Lisabee, Pedro & Boots: Thankful

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It was late when LisaBee and Pedro arrived back to their little island refuge.

Del Sol Valley was exciting and fun to visit but both agreed that there was NO place like home!

Boots ran to greet them and with licks, yips, and wiggles gave his report of “all is well on the homefront.”

He received his well-deserved reward.   Hugs, snuggles, and atta-boys in abundance!

“What a good boy you were! You took such good care of the house!”  LisaBee planted kisses on his little bean!

(I am thinking Pedro wants in on some of that action.)

01-24-18_2-11-34 AM

(Boots does not look all that thrilled to share with Pedro either.)

01-24-18_2-48-17 AM


The next morning the weather had taken a chilly turn.  It was clear that winter was just around the corner.

LisaBee shivered as Pedro drove down to Hidden Lake.  Cold weather is not her fav!

It was four days to Harvestfest, and since they had decided to have fish as their grand meal, it was up to Pedro to bring in a fine fresh catch for the celebration.

Hidden Lake, with its frigid clear waters, produced the most delectable fish.  He could hardly wait to cast his line and see what providence brought him!

LisaBee, now nearing the end of her third trimester, tagged along just to get out of the house.  She was still trying to jostle this baby into a (slightly) early exit.

Boots came along to keep an eye on things.  You just never know when one of those pesky fish might get a bit testy!

02-23-18_1-56-24 AM

Pedro got right to work while his companions wandered over and lazily warmed themselves by the fire.

02-23-18_1-59-59 AM

Hmmm .. I think she was in Del Sol Valley a bit too long!

11-23-18_1-58-44 AM02-23-18_2-04-56 AM

Unlike her hubby, fishing does not hold LisaBee’s attention for very long.  Eventually, she and Boots wander off to seek other adventures.

02-23-18_2-13-12 AM

Pedro had thought of everything.  A lunch of hot dogs roasted over the fire hit the spot.

Boots awaits anxiously, thinking that certainly one of those delicious smelling things must be for him!

02-23-18_2-13-19 AM


Unlike the previous day,  Tuesday was warm and sunny.  A perfect day for a bit of apple picking at the local “you-pick” apple orchard.

LisaBee had a craving for some fresh cider and thought it would be a perfect accompaniment to the grand meal she was planning for Harvestfest.

04-22-18_3-27-47 AM

Since the day was lovely she thought they might as well enjoy the sunshine and get some fresh apples for the house too.

04-22-18_3-28-32 AM04-22-18_3-31-57 AM04-22-18_3-32-43 AM

Pedro was more than willing to comply because he knew his lunch reward was coming.

The “you-pick” orchard boasted the best little cafe in Windenburg.

It is Pedro’s favorite lunch spot.

LisaBee loved it too.  She sat back and relaxed, taking in the ambiance of this cozy little place.

Pedro was too busy taking in the menu to note the charm of the surroundings.

04-22-18_3-35-01 AM04-22-18_3-35-46 AM

It is a very popular spot for locals.

People watching is always “on the menu.”

04-22-18_3-39-10 AM

Some out of towners manage to find it too.

I guess the “NO shoes .. NO shirt .. NO service” rule is not enforced in this establishment.

04-22-18_3-40-05 AM

Lunch, as usual, was amazing.  Although both were “stuffed” there always seems to be enough room for one of their wonderful desserts.

The house specialty is honey cakes.

“Fresh from the oven,” their waiter informed as he set the plates in front of them.  The aroma that rose to meet their noses was enough to make one swoon!

His beautiful wife smiling beside him, fresh coffee in their cups and a delightful dessert set before them.

Pedro thought to himself, now this is the good life!

04-22-18_3-46-00 AM04-22-18_3-47-20 AM04-22-18_3-50-14 AM04-22-18_3-50-44 AM


Wednesday, the couple was up and out early.  Lisabee had a long list of things she needed for tomorrow’s festivities.

A stop at the Windenburg Street Market would satisfy much on that list.

The market vendors had brought out their best Pre-Harvestfest offerings and beckoned shoppers to come buy.

LisaBee loved the bustle of the market.

Tables filled with the freshest fruits and veggies, beautiful floral arrangements, and every type of baked good you could imagine met their eyes (and noses) as they entered the marketplace!

