An Era of Charming Tales: The Rebellion (Aster Charming +) Return to the Jungle #3

I know I spend far too much time apologizing for my neglect but honestly, my hamster wheel has been running at full tilt these days 🙂  Add in to that I lost all of my unused screenshots (SNIFF) and had to start over  😦   So please pardon my delays and know that I am trying. ❤


✮✮✮✮✮ ❤ ✮✮✮✮✮

Caiden continued to busy himself with household chores and taskings from this new mission’s TO-DO list.

The safe house seemed ominously quiet after Aster had departed.

Chores that had not seemed burdensome before now felt insufferable.

04-24-19_2-15-06 AM

He was tired and all the studying was, TBH, leaving him a bit loopy.

His brain was shorting out between a few synapses.

04-24-19_2-17-26 AM

The same ole same ole Beanie Weenies for every meal was taking their toll on both body and mind.

04-24-19_2-23-11 AM

Add to all of this the constant battle with jungle vermin.

Yes, the mouse and he are still locked in a life and death battle.  The mouse is winning and Caiden is getting precious little sleep.

He was at the edge of his normally good-natured self.

04-24-19_2-25-23 AM

In short, Caiden was hitting a BIG old wall here in the jungle!

04-24-19_2-27-39 AM

Even tho he got some temporary relief from beating the snot out of the sparring dummy, it was not sufficient to keep his anger at bay.

He needed to connect with real live humans.


Lucky for him that a scouting trip to a local watering hole was on the Mission #2 Objectives list.

He was instructed to locate the Angry Tiki and make a visit.

There to connect with locals and to befriend a bartender.

They are always GREAT sources of information.

He had his instructions!

04-24-19_2-31-44 AM

✮✮✮✮✮ ❤ ✮✮✮✮✮

Caiden trotted down to the Market square.  Surely, someone, there would know where the Angry Tiki was located.

If pressed, Caiden might have also confessed that he was looking for the pretty girl who served him food last Sunday.

She was not there.

One lone vendor, who ID’d himself as Thomas, was the only local present.

After some small chit chat and the purchase of a machete. Caiden inquired, “I have heard of a local hot spot called the Angry Tiki.  Would you know where it is and direct me there?”

Thomas looked perplexed, “Why would you want to go there?  It is a place of thieves, thugs, and other ner-do-wells.  We have a lovely Cantina right here!”

Caiden eyed him suspiciously, then grasping at straws for a reason he agreed, “Yes, I am aware that the Cantina here is very nice.”

He continued with a partial lie, “I .. I … I am looking for someone and she was not in the Cantina when I peeked in.”

Thomas shrugged, “Suit yourself.  But don’t say I did not warn you!”

04-27-19_2-45-11 AM

Caiden quickly jotted down the directions Thomas gave him.

Didn’t seem like it should not be too difficult to find.

Being a bit uncertain of Thomas’ motives, Cadien thought it might be best to keep an eye (?ear) on him.

04-27-19_2-50-55 AM

✮✮✮✮✮ ❤ ✮✮✮✮✮

Caiden was glad he had written down the directions.

The Angry Tiki was definitely OFF the beaten path!

Caiden warily ventured thru the thick jungle undergrowth in the direction Thomas had indicated.

He had the sense that he was being watched.

Relief washed over him when he saw the lights of the Angy Tiki.

04-27-19_2-50-56 AM

Inside he instantly spotted the beautiful girl.

She was tending bar.

Caiden was determined NOT to make the mistakes of last Sunday again!

He moved over to her and introduced himself.

In a husky voice that seemed to drip with honey, she smiled warmly at him and answered, “Pleased to meet you Caiden Orsini.  My name is Josephina.”

Caiden stood, slack-jawed. Mesmerized by her face and voice.  He feared he was going to melt on the spot.  He grasped for any words that might come but he stood transfixed unable to utter even a word.

Josephina smiled at him again, her big brown eyes lit up, “I am on break in just a few minutes.  Can I buy you a drink?  We can sit and chat.”

05-10-19_2-42-40 AM

Sit and chat!


Caiden would like that very much!

05-10-19_2-44-05 AM

She had so many questions.

A couple of times he felt like he was being interrogated.

She calmed is suspicious when she gave him her full assurance that she was JUST being “friendly”

05-10-19_2-45-04 AM05-10-19_2-48-13 AM

A charming little local sidled up beside him, introducing herself and inviting him to a game of darts.

Caiden looked at her sweet cherubic face.

Maria was no Josephina but she was definitely cute.

What is the harm he thought to himself, he was supposed to meet locals and she was a local.

Sure he would love a game of darts.

