jeanne Mae took their order.

04-30-18_12-50-07 AM

Betty slid into a chair at the end of the table.

“Do you mind if I take a quick coffee break with you all?”

They did not care.  Betty was a warm and friendly person.

“Where are you good folks headed?  Been on the road long?”

Rosie, being very careful not to give too much information (both for their own sake and for Betty’s too)  explained that they were headed to see family and that they had a few more days on the road to get there.

“You both look like you can use a rest. I have a little guest house right next door here.  It is not much to write home to mother about but it is warm and cozy, has indoor plumbing and the price is RIGHT.  Free of charge,” Betty explained.

“OHH,” Rosie exclaimed,  “we could not take advantage of you like that.”

“NO NO NOW!” Betty said in a very no-nonsense tone,  “I just can’t stand the thought of folks being in need of help and those who can help just standing by, doing nothing!”

04-30-18_12-51-05 AM

EWW Table manners are not Trui’s strong suit.  There was more on the floor than in her belly.

04-30-18_12-52-27 AM

While Betty did not seem to mind, not all the restaurant patrons appreciated Trui’s antics.

04-30-18_12-49-11 AM

“Thank you so much, Betty,” Rosie said gratefully. ” You are so kind.  We do need a place to rest and would love to see the house.”

“Well then, the matter is settled!  When you all are done here we will go see it.”

Bruno, chugging his second cup of coffee, only nodded.  This food was too good to waste time talking!

04-30-18_12-56-12 AM

PSST you two … Hello .. she is out of the chair … this is not good!

04-30-18_12-58-42 AM

(OH it is ok baby girl .. DON has to clean it up.)

04-30-18_12-56-14 AM

It was very tiny but it looked like a dream house to Rosie.

A big warm comfy bed, indoor plumbing, a full kitchen, a garden brimming with fruits and veggies and a swimmin’ hole out front with sparkly waters that was spring fed.

It even had a toddler bed to keep you know who confined!

04-31-20_12-58-42 AM

Trui was thrilled with the house as well.

There were great recreational opportunities available to her.

04-26-18_2-11-04 AM

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An Era of Charming Tales table of contents


In this branch of the Charming tales, I will be attempting a modified version of :

The Alien Adoption Challenge 

I will raise an adopted wild child (and she sure is) alien from a toddler to YA.

She can never be the active sim and I cannot give her any directions or commands.

My modifications (to fit the story) are of course she gets two parents (but Rosie won the roll and is the primary).  There are to be NO babysitters or nannies.  While neither can have a job both can contribute by learning “a trade” and sell crafted goods.


Author’s note:  If you just popped into my story for the first time, might I recommend you visit here first?  This short synopsis will give you enough story background to follow.  If you are a reader who has fallen behind this will give you an instant catch up. 

An Era of Charming Tales: Special Feature (Lemme es’plain .. UH NO! Too much! Lemme sum up!)

**~~~~ credits ~~~~**

Welcome to the Vaughn Family … Simself & Family of BettyBackwoods99 (Betty is a gallery pal .. stop by and see her lovely collection of cc free sims and builds)

backwoods betty family

and her sweet little diner (Betty I thought you were alright TIL you hired DON!)

Wiggly Piggly diner

One of my FAV Oasis Springs park replacements  (used a few times now) … I do add public restrooms and a small camping area

oasis springs

30 thoughts on “An Era of Charming Tales: Exiled (Bruno & Rose Red) Drylands

  1. I love this chapter. Your pics of Bruno and Trui melted my heart. I adore Betty, they deserve her kindness. This chapter lifted my heart. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Such a cute story. Trui seems like a handful and lucky that she is cute! Lol Betty so kind that she takes them in. Parts of me thinks she is a cover up working for the witch but maybe I’m just paranoid for Rosie and Bruno lol. Can’t wait for the next chapter

    Liked by 1 person

      1. oh! Your first toddler? How funny! That’s crazy to have your first toddler be both wild and one that you can’t control! Have fun!


  3. Ohhhh. Raise an alien challenge! I didn’t realize you incorporated that into your story. No wonder she is such a handful. Good luck! Lol. She is adorable. And Rosie will be a great caregiver. 🙂

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  4. What is it with Don following you around? Hahaha! Wild children are crazy! That will add much to the story. Does the rest of the family know about Trui yet? Are they going to stick with that name? How do you pronounce it?

    Great update! Like Bruno’s attachment to the outdoors, so funny.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Other than him being a notorious womanizer and unfaithful, what is your reason for him being your nemesis? I once played Sims 2 and got Don and Cassandra married (I’m a committed person and they were engaged). Don didn’t like getting married. I kept watch over him closely, but he was still irritating.


  5. I’m loving Bruno and Rosie as parents. It looks like Trui is giving them a run for their money, but I bet they’ll do okay! I can’t wait for more. 😉


  6. I love that you are doing the alien adoption challenge in your story. lol Wild child! Too funny! She is such a cutie, though. They were so lucky they happened upon Betty to give them a free cottage where they can stay. Still, I would lock those doors at night. Looking forward to their adventures.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Aw Trui is going to be such handful as she grows up. Bruno and Rose are so sweet but I wonder how they’ll handle being parents of multiple kids when they have their own.


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