05-22-18_2-48-56 AM05-22-18_2-55-40 AM (2)05-22-18_3-03-21 AM

OH Pedro!  Such a romantic!

05-22-18_2-51-16 AM

LisaBee is considering Harvestfest decor BUT Pedro is getting a bit peckish and has his eye on something else.

05-22-18_3-06-02 AM

Scanning the vendor booths, Pedro searches out a cup of coffee to go with his powdered donut.

05-22-18_3-08-57 AM


LisaBee finds joy in preparing her first grand meal for her hubby dear.

10-23-18_1-59-25 AM10-23-18_2-02-57 AM


“Dinner is ready dear,” LisaBee called out as she rang her little dinner bell.

The boys hurried out (yes Boots gets nibbles from the table).

10-23-18_2-51-15 AM

In the spirit of the holiday, as they sit to eat, LisaBee takes a moment to express her thanksgiving to (and for) Pedro.

“I am thankful for you my rock and my stability.  You keep my feet on the ground while giving my heart wings! Today when I count my blessings you are the first one I consider.”

10-23-18_2-53-41 AM

Pedro took his turn, “Until I met you I had no idea that my life lacked anything.  I will be forever grateful to this little yappy fella,” he said with a glace at Boots, “for “introducing” me to you that spring day on the beach.  I am thankful for the sunshine and sweetness you brought me that day and every day since then.  You make me want to be a better man!”

10-23-18_2-54-18 AM

Oh hearing his heartfelt confession, LisaBee’s heart seemed to overflow with joy.

A year ago she was alone in her little house with her little dog.  Now she was married to the most wonderful guy, living in a house that she adores, and in a few days, she would be a mom!

There was so much to be thankful for!

10-23-18_3-00-24 AM

After a fine meal like that, Pedro & Boots thought a nap was in order.

“Let me just get these few things washed up,” Lisabee scurried around the kitchen putting it in order.

Sorry, Pedro! Nesting .. #thestruggleisreal

10-23-18_3-02-29 AM

Eventually, she ran out of steam.

10-23-18_3-05-29 AM


In the wee hours of the next morning, it was GO time!

The baby was on the way.

Pedro rushed LisaBee to the hospital.

He must have been in some kind of a tizzy cause somehow he managed to bring Boots along too!

(Not sure how he got there but Boots got sent home!)

10-27-18_12-39-20 AM

Of course, as every good dad does, Pedro had to have his pre-parental panic right there in the delivery room.

10-27-18_12-42-01 AM

All that panic disappeared when he first laid eyes on his little nooboo.

Pedro beamed as he looked down at his darling little girl.   He felt like his heart was going to explode!

They gave her the name Beatrix … their little baby Bee.

10-27-18_12-45-41 AM

Time for this little family to head home.

10-27-18_12-47-13 AM

Pedro gave his bride a warm smile, “you did real good Momma Bee!”

10-27-18_12-48-39 AM

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24 thoughts on “Lisabee, Pedro & Boots: Thankful

  1. Wonderful story. I can relate to so much xo thanks again for including my Hidden Campsite in your story. I really love the way you write. Great job xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. TY so much ❤ I am please that you enjoy the stories .. they are my passion and I love it when they charm a reader ❤ It is also my pleasure to use wonderful builders like you .. you all make my stories shine! ❤


  2. What a wonderful chapter. I really liked all the builds that you featured in this chapter as well. And the Thanksgiving thoughts – I almost cried. It was so sweet. *sniff sniff* I love how Boots ended up at the hospital with Pedro and LisaBee lol [How the heck did Pedro not poof?] What a wonderful surprise – a lovely baby girl named Beatrix. How delightful — really a heartfelt chapter. Fabulous as always 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congrats to Lisabee & Pedro on their new baby girl! I love Lisabee’s outfit with the matching turtleneck and sneakers – and those fab multicolored socks! I think Pedro’s going to need to visit my game at some point. He’s just such a manly-man, and I adore him.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Awwwwwe! Such a heart-warming story(it made me hungry though- especially the hot dogs LOL, although I tried to make them over the fire one time with my friend and he ended up eating charcoal after his dropped in the ashes LOL). Beatrix is a beautiful name. I had a giggle at Lisabee in the machine- guess I haven’t gotten to that part in the sims 4 yet! Gorgeous pics as always :~)

    Liked by 1 person

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