Lisabee, Pedro & Boots: BabyBee

I am so sorry that I left you hanging at the end of the last update.

If it is any consolation I left me hanging too 🙂

In response to the results of a small poll up on Twitter and a couple of FB groups, here is a mini update featuring a peek at Toddler BabyBee.

For you Mike & Rose White fans this will not cause huge delays in the upcoming release 🙂

Things are happening on the island!

11-27-18_2-51-23 AM

AND the deadline for the Get Famous giveaway is still 3 Dec (midnight PST)

If you have not entered the giveaway here is the link .. still lots of time 🙂

Lisabee, Pedro & Boots: Thankful


✮✮✮✮✮❤ Mini Update ❤✮✮✮✮✮

LisaBee LOVED being a mom and it turns out that she is a very good mom.

To be honest she was not sure at first that she had what it takes to care for an infant.

Beatrix (BabyBee) made it so easy.  She was a dream to care for.  Such a happy baby!

11-24-18_3-30-10 AM11-29-18_2-33-09 AM

NOT sure that everyone in the family agreed that she was a dream …

there might be someone who is thinking she is a BAD dream!

11-29-18_2-34-09 a AM11-29-18_2-35-34 AM


Pedro really stepped up to the “Papa” plate too.

11-29-18_2-56-10 AM

Sometimes he was not quite sure which end needed help.

11-29-18_2-58-10 AM

But what he may have lacked in intuiton he more than made up for in affection and love.

11-29-18_3-02-32 AM

“So little Bitty Bee are you gonna let your old Pops get some work done today?  No, HUH? Ehh, there is always tomorrow!”

11-29-18_3-05-47 AM


I was so stunned when she aged up! 

Daddy’s skin tone and eye color … LisaBee’s chin (poor little thing) …

BUT  WHERE did the blonde hair come from!

I will confess that I nearly gave her a dye job in CAS … but I decided to let her be herself!

11-29-18_3-09-49 AM

Sweet little family!

Well most of them.

Boots is still in self-imposed exile.

11-29-18_3-51-40 AM


“Hey, little fella,” Pedro smiled down at the pup who  trotted alongside LisaBee, “glad to see you finally decided to join us.”

11-29-19_3-58-56 AM11-29-19_4-00-22 AM11-29-19_4-00-23 AM

Yep, just like her Pops! 

Charm the birds right out of the trees!

11-29-19_4-01-19 AM


11-30-18_2-51-10 PM11-30-18_2-47-59 PM11-30-18_2-51-11 PM


Thick as thieves those two!

12-30-18_3-21-33 PM

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Table of contents:  The Many Adventures of Lisa Bee (current) 


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✮✮✮✮✮❤ Credits ❤✮✮✮✮✮

Aren’t these sweet (and they are NOT CC) go see her gallery for MUCH more!

jlewi birds

This is a repeat but ❤ I love them



NEXT update we begin the Charming Era rotations.

As per poll results:  Mike is up first followed by Bruno and then Jack

These stories will stand on their own with no back reading

However, If you want a small picture of the past here are a couple of reads that will help you connect the dots without having to go back a read the whole thing 🙂

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31 thoughts on “Lisabee, Pedro & Boots: BabyBee

  1. What a nice update and Bee is adorable! I have heard there are issues with hair colour if you use custom content and I think I’ve even had issues if I’ve used the maxis hair that seems like it has gray in it. I think MCC has a setting to fix that. Though you could always change her hair when she ages to a child as it’s not uncommon for some kids to start with blond hair and get darker coloured hair as they get older. It’s great that Boots came around; a toddler is probably more interesting than a baby!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I thought of that myself. I will wait and see what she ages up into. But if it doesn’t look too funny I might just let her stay herself. I do use custom for clothing out little bit if custom in the house but I’m trying to stay a little more Maxis match in this story. The charming story has alpha and Maxis match but I’m leaning off of the Alpha lately


      1. I was stunned .. he came in all grubby and just stood staring with his ears flattened and then disappeared outside. He started to come around when Lisabee gave him a bath.
        I love it when the games give me tidbits.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Cool. The dogs in my game did the opposite. As soon as the babies were in the crib they wanted to check them out and followed them around now. They used to follow Cole. Now they follow the twins. Interesting.

        Liked by 2 people

      3. I have a chihuahua .. and she is JUST like that .. when the grands come over she tries to get between them and me all the time #begoneinterloper (of course they have no idea what she is doing .. they think she wants to join the fun .. I let them have at it with her . serves her right .. my little evil queen.

        Liked by 2 people

    1. TY I stopped short today when I saw your Bea as a grown up and felt like I was looking at BabyBee’s long lost relative. Mine like yours was born in game . She got Pedro’s grey bluish eyes but where the heck that tow head came from I have no idea. EA genentics SMH! Well if BabyBee is a distant relative she has a good one to look up in your Bea .. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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