Mama Llama getting TINY & a BIG Tiny Living Giveaway


A BIG TY to EA, The Sims 4, & the Game Changers Network.

They made it possible for me to bring you this peek  & one giveaway code ❤

(I will sweeten the pot with 2 more codes from me).

At the bottom of this blog, you will find entry instructions.

(Not trying to be mean here but please do not message me about the giveaway if you have not read the instructions)

eagc orange

00 art line

Yes, I am still alive.  I had a few challenges these past two months BUT I will address that further in a later story update.

For now, I have some “business” to do.

The business of tiny living.

For those who know me from the gallery or have known my blog for a long time, you know I am a fan of tiny houses.

This stuff pack just charms my heart!

Most of you know I don’t often build (not my forte) but this pack has me so excited that I did four tiny homes in order to share this update with you.

Before we get to those I will share a bit about the CAS  additions.

Mostly cute cool-weather clothing.

I thought some of you might like to catch a glimpse of my 100 baby mom (She-a-Ho) with her current brood, as they show off the hair for toddlers and children.

01-19-20_3-54-07 PM

Zest twins looking annoyed … but stylin’ in their new hair for sure.

01-19-20_3-57-37 PM

I think the Flex twins are having a disagreement … but I think we can agree that they are looking cute!

01-19-20_3-58-08 PM

Father Winter twins and baby Goth .. adorbs!

01-19-20_3-59-23 PM

Looks like Mama Bee got out of her sweats for the shoot!

She is looking good … must be time to go find a new baby daddy.

Watch your hubbies ladies!

01-19-20_4-04-49 PM

More Tiny CAS fun.

01-19-20_10-39-59 PM01-19-20_10-40-53 PM01-19-20_10-41-13 PM01-19-20_10-42-20 PM01-19-20_11-22-28 PM

If you like the little red-carpeted photoshoot set wall, it is on the gallery

photo shoot

Venue Link

00 art line

Now to those promised builds:

There are three classifications of tiny residential homes:

First up a Tier 3 small build.

This container home is well suited for your average yuppie seeking to escape from the rigors of city life.

Tate and Addy are in love with their small build.  It is chocked full of amenities but still has a clean minimalist vibe throughout.

01-19-20_3-44-14 AM01-19-20_3-46-51 AM01-19-20_3-50-42 AM

Addy does not mind her tiny nook office.  It is cozy and quiet, allowing her to work on her first book.

01-19-20_10-18-00 AM01-19-20_10-18-46 AM01-19-20_10-20-38 AM

The kitchen is a bit large for a tiny home but Tate has dreams of starting a cooking show on Youtube and he requested the plans be amended.

01-19-20_10-29-10 AM01-19-20_10-30-00 AM01-19-20_10-32-07 AM01-19-20_10-41-38 AM01-19-20_10-43-42 AM01-19-20_10-44-47 AM01-19-20_10-47-48 AM01-19-20_10-48-41 AM01-19-20_10-50-58 AM01-19-20_10-53-18 AM01-19-20_10-54-22 AM01-19-20_10-56-02 AM

Somethings that I just love in this pack are the multi-use objects (for lack of a better term).

I know I will not restrict the use of these to just tiny homes!

multi use 1multi use 2

The wall-hung TV/Stereo/Bookshelf is my FAV FAV FAV!

multi use 3multi use 4

Each tier of the tiny home gets lot perks (so fab)!

This 79/100 is considered a small and gets these lot perks:

small house tier 3 perks

Bird’s eye view (fully playtested)

zbirdseye 2zbirdseye

Gallery house link X

If you like Tate and Addy here is a link help you find the happy couple in

the gallery  X

00 art line

Now on to two Tiny builds (Tier 2).

I am not going to spend too much time on the first one because you will see much more on this one later!

This is Bee’s Bee Box Tiny Reno.  I hope you enjoy the quick preview.

01-18-20_2-12-09 PM01-18-20_11-56-51 PM01-18-20_2-14-07 PM01-18-20_2-15-03 PM01-18-20_2-23-09 PM01-18-20_2-23-33 PM

Lot perks for the tiny hive (49/64 tiles of living space).

tiny bee box tier

Bird’s eye view

01-18-20_11-53-41 PM01-18-20_11-54-17 PM

Gallery Link

00 art line

We just had our first snow up here in the PNW and that always causes my mind to drift to a warm sunny beach.

