Lisabee, Pedro & Boots: Gettin’ Famous

Before we get to the story today let me take a quick moment to thank EA for this opportunity.  I am excited to be a part of the Game Changers program and I am grateful for their generosity in making this story happen!

eagc black

The pack looks amazing and I cannot wait to see what getting famous is all about.

Having lived in So Cal (Hollywood) I am excited about the GORGEOUS new world!

Let’s see if Pedro. Lisabee and Baby Bea (Boots too) can make the cut at being “famous.”

Boots??  100 …

Pedro?? Alright …

Baby Bea?? Perhaps  …

Lisabee??  The jury is def still out!

Here we go …….


Pedro and LisaBee are very happy to have found their lovely home in a remote corner of an island in Windenburg.

They love the solitary unhurried lifestyle that the island affords. They are far enough away from prying nosey neighbors yet close enough to “go to town” when they get a yen to do so.

With Pedro’s budding fame, the escape has been harder and harder to find.

Happily, for them, the only way on or off their “rock” is by boat or seaplane.

Definitely a discouragement for the paparazzi and stans.

6-22-18_4-08-46 AM

Their home is only a few steps from the sea.

As the salty sea breezes and sounds of the surf meet the shore they bring with them a strong sense of peace and well being.

It speaks deep to Pedro.

Most mornings find Pedro along the shore enjoying that commune with nature.

He feels a strong connection to the sea and LisaBee feels a strong connection to Pedro .. so it works well for both of them.

6-23-18_1-22-19 AM

Other than LisaBee, Pedro has two great passions.

He loves to fish and …

6-23-18_1-56-45 AM6-23-18_2-01-03 AM

… he loves to write!

After a long morning of fishing, his thoughts are full of the tales his mind has spun while casting his line.  He cannot wait to sit down and pour them out into his writings.

The question stands:

Is he a fisherman who loves to write OR a writer who loves to fish?

Like his great literary heroes, Ernest Hemingway and Zane Grey, the two are so intertwined that the difference cannot be distinguished.

6-22-18_12-34-33 AM


Not every day is started with quiet communion between the man and the sea.

SOMETIMES LisaBee dons her gear and heads down to the shore with him.

Her intent to calmly spend a quiet morning fishing is always good.

The problem is that she does not have the same attention span as Pedro.

6-23-18_2-07-22 AM

She often wanders off finding her own distractions (and being a distraction too).

6-23-18_2-08-19 AM6-23-18_2-09-10 AM


There was no fishing for Pedro this morning.  He had been on the phone his publisher for hours.  His latest book “Dark Horizons” was doing quite well.

“Are you up for a fast trip to Del Sol Valley?  Emerson wants us to come into the office.”  Pedro explained to LisaBee, “he has some sort of surprise that he says cannot be shared over the phone.”

LisaBee sighed audibly, “Augh I am so tired.”  The last trimester of her pregnancy was wearing her out.

“Oh come on dear,” Pedro beseeched, “I don’t want to go without you.  A little time away will do you some good!”

7-17-18_4-09-41 AM

Just a little fun with first person.

❤ Lisa Bee thru Pedro’s eyes.

LisaBee ponders for a few, silently shaking her head, “I dunnno …”

She is tired and feeling a bit like a beached whale, she is not all that hep to go.

7-17-18_4-10-47 AM

Pedro does a little convincing and she is quickly sold.

He wonders, how could she understand that in his eyes, she is more beautiful now than ever before?

7-17-18_4-17-06 AM7-17-18_4-17-24 AM

“Okay, okay!” she threw up her hands in surrender and laughed, “I will go get ready.”

And with an eye roll, she added, “How could I resist you!  I swear you could charm the birds right out of the trees.”

Pedro quick on the comeback, quipped, “Or perhaps a bee from her hive?”

7-17-18_4-17-42 AM

“Boots, you take care of the house while we are gone.  We will see you later tonight little buddy!  Be a good boy now! OKAY?”

Boots would be a good boy .. he took being in charge very seriously!

7-27-18_12-59-16 AM


8-18-18_1-59-30 AM

It was a gorgeous sunny morning in Del Sol Valley.

The air was uncharacteristically fresh and crisp!

Fall had arrived!

LisaBee was very glad that she had come along.

