Jane Moore & Co w/ Regency Build Challenge #BnS96

**To the Build & Share judges … this blog entry is presented in 3 parts (and in this order) for judging (please scroll to find):   THE SIMS; THE ROOM; THE BUILD

 **To my regular story readers … something a little fun to weave in and out of my Charming story.  Probably about once a month I hope to participate in the Build n Share Challenge.  I thought to share it here with you … hope you enjoy it.  I am not an expert builder so please don’t be expecting too much LOL (and I promise no long story delays because of it)

For those who are interested in joining too here is a link Build n Share Challenge

The Sims: (no cc)

This is an amazing competition so I am tickled pink by this:

sims winner

Meet the colorful denizens of Hound’s Head End.

a06-09-18_1-37-37 AM

1bess collage

(Cheerful, Clumsy and Neat)

Bess is young.  This is her first job and to be quite honest working in such a fine house did not pan out to be quite as “romantical” as she thought it might be 🙂  To her credit, she is neat and orderly.  If she stopped daydreaming so much she might actually become efficient.   But her mind wanders AND she tends to the dramatic, so getting the job done always takes a BIT longer than one might expect.

2bess collage

1corny collage

(Loves the outdoors, cheerful and insane)

Cornelius (aka Corny) is the groundskeeper and all-around handyman at Hound’s Head End Estate.   Corny is a very happy man who deeply loves his flowers, trees, and shrubbery.  He tends them ever so carefully.  They are all are close personal friends of his and many happy hours are spent engaging them in meaningful conversations!  He considers himself a very lucky man to have so many friends!

2corny collage

Although he does some Mr. Fix-it work around the estate, his handyman skills are iffy AND Bess is not 100 percent certain that he should be entrusted with fire.

c06-09-18_11-17-10 PM

Of all the folks in the house, Jane enjoys Corny’s company best.  He regales her with fanciful tales from the garden.   She finds them fascinating!

c06-09-18_11-17-11 PM

1Helga collage

(Foodie, Gloomy, Loner)

Helga is the FINEST cook in the region.  When “Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard” is bare Helga can still whip up something positively delectable.   An exceedingly gloomy loner, Helga sequesters herself away in the dank basement kitchen continually working on her craft (maybe if she got out and enjoyed some sea air and sunshine that dark cloud would lift off her head).   Her personal hygiene is not the best so no one is pushing for her company, EVEN in the fresh air.

2helga collage

These three have become fast friends.  It is their habit to sit down to chat over a cup of Helga’s fine coffee …

ha 06-09-18_11-35-25 PM

… before ending their day and heading home.

ha 06-09-18_11-35-26 PM

1nurse collage

(Gloomy, genius, mean)

Nurse Nancy was hired as a live-in nurse to care for the frail health of Jane Moore.  Interestingly enough Jane’s health has declined under the supervision of Nurse Nancy.  No one is even a little suspicious of all the concoctions/cures Nurse Nancy administers daily.  She seems to be observing Jane very closely and records meticulously the effects of the remedies on Jane’s daily health.

2nurse collagen06-09-18_2-32-41 AM

Nurse Nancy has enlisted the help of the staff in keeping TABS on Jane.  They think they are helping Jane.  Corny is not convinced that Nurse Nancy has Jane’s best interest in mind.

k06-09-18_1-54-07 AM

One thing to her credit … she does like long walks on the beach.

n06-09-18_11-19-42 PM

1jane collage

(Snob, materialistic, self-assured)

Now to the Lady of the Manor.  Miss Jane Moore, herself.  Exceedingly wealthy, Jane is of very refined taste and can afford those fine things she craves.  Her impeccable breeding is reflected in her many talents, especially in the area of the arts.  Jane is the president of the local chapter of the Jane Austen Society.   She is extremely eccentric and quite enamored of the Regency Period.  As a true aficionado, Jane insists upon immersing herself and her staff into the way of life from the era.

2jane collage

Jane has her dark (well hidden) issues! Poor Jane!  For all that she has, the thing that she wants most is what she cannot have … even with all her wealth.  (I have heard, Jane, that there is a way but that is another story for another day).

2ajane collage

THE ROOM (no cc)

Jane Moore’s Master Bedroom

Featuring a secretary, dressing area, luxurious bed, cozy fireplace and phenomenal view.

master 06-09-18_11-04-13 PMmaster 06-09-18_11-07-08 PMmaster 06-10-18_12-32-42 AMmaster 06-10-18_12-35-21 AMmaster 06-10-18_12-34-33 AMmaster 06-10-18_12-41-35 AMmaster 06-10-18_12-39-16 AM

THE BUILD (no cc)

Hound’s Head End Estate

aa title page collage


aa 06-08-18_4-18-08 AMaa 06-08-18_4-18-57 AMaa 06-08-18_4-19-29 AMaa 06-08-18_4-20-30 AM

Verandas & Balconies

eb 06-09-18_10-29-31 PMeb 06-10-18_7-12-28 AMeb 06-10-18_7-12-55 AMeb 06-10-18_7-13-46 AM

Grounds … flower gardens

ef 06-08-18_4-30-15 AMef 06-08-18_4-34-27 AMef 06-08-18_4-43-38 AMef 06-09-18_2-15-38 AMef06-08-18_4-32-04 AM

