Mama Llama takes a peek at Eco Lifestyle BB & ANY Pack Giveaway #1

The winner of the EA Game Changers Giveaway code is:blank for banner creation (1)

Congrats to the winner and a HUGE TY to EA GCN for the opportunity!

Didn’t win?

Not to worry!

There are two more giveaways coming!

Look for a ANY pack giveaway in this blog and in the next.

As always details are at the bottom of the blog.

00 art line

Shooting the buy/build/debug for this pack was daunting!

There is soooo much.

My R thumb is numb from the editing.

Because there are so many screenies I will be merciful and keep the chit chat to a miniumum.

Lets dig in!

00 art line


Roof colors & roof ornaments:

06-04-20_11-01-05 PM

Wall & floor selections:

06-04-20_11-01-06 PM

Columns, exterior trim. fences & ladder:

06-04-20_11-01-07 PM

Terrain Paint:

06-04-20_11-01-08 PM


06-04-20_11-06-54 PM06-04-20_11-06-55 PM06-04-20_11-08-29 PM06-04-20_11-10-00 PM06-04-20_11-10-47 PM


06-05-20_10-44-12 PM06-05-20_10-44-13 PM06-05-20_10-44-14 PM06-05-20_10-44-15 PM06-05-20_10-44-16 PM06-05-20_10-44-17 PM

00 art line


I won’t insult you by putting descriptions on most of these.

06-24-20_1-14-47 AM06-24-20_1-14-48 AM06-24-20_1-20-07 AM06-24-20_1-21-38 AM06-24-20_1-23-18 AM06-24-20_1-25-23 AM

My fav in buy .. that dollhouse!

06-24-20_1-38-40 AM06-24-20_1-43-42 AM

This is an Electronic Drafting Tablet

06-24-20_1-45-11 AM

That fireplaces kills!

dec06-24-20_1-00-56 AMdec06-24-20_12-53-21 AMdec06-24-20_12-53-34 AMdec06-24-20_12-55-10 AMdec06-24-20_12-57-13 AMout06-24-20_1-01-45 AM

Candle making station:

out06-24-20_1-29-14 AM

Fizzing station:

out06-24-20_1-30-08 AM


out06-24-20_1-31-16 AM

Selling table & Beverage Bodega:

out06-24-20_1-32-17 AM

Bug box & verticle planter:

out06-24-20_1-33-12 AM

Water collecting:

out06-24-20_1-34-24 AM


out06-24-20_1-35-26 AM

Power production:

out06-24-20_1-36-53 AM


ouy06-24-20_1-46-32 AM

00 art line

Debug is HUGE.

06-29-20_10-00-44 PM06-29-20_10-00-45 PM06-29-20_10-00-46 PM06-29-20_10-00-47 PM06-29-20_10-00-48 PM06-29-20_10-00-49 PM06-29-20_11-24-37 PM06-29-20_11-26-16 PM06-29-20_11-27-11 PM06-29-20_11-30-04 PM06-29-20_11-31-38 PM06-29-20_11-31-39 PM06-29-20_11-34-48 PM06-29-20_11-46-56 PM06-29-20_11-48-14 PM

Pine trees are so cute!

06-30-20_1-00-07 AM

NOT real sure what these are.  I will prob encounter them during the Let’s Play.

06-30-20_1-01-00 AM06-30-20_1-20-06 AM06-30-20_12-05-06 AM06-30-20_12-08-16 AM

I love the trash!  SOOO MURKY!

I was soo excited about it that I actually did a murky murky build (