An Era of Charming Tales: Wedding Bells

Jack and Aster carefully guided the little planes thru the craggy rocks to a small flat space that would provide a safe landing spot, yet one secluded enough not to easily give away their location to any ner-do-wells that might be attempting to locate them.

A light dusting of snow had just started and Jack was relieved to get the planes on the ground before it came down harder.

(an: Hey no hatin’ this is the Sims we can land planes anywhere we want)

09-19-18_2-26-44 AM

Although he has been flying for a few years, Aster was a bit stressed at attempting such a risky landing.

Trusting in his mentor Jack, he musted up his courage and brought his flying machine safely to rest right behinds Jack’s.

09-19-18_2-32-08 AM


They took off on foot.  The going was not too bad at first.

Snow was just providing a pretty sugar coating to the world but Jack was not liking the look of the sky in the distance.

“We need to hurry on,” he urged Violet and Aster, “I think we might be getting a lot more snow before we make it to the inn.

09-19-18_3-18-38 AM

AND they did get a lot more …  MUCH to the chagrin of Aster!

The more foul the weather became the more foul his attitude became. (UGH teens)

09-21-18_1-06-00 AM

By the time they reached the inn they could barely see in front of them and

09-21-18_1-04-15 AM

even Jack, who was quite accustomed to the frigid conditions,  lost his footing on the treacherous ice!

09-21-18_1-10-48 AM


Kat, the proprietor of the inn had seen them coming and came out to greet them.

“OH MY, you all must be about to freeze to death,” she chirped, “come in and I will show you to your rooms where you can warm yourselves.

My name is Kat, and if I can do anything for you please let me know.

Dinner will be served very soon.  I do hope you will plan to join us.

Mother has cooked a wonderful meal tonight.”

Ahhh, a warm room and a nice hot meal sounded heavenly to the frozen trio.

09-21-18_1-10-49 AM

Mrs. O (aka Momma) had prepared a delectable dinner of roasted pheasant and winter root vegetables.

None of the travelers had realized how famished they were till they started shoveling the savory feast into their mouths.

Violet did manage a few words in between eager bites.  “This is just divine, she gushed, “I don’t think I have ever tasted anything like it.”

Kat explained that, because they were so remote, their provincial fare came largely from hunting.  They also had to rely upon summer gardens to put food on their tables thru the long winters and the root veggies were popular because they lasted longest.

09-21-18_1-20-03 AM

The company and meal were quite delightful and everyone was enjoying themselves.    Even Aster allowed a smile to break through.

09-21-18_1-23-34 AM

And then, in a move decidedly uncharacteristic for a teen, he even did the dishes as the adults went down to the pub for a pint.

09-21-18_1-25-14 AM

The inn’s pub was a popular place for town folks to gather.  The atmosphere was light and lively.

On the surface, Violet seemed to be enjoying the light-hearted surroundings but in truth, she was having difficulty keeping a happy face on but did not want to hurt Jack who was trying so hard to ensure her comfort and pleasure.

09-21-18_1-52-55 AM

She quietly slipped, unnoticed, back to her room where she could consider the happening of the past few days.

Her sister’s murder!

The attempt on her own life…

and Aster’s too!

Two of the sisters now in exile for their own safety …

and they had not heard from Bruno and Rose Red in a very long time  They could be dead too.

Maybe worst of all Mike and Rose White who stayed behind and still facing danger!

She missed her home in Windenburg …

and she missed her dear family!

09-21-18_3-09-53 AM

It was just too much to bear.

09-21-18_3-17-25 AM09-21-18_3-23-33 AM

“Why Jack?” Violet’s voice was somber.

“Why did they kill Lily?

Who would want to do such a thing?

I hate that we had to leave.  I am so worried about Rose White and Mike,”

09-21-18_3-25-31 AM

“I am worried about them too, my sweet, but I am glad we are here and that you are safe!”  Jack replied, the tears beginning to burn in his eyes,

“I cannot think of my life without you.

What if they had been successful in murdering you and Aster?

It was just too close!

We had to leave.”

09-21-18_3-26-14 AM

Jack slid down upon his knees in front of Violet,  “Marry me, Violet.”

“Oh you silly boy,” Violet brightened for a moment, “we are already engaged!  I have already said yes!”

“No,” He stated resolutely,  “I mean marry me now.  Here in this place.

They have a lovely chapel and  Kat’s dad is the Parson.

We could ask him in the am.

I know it is not the big royal wedding like you deserve but I cannot wait til we get back to Windenburg!  I want you to be my wife now.”

09-21-18_3-26-59 AM

(I think her answer was yes)

09-21-18_3-29-11 AM09-21-18_3-30-25 AM09-21-18_3-31-55 AM


Kat was up making a pot of tea when Jack and Violet wandered into the kitchen for a midnight snack.

Violet relayed the recent development.

Kat was quite happy for the two sweethearts.  The prospect of a wedding excited her!

“It is indeed quite possible to hold one here!  Do speak to my father in the am.  I am certain you will find him very obliging, he and mother love weddings.”

09-21-18_4-04-08 AM

The girls chattered on and on about what needed to be done.

Jack tried to concentrate on what the girls were discussing but he was far too sleepy to follow.

09-21-18_4-04-27 AM

“Oh darling, please do go to bed,” Violet giggled.  “You look exhausted!  Kat and I can work out the rest of it on our own.”

09-21-18_4-05-15 AM


The meeting with the Parson and Momma O went so FAB.

Of course, he would love to do the ceremony.

He did give the young couple a pep talk.  “Life can come at you hard and you two will have to stick together to face any hardship to be victorious.  Always cherish one another!  Momma and I have been married for 36 years and we love an cherish each other as much today as we did on the day we married.”