I can nearly smell the ocean air and feel the hot sand under my feet as I play this little off the grid beach hut.

I did not use any of the new buy/builds in this lot because itis supposed to be rustic and off the grid.  The new BB items are gorgeous but definitely not rustic.  I did, however, use the new lot type and with 40 out of 64 this is a Tier two .. very nice perks!

tropical hideaway tier 2

01-14-20_5-53-36 PM01-15-20_10-05-19 PM01-15-20_10-07-32 PM01-15-20_10-08-16 PM01-15-20_10-46-37 PM01-15-20_10-59-47 PM01-15-20_11-03-06 PM01-15-20_11-04-07 PM01-15-20_11-07-19 PM01-15-20_11-08-18 PM01-16-20_2-30-09 PM01-16-20_2-30-10 PM

Isobel is well suited for this solitary off the grid life.  She enjoys her tiny hut!

She wonders if she will ever feel the need to return to civilization.

With sunsets like these, we wonder too.

01-16-20_2-38-01 PM

Bird’s eye view

01-19-20_12-21-54 AM

Gallery link for beach hut X

 Be sure to use MOO when you DL

Isobel is available on there too X

00 art line

Last but certainly not least (well maybe it sort of is the least BUT you know what I mean) is the Mico house.

For this Tier 1 build (30/32 tiles) to did a reno of one of my favorite tiny builds.

This sweet little house is a perfect place for a gardening aficionado.

The Microhouse has amazing lot perks!

These are certainly an incentive to go TINY!

micro perks 2Micro perks

Etta has just realized her dream of homeownership.   She does not mind the cozy quarters because she spends so much time outdoors in her garden.

Honestly, I think the love of outdoors goes so well with tiny living.  Life is far more comfortable when there is a lovely garden to spend time in.

The house is small but it will have plenty of room for two when Etta finds her dream garden lover.

01-18-20_11-27-25 PM01-18-20_11-30-00 PM01-18-20_11-30-39 PM01-18-20_11-31-49 PM01-18-20_11-33-23 PM01-18-20_11-35-55 PM01-18-20_11-37-47 PM01-18-20_11-38-08 PM01-18-20_11-38-23 PM01-18-20_11-38-45 PM01-19-20_1-11-03 AM01-19-20_1-11-59 AM01-19-20_1-12-55 AM01-19-20_1-19-07 AM

Bird’s eye view

01-18-20_11-40-29 PM

The gallery link for the Micro home X

Etta is there too (maybe you have a nice guy with a green thumb for her)  X

00 art line

Here is a quick glance at all of the Buy/Build items in the pack.

01-19-20_1-38-23 PM


EAGC Pack Peeks Table of Contents

00 art line

Giveaway entry details:

(read carefully)

This entry information is for 3 Tiny Living Stuff Pack codes.   🙂

The contest closes Midnight (PST) 26 January and the winner announced  27th January on twitter and FB (plus individual will be contacted in the same way they submitted the answer).

TO ENTER ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTION (answer can be found in today’s blog):


Why did Tate want a bigger kitchen than had been indicated in the blueprints?

You can send me the answer (and enter) in one of 3 ways …


(DO NOT post your answer here or in a public forum like Twitter, FaceBook, Tumblr or Instagram.)

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25 thoughts on “Mama Llama getting TINY & a BIG Tiny Living Giveaway

  1. Your builds are gorgeous and the Bee Box was a stroke of genius! So cute! An entertaining read and loved the fashion show!
    Thanks for the opportunity of winning this pack. Definitely not one to be missed! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for all the info about the new pack and for doing this generous giveaway! Awesome builds – I’m really looking forward to this pack!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have no idea why but the entire time I was creating the blog you were in my minds eye (that happens every so often and I have no idea why) I felt like I was speaking to you as I typed just like now ❤ I hope you are well ❤


  3. Wonderful overview and I love the builds, you did a great job with them! I actually read this in the morning when I got the notification by email but for some reason I couldn’t like/comment on mobile (and I have in the past!).

    Liked by 1 person

  4. The houses are so cute, and I love the new content this pack is offering. Lisa and the kids look great! My favorite out of the houses is the container house, and that Beebox is super creative. ❤ I really think that they are all wonderful, but I wouldn't mind having that first one for myself, lol. Those hairstyles are wonderful. I think I really do love the content that is coming with this pack, I think it is also perfect for college students. Thank you for the overview. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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