LisaBee’s Dance with Death

What on earth happened here, thought Lisbee as she came upon the grisly scene.

Cars and trucks littered the ground.

Nausea swept over her as the smell of petrol and smoke mingled with the acrid aroma of decay met her nose.

Her heart banged in her chest as she drew closer.

Slowly, with trepidation, she inched nearer and nearer.

Something unseen seemed to be drawing her.

09-31-19_1-38-32 AM

Suddenly the ground erupted.

She froze in place as right before her eyes, creatures slithered up thru the pavement.


She felt faint.

Then the screeches and wails of banshees filled the air.

The hairs on her arms stood on end as ripples of goose flesh swept across her body.

She feared they would smell her terror and come for her.

09-31-19_12-21-06 AM

But they took no notice of her!

They were all rushing towards the gaping gash in the earth’s crust, its dark crater swallowing them as they descended.

She told her self to run!

Run the other way!

Please, she begged herself, RUN AWAY!

But her feet did not obey.

Closer and closer to the abyss, they brought her.

09-31-19_12-37-33 AM

Behind her she heard a dark hollow voice “Come, my dear, it is time.”

Her brain screamed out its fight or flight response, but again her body did not comply.

Was it her curiosity or his voice that compelled her?

She did not know!

She just knew that she MUST follow.

09-31-19_12-54-20 AM

Deeper and deeper into the rupture he drew her.

“We must hurry now,” the shadowy stranger urged.

LisaBee blindly obeyed, quickening her steps as he drew her ever downward.

09-31-19_12-54-21 AM

“Please forgive me! So sorry for my tardiness.”

Lisabee’s mystery escort apologized.

He then added with a snicker, “Traffic out there was hell.”

Their ghastly hosts, Brennachan and Patient #2, responded with a chuckle.

Patient #2 assured, “Oh you know it is fashionable to be a little late.

Here we do not mind one bit.”

Brenna nodded her agreement.

Patient #2 gushed on, “Oh and Grimmey,  I am so glad you brought such a lovely date to the party.

Please do introduce us.”

Grimmey obliged.

How did he know her name?

Turning her attention to Lisabee, she encouraged, “I do hope you will make yourself at home.

Now go have fun my dears!

The party is in full swing.”

10-31-19_1-14-23 AM10-31-19_1-14-24 AM10-31-19_1-15-48 AM11-31-19_1-18-23 AM

Not sure if it was the drink …

OR maybe Grimmey is a charmer??

OR maybe Lisabee is not a good judge of character???

A little of all three perhaps????

11-31-19_1-20-30 AM11-31-19_1-20-31 AM11-31-19_1-33-15 AM

Ahhh but all is well that ends well!

Happy Halloween everyone!

My Short Stories & “Other Stuff” (current) Table of Contents




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Rabid Rodent Fever is also by Brennachan but I cannot get the pic to work

Rabid Rodent Fever


374 word and too many screenies to qualify for a vote …

This was written as a JUST for fun entry to the Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge: October 2019 Theme & September 2019 Submissions (Winner’s Update)


22 thoughts on “LisaBee’s Dance with Death

  1. Lol, great story! A party with all sorts of undead creatures seems scary, but fun! I love Brennachan’s Sims as well – I’ve recently started the Murkland challenge, which will also be a future story!


  2. This story made me chortle! I loved it! I definitely did not expect a monster party when I started reading it. Awesome story! I look forward to reading many more.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. LOL xD you’re so funny as player that ‘s why I love your stories. I do the worst things with my Néfastes. I am dead laughing each time.

        Liked by 1 person

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