05-11-19_3-02-08 PM

He looked plaintively at Josephina, “would you care to join too?”

He hated to leave her sitting at the bar alone.

“Oh not to worry.  You just go have fun,” she assured.

“My break is almost over anyway.”

05-11-19_3-02-09 PM

Caiden and Maria were joined in the game by Maria’s brother Carlos and her cousin Armando.

05-11-19_3-29-43 PM

It turns out Maria was not very good at darts.

05-11-19_4-39-08 PM

Caiden’s turn came.

He stepped up to the line.

His aim was straight and true.


All those hours of practice at the safe house were paying off!

05-11-19_4-43-19 PM

With an impressive win under his belt, Caiden was feeling quite connected to his new companions.

What began as a casual sit and chat with Carlos soon escalated to the point where Caiden felt he was in the hot seat.

05-11-19_4-43-20 PM

His other new friends had joined them at the table and seemed quite interested in his responses to Carlos’ queries.

05-11-19_4-43-21 PM

With the heat on him, Caiden worried he might let something slip from his lips so instead he slipped out the dance floor.

That was a CLOSE CALL!

05-12-19_1-34-28 AM

All of a sudden there she was …

coming to join him.

She moved slowly towards him.  Her hips swaying and her eyes locked on his.

He knew things were getting dangerous and he should not be drawn in but he was helpless like a moth to a flame …

and they both knew it.

05-12-19_1-34-29 AM05-12-19_1-34-30 AM

In an effort to escape her charms, he blindly turned from her only to fall from the fry pan into the fire.

Maria …

05-12-19_1-41-16 AM05-12-19_1-42-17 AM05-12-19_1-44-06 AM05-12-19_1-45-52 AM05-12-19_1-46-21 AM

Come into my parlor said the spider to the fly

05-12-19_1-46-22 AM

Furious, Carlos stepped in.

He bellowed, “What is going on here?”

05-12-19_1-46-23 AM

Caiden attempted explanation …

05-12-19_1-49-49 AM05-12-19_2-33-36 AM

✮✮✮✮✮ ❤ ✮✮✮✮✮

Morning was nigh when he returned to the safe house.

Not even the mouse could interrupt his exhausted slumber.

He did not make it to “seduce” …


and not for a lack of trying.

Not to fear, he thought to himself.

After all, tomorrow is another day!

(Technically, today is another day!)

06-07-19_7-19-30 PM

✮✮✮✮✮ ❤ ✮✮✮✮✮

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Table of contents for this rotation:

An Era of Charming Tales: The Rebellion (Aster Charming) Table of Contents

✮✮✮✮✮ ❤ ✮✮✮✮✮


The Angry Tiki  Gallery Link

angry tiki

Challenge Mission#2 Objectives:

Place the Angry Tiki Bar in your game (30×30 lot)

Purchase and Read Mischief Volume Two: What’s Illegal What’s Frowned Upon

Purchase and Read Gardening Volume Two: Getting Your Thumbs Green

Get Fitness to Level 4 (jog, use training bot, do sit ups, read a book)

Tend to the Bizarre Plant if necessary

Nurture Bizarre Plant and Harvest Fruit if available (you’ll need 5 of these later)

Travel to the Angry Tiki Bar

Try to blend In:  Order a Drink

Become friends with 3 locals and the Bartender

Play “Angry Tiki” Darts with a local

Challenge a local to a Dance Off

Plant 5 listening bugs on 5 different Sims

Seduce a local (get to at least “first kiss” with a local, or more if you’re into them)

Return to the Safe House and listen in on the bugs you’ve planted

Locate and Blackmail (mischief) the 5 Sims you listened in on and recorded (remember these 5 Sims for later)

✮✮✮✮✮ ❤ ✮✮✮✮✮

TY The SimDoughnut for a FAB challenge!


13 thoughts on “An Era of Charming Tales: The Rebellion (Aster Charming +) Return to the Jungle #3

    1. It is a serious challenge .. poor Caiden does not have much attention span for the huge amounts of reading .. good thing is that with all that read time I got lots of time for my brain to play a story .. I am having fun with my Mata Hari


    1. It is a very short challenge … BUT it involved LOTS of reading and Caiden will only sit for so long .. then he has to go do somehting .. so it s going very slowly. One of them is into him and you might say one of them is ONTO him lol 🙂 TY for reading ❤

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  1. Caiden’s becoming pretty popular with the local ladies! It looked like Josephina was getting jealous of Maria. He’d better be careful.

    I had to laugh at the screenshot where Caiden’s pretending his book is talking. That only happened to me once, during my Abandoned Kids Challenge. I thought it was hilarious. 🙂

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