Grounds … Kitchen Herb Garden

eh 06-08-18_4-30-14 AM

Grounds … Maze

em 06-08-18_4-35-38 AMem 06-08-18_4-36-24 AM

Grounds … Wedding spot

ew 06-08-18_4-30-11 AMew 06-08-18_4-30-12 AM

Grounds … laundry area

el 06-08-18_4-37-57 AMel 06-09-18_1-26-52 AM

Grounds … graveyard

eg 06-10-18_12-56-09 AMeg 06-10-18_12-59-32 AM

Outer entrance

aaent 06-09-18_2-20-51 AM

Inner entrance & hall

aaent 06-09-18_11-41-47 PMaaent 06-09-18_11-42-17 PM

Grand Staircase

aaent 06-09-18_11-41-16 PM


Dining room

din 06-09-18_2-23-18 AMdin 06-09-18_2-37-28 AM

(adjacent small bathroom)

din 06-09-18_2-41-26 AMdin 06-09-18_3-46-26 AM

Drawing room

draw 06-09-18_11-26-21 PMdraw 06-09-18_11-26-54 PMdraw 06-09-18_11-27-07 PMdraw 06-09-18_11-27-43 PMdraw 06-09-18_11-38-49 PM

Sitting room

p06-09-18_2-42-02 AMp06-09-18_2-42-32 AMp06-09-18_2-42-57 AM


sit1 06-08-18_4-39-58 AMsit1 06-08-18_4-41-49 AMsit1 06-08-18_4-42-16 AM


st06-09-18_11-17-11 PMst06-09-18_11-20-14 PMst06-09-18_11-21-05 PM

Upper hall

aaent 06-09-18_10-36-15 PM

Second-floor sitting room

hob06-09-18_10-31-25 PMhob06-09-18_10-32-54 PMhob06-09-18_10-34-25 PM

Master bedroom

master 06-09-18_11-07-08 PMmaster 06-10-18_12-35-21 AMmaster 06-10-18_12-32-42 AMmaster 06-10-18_12-34-33 AMmaster 06-10-18_12-41-35 AMmaster 06-10-18_12-39-16 AM


Nur 06-09-18_11-45-40 PMnur 06-09-18_11-46-35 PMnur 06-09-18_11-47-02 PM

Nurse bedroom/quarters

n06-08-18_4-04-19 AMn06-08-18_4-05-30 AMn06-08-18_4-07-44 AMn06-08-18_4-10-29 AM

Other Bedrooms … Beige

bg06-09-18_10-43-35 PMbg06-09-18_10-44-04 PMbg06-09-18_10-54-54 PM

Other Bedrooms … Blue

bl06-09-18_10-37-22 PMbl06-09-18_10-38-19 PMbl06-09-18_10-39-18 PM

Other Bedrooms … yellow

by06-09-18_3-09-13 AMby06-09-18_3-10-15 AMby06-09-18_10-40-44 PM

Full baths (master)

bath 06-09-18_10-58-01 PM

Full bath (upstairs)

bath 06-09-18_11-08-27 PMbath 06-09-18_11-15-22 PM

2 small identical bathrooms (toilet and basin) in turret rooms off the dining and drawing rooms

bath 06-09-18_2-40-49 AMdin 06-09-18_2-41-26 AM

Stair to basement

06-09-18_2-27-13 AM

Basement … Kitchen

06-08-18_3-54-08 AM06-08-18_3-56-05 AM06-08-18_3-56-46 AM06-08-18_3-57-38 AM06-08-18_4-27-46 AM

Basement …  Staff break room

06-08-18_3-58-23 AM06-08-18_4-00-49 AM

Basement … Staff nap room

06-08-18_4-00-15 AM06-08-18_4-01-26 AM

Basement … Staff Bathroom

06-08-18_4-02-27 AM06-08-18_4-03-00 AM

z Bird 06-08-18_4-46-39 AM06-12-18_12-03-57 AMz Bird 06-08-18_4-47-27 AMz Bird 06-08-18_4-47-41 AMz Bird 06-08-18_4-48-23 AM

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Again for those who are interested in joining too here is a link Build n Share Challenge

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Hounds Head End


Jane Moore & Co


Jane’s Master Bedroom


If you have never been to my “regular” story before and wonder what it is all about

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An Era of Charming Tales: Special Feature (Lemme es’plain .. UH NO! Too much! Lemme sum up!)  

26 thoughts on “Jane Moore & Co w/ Regency Build Challenge #BnS96

  1. That is a massive undertaking….very well done! It makes me want to know Jane’s story. All quite intriguing and a beautiful build. 👏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ty Cathytea … It was lots of fun … I have not tried anything like that before (The building that the challenge. I’ve done this challenge four times now and I really like it)


  2. And you said you weren’t a master builder. Because you did an amazing job. The house looks amazing. Something out of Downton Abby. And the characters are fascinating. It really makes me want to know more about them.
    Very well done.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You need to put aside the Charmings to play the challenge, but with the dramas with the Charmings currently, you can’t play an other family.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. This is an absolute masterpiece! I don’t play TS4 but I really enjoyed looking over your pictures and admiring all the beautiful touches. The level of detail you’ve put into your sims and their home is inspiring. Happy simming 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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