The bright sun and brisk air was invigorating.

Her steps grew lighter and quickened as she trailed a little behind Pedro who was setting a fast pace.

8-18-18_2-00-31 AM


The lovely Alexe Georgescu greeted them warmly as they enter the office building of Emerson Medeiros.

“It is lovely to see you two again.  Please have a seat and Mr.  Medeiros will be out very soon.  Can I get you some coffee?”

LisaBee and Pedro both nodded.

A nice warm cup of coffee would be just the thing to take the chill off.

8-18-18_2-10-10 AM

Emerson Medeiros emerged from his office a few minutes later.   “I am so sorry.  I was tied up on the phone,” he explained.  “Come on in.  I have exciting news to share”

Emerson was a very successful indie publisher who knew well how to schmooze the powers that be.

Pedro had enjoyed working with him since with very beginning of his venture into the literary world.

The relationship served both of them quite well.

8-18-18_2-15-01 AM

Once in his office, the trio exchanged pleasantries.  Catching up on the happenings in each other’s loves lives.  Emerson was excited for the nooboo bee that would be coming soon.

Finally, LisaBee could no longer contain her curiosity.   What on earth could be so amazing that they had to come all the way here to learn about it?

“Okay spill, Emerson.  No more dragging this out!  What is this exciting news you have to tell us?”

8-18-18_2-20-20 AM

Emerson grinned like a small child about to burst with news.

Turning to  Pedro he explained, “Megastar film producer, Holly Alto is interested in getting you to write a screenplay for ‘Dark Horizons.’

AND record mogul Dirk Dreamer has already begun work on the soundtrack.   He would like you to stop by Sul Sul Records to discuss your artistic vision for the project if you have time this afternoon.

We have negotiated all royalty rights and both are being quite generous.

This will be the biggest payday we have ever had!”

8-18-18_2-21-34 AM


Sul Sul Records was located right on Starlight Boulevard.

Pedro and LisaBee enjoyed a leisurely walk along the walk of fame, stopping to read the names of the famous AND infamous celebrities who have been commemorated with bronze plaques embedded in the sidewalks.

9-19-18_1-22-01 PM

There were a number of street musicians playing nearby but the sounds of one caught their ear.  Dustin Broke, bad boy, rebel and commensurate street performer was throwing down some tracks out in front of Sul Sul.

Pedro and LisaBee lingered a good while enjoying the sounds before throwing a cool 100 into his tip jar.

9-19-18_1-22-35 PM


Sul Sul Records was owned by founder Dirk Dreamer.  Dirk had used his 4 star celeb status to open doors for many upcoming artists.

He and Pedro hit it off right away.  They chatted about artistic vision and they were surprised to see they were on the same page.

Dirk informed them, “I hope to get many wonderful musicians involved in this venture.  I have already procured Joaquin Lechien to start laying down some tracks. This is going to be a hit, I can feel it.”

9-19-18_1-35-53 PM

Did he say Joaquin LeChien?

Excitedly LisBee exclaimed, “OH Joaquin LeChien? Let’s go take a peek. Can we? I would love to hear him.”

Truth be told she desperately wanted to see her fav musician in action.

9-19-18_1-36-19 PM9-19-18_1-38-17 PM9-19-18_1-38-56 PM


Pedro beamed, “Tonight, to celebrate, we paint the town red and I know just where to start!”

10-19-18_1-48-47 PM


H & A Fashions!  Where only the most celebrated celebrities shopped!

10-19-18_1-48-05 PM

LisaBee whispered thru stilled lips, “Pedro this is a very expensive shop.”

He smiled broadly, “Yes dear, it is the finest in all of Del Sol Valley.”

10-19-18_1-51-51 PM

Today money was NO option.

Pedro wanted his dear LisaBee to feel as beautiful as he saw her.

10-19-18_8-01-48 PM

The proprietor, Diego Lobo, saw the green and was more than willing to undertake “the  project.”

He snipped and fussed and fluffed and brushed and plucked and pinched … powdered and puffed …

10-19-18_8-01-49 PM

It was taking forever!

He was obsessively fastidious in his attention to detail.

Poor Pedro was about to fall asleep right there in the chair.

10-19-18_8-01-50 PM

Oh, but it was all worth it in the end!