Momma O blushed and nodded her agreement.

09-21-18_4-06-28 AM

Kat was beside herself with excitement!

“A wedding!  What fun they were going to have!”

09-21-18_4-06-29 AM


Later that afternoon in the kitchen Momma approached Violet,

“What will you be wearing for a dress, my dear?”

Violet just shrugged, “I don’t know.”

“I still have my dress from when I married the mister.  It is not a big fancy gown but it is pretty in its simple way.  I used to be a tiny thing like you so I know it will fit!”

09-23-18_2-22-08 AM


“There you go,” Momma O said, “fits perfectly,  I knew it would with just a few minor adjustments.”

09-23-18_3-17-44 AM

Momma O sat down at the piano and soon the little chapel is filled with her sweet musical stylings.

09-23-18_3-29-57 AM

Par for the course, the bride always takes forever to emerge.

Kat is fretting because she is certain her Butternut Gnocchi will get overdone in the chafing dish.


Aster is wondering how awkward it is going to be to have his sister married.   He loves Jack too but it is going to be sooo strange.

He consoles himself with the thought that as soon as he is old enough he will return to Widnenburg to find and fight against the tyranny that has beset his beloved home.

09-23-18_3-31-07 AM

Finally, Violet makes her entrance …

I think we will step back for a moment and quietly enjoy the ceremony.

09-23-18_3-37-20 AM09-23-18_3-45-08 AM09-23-18_3-46-02 AM09-23-18_3-46-58 AM09-23-18_3-46-59 AM09-23-18_3-47-46 AM

Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Jack Frost.

They have waited a very long time for this moment.

Congrats dear Jack and Violet.

09-23-18_3-47-47 AM


Kat had prepared a lovely luncheon and cake for their reception.

BTW the butternut gnocchi were  FAB

UM …

You had better NOT Jack!

09-23-18_4-04-08 AM

AWW so sweet.

(Love how the Parson and Momma are giving each other happy cuddles in the background too)

09-23-18_4-05-47 AM


2 am and everyone is asleep except a hungry princess.

She quietly muses as she washes her peanut butter and pickle sandwich down with a Grape Faygo pop.

It has been a wonderful 3 weeks.  Jack is a wonderful husband and Violet is so very happy.

Life is good here.

Aster’s disposition has improved considerably.  Every so often one can almost see the carefree young prince of Windenburg in his face.

They have grown very close to Kat and her parents but sadly they will have to leave soon.

Jack is afraid that staying will endanger the sweet family and that would never do!

Violet is ready for what lies ahead.

10-22-18_3-42-16 AM

** ~~~~~~~**

Meanwhile back in Windenburg.


I added this little bonus .. for those who have read my stories for a long time, you might recall way back when Violet was convinced she was destined for convent life.  One of my dear readers made this funny pic for the occasion!  TY so much Ryan Randles!

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**~~~~~~~~~ Credits ~~~~~ **

TY SimGuru Kate for the loan of your simself to play Kat ❤ (used by permission)


Amazing build from Miss Ruby Bird

mountain village

❤ ❤ a llama from one of my fav creators  The Kalino


Even tho I featured this build in part one (and I seriously ALTERED it in this one) I feel it is right to mention this lovely builder again

red baron


Sit and chat

Eslanes Sad Girl

15 sitting poses

Eden sit and chat

Flower Chamber Wedding poses re-edit

Notable cc & Mods:

Neutral Supply’s  Deco Sims

Kwaiistacie’s newest mod ❤ and my new FAV mod .. I love Slice Of Life

Pickles & Faygo pop … this is a new little cc creator (13 years old) she will be one to watch .. JUST FAB!  A’Dior Elize


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    1. also there a reason they are sad cause i had 8 nuns but 2 decided to be with god… i was like welp i only placed u eight in the church for 2 minutes and 2 of you want to join the lord ¬.¬ xD

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  1. “The more foul the weather became the more foul his attitude became.”- I feel the same way about the cold!

    Violet looked so beautiful. Congrats to the newlyweds!! ❤ ❤ ❤ It is good to have a bit of joy amidst such sad times.


  2. Trying this again. Wrote a really long description in here and then I got a notice that it wouldn’t post. Violet looked beautiful and I love the lacy veil. Congrats to Violet and Jack Frost. And eating a pickle and peanut butter sandwiches….ummm….sounds like a craving to me! Ok, Jack, you need to recruit some members to oust the evil from Windenburg. No more deaths in the royal family, it’s too sad.

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    1. I am so excited to see what the child of violet and Jack will look like but there’s one I’m even more excited to see and we will keep our fingers crossed that it’s coming soon. The heir to the throne I hope will come soon but with this game you never now.

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  3. Wish we could put a heart instead of marking it as a like….Beautiful wedding. Congrats to the newlyweds! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Pickles and Peanutbutter?? YUCK! What is wrong with that girl's taste buds!? Is she secretly pregnant? Sounds like a pregnant craving LOL Great chapter Lisa as always!

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  4. Great update I’m so glad they got married ‘ now as they deserve some happiness after all that has gone on ‘ but I know there is still danger lurking ‘ loved the photos to 💝

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  5. Wonderful wedding we waited for Jack and Violet married and too bad for the sister of God, probably someone of the family will join the Religion?
    That’s so sad the whole family can’t be gathered for the events.

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      1. He was so right to share this pictures with you because it turns definitively a page about Violet’s love story , this pictures is the end of that background little story lol.

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    1. I adore your builds .. I have a few of them on the story board for future use ❤ you have one that is an icy castle that will be a regular feature in Jack's rotation .. it is so awesome!


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