An Era of Charming Tales: Wicked (Evella) Apples




This must be some sort of cosmic joke!

I have come all the way to Glimmerbrook to learn a more powerful magic

and the first thing I get handed is an apple!

09-30-19_10-10-06 PM

Now don’t get me wrong.

Apples are fabulous,

I suppose!

In fact, I used to love apples.

Some of my very best work involved apples.

Look at for example my abduction of Snow White

I donned my ugly old hag disguise and knocked on her door.

I offered her a beautiful shiny apple.

Ha ha ha ha!

A strange old lady whom she had never seen before hands her an apple,

then, even tho her life had been in peril from a very tricky evil queen,

that is me,

she eats it without a second thought!

Silly girl!

06-10-16_2-58-12 AM

Of course, I did end up in the asylum … again!

But no asylum can hold me.

My then beloved apple assisted my escape.

During one of her visite, my friend Agnes Crumplebottom smuggled in a vial of my famous Apple Spice tea.

Spiced with poison!

I slipped it into the staff teapot and well …

10-13-16_1-02-39 AM (2)

Of course, I felt bad but a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do!

Oh, yes, then there was the lovely wedding gift for Snow White’s daughter,

the dreadful Rose White

and her horrid groom Mike.

01-28-18_2-59-22 AM (4)

How was I to know that Prince Charming’s idiot sister, Caroline, would pick it up, thinking it was in the wrong place and end up taking it home with her.

It is not my fault that she used it to make an apple pie …

03-12-18_2-06-27 AM

and accidentally killed the Reverand Krupp with it.

03-12-18_2-46-48 AM

Again, I felt bad.

I had nothing against the Reverand Krupp.

Not even anything against the idiot, Caroline.

Then things took an ugly turn.

An unscrupulous charlatan,


hungry for power,

used my special tea to kill Princess Violet.

08-31-18_2-49-26 AM (2)

And then the churl, turning my own beautiful handiwork back on me,

made an attempt on my life.

My son rushed in to intervene as I was ready to take my first sip of that vile brew.

Now I am forced to flee for my life.

Every time I see an apple I am reminded of my fate!

09-30-19_10-13-56 PM

I despise apples.

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An Era of Charming Tales: Wicked (Queen Evella Orsini) Table of Contents



While it is true that my hamster wheel never seems to slow ..

this past month has been especially cray cray …

I got a new baby and holey moley I do not remember that getting a puppy was THIS HARD!

He is a sweet boy .. named “Mr Frodo Sir”

He is an adorable standard poodle and wowsers is he wild!

The vet told me that he is smarter than all of us (he included himself).

Obedience classes here we come so please forgive my inattentiveness  …

thank you for still sticking with me ❤


My office used to be MY  office ..

the brute squad

His new look (he just had his first groom)





45 thoughts on “An Era of Charming Tales: Wicked (Evella) Apples

  1. Haha…I love this! I was hoping someone would write a “poisoned apple” story! Seems like Evella is really evil, lol! Love Mr. Frodo Sir as well (our dogs had 8 puppies last year, so I know how much work they are, lol)!


  2. Welcome Mr Frodo Sir he deserves a mummy like you.
    HAHAHA I love how Evella changed her mind with Apples, perhaps it’s time for her to be more creative in crimes.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I laughed when she got an apple! She is all too familiar with poisoned apples! And to have one handed to her was great. I love her look though. It’s perfect.

    And I’m in love with Mr. Frodo Sir! What an awesome name. And a precious ball of hyperactive fur!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. The screenshot in the asylum cracked me up. Your story is very well done!

    Also, your dog is adorable. You can do so much with smart dogs! I hope you teach him lots of fun tricks. Also, I get dog puzzles from amazon for my dog. She has to push something with her nose or pull a string or whatever to open a compartment with a treat inside. She loves them, and it’s a fun bonding experience for us to do together.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Another wonderful entry. I have not made the time to read your Charming stories–though it is on my To Read list– but I imagined with the Charmings being a part of your story lineup that you might do a story like this. And I LOVED it.


  6. Awww, such memories, RIP Caroline, Violet, Krupp, and the Asylum workers. I hope you pay for all of those deaths Evella!! Tekem bout you feel bad, yeah right!

    Liked by 1 person

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