Pedro’s eyes glimmered with excitement as he saw her confidently walk out on the small reveal stage.

“Darling,” he gushed, “you look positively ravishing!”

10-19-18_8-05-03 PM

Diego insisted on a few shots for his client book.

Pedro was not too crazy about the idea.

It had taken a long time and he was getting very hungry .. maybe even a bit HANGRY?

10-19-18_8-26-44 PM

LisaBee admonished in a hushed tone, “We will go in a minute.  Just behave yourself for now dear.”

10-19-18_8-31-22 PM10-19-18_8-33-10 PM


It was still a bit early for the regular dinner guests at the Orchid-A-Go but both of them were starving and took no thought of normal celebrity considerations.

Being “seen” with the pretty people at the right time and place was not high on their list of priorities.

11-18-18_2-35-32 AM11-18-18_2-39-20 AM

The food came and in a word it was strange.

LisaBee thought to herself, Okay then.  I guess this is dinner for rich folk.

11-18-18_2-40-02 AM

I am with wonderful company, she reminded herself.

11-18-18_2-40-30 AM

“I think mine just moved,” she jested.

At least the wine was marvelous.

11-18-18_2-41-22 AM11-18-18_2-41-39 AM


Emerson had given them courtesy tickets to see Johnny Zest at Jokers Comedy Club.

12-19-18_9-39-43 PM

He was a riot in person!

LisaBee laughed so hard she was worried her water might break.

12-19-18_9-48-18 PM

A quiet rootbeer float in the VIP lounge to cap off the night …

12-19-18_9-57-51 PM


And it is off to home for these two!

Del Sol Valley has been FAB but both are ready to get back to their quiet little abode near the beach.

12-19-18_10-23-39 PM

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✮✮✮✮✮❤ Credits ❤✮✮✮✮✮

I converted this sweet cottage to the office space.  Did not take much to create an elegant office from this lovely build!


These 3 stopped me in my tracks … soo FAB!

h&amp;A fashionsjokerssul sul records

cute little reno

orchid experimental


Dirk Dreamer, Dustin Broke, Diego Lobo, Joaquin LeChien, and Johnny Zest are all townies in the game.



One more update and then we begin the Charming Era rotations.

These stories will stand on their own with no back reading

However, If you want a small picture of the past here are a couple of reads that will help you connect the dots without having to go back a read the whole thing 🙂

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28 thoughts on “Lisabee, Pedro & Boots: Gettin’ Famous

  1. Pedro looks so good in that white trench coat, and the make-over for LisaBee – wow! She is gorgeous. Nice work. I love that they have Dustin Broke in Get Famous – so funny. He is an alternate universe sim of the Dustin Broke from Sims2 – and Holly Alto makes a comeback! I love it! I laughed at the line that LisaBee laughed so hard she thought that her water would break! Now that’s a good line. They had a whirlwind adventure in Del Sol Valley, and I am sure that they will be going back there again. Can’t wait to see their new arrival! Great chapter.


  2. Lisa and Pedro seemed to have a lovely day in Del Sol Valley – maybe Lisa even ended up having a better day than Pedro – She sure did shine after that make over 😀

    Liked by 2 people

  3. What a fun way to look at Get Famous! I loved Lisabee’s makeover; they both looked so great. I think screenshots of First Person is going to be the best way for me to experience it as I feel a bit sick actually experiencing it when it’s moving! As always, great screenshots and wonderful builds! Looking forward to finding out what gender the nooboo is!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love this couple so much! The romance between them is so sweet and I can’t wait for their baby to arrive. I am really a fan of sim drama and plot twists but I’m really hoping things remain happy and sweet for this family.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. To be a celebrity I don’t like it ,you are invited in your neighbours house parties lol and you are popular (I got a log from a bug Miss V’s got recently I read she is popular lol for now I keep my current saves but I’ll reboot when I’ll can truly play) .
        In sims 4 I don’t have get famous yet I don’t like it very much but you can befriend with people so easily lol so if you are a celebrity you’ll have more friends as you expect.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ah cheats ! If only they would work on sims 4, I need to level up some stuffs but as I did not bring any new patch I got that problems. To be a celebrity is horrible in both game, people throws nasty rumours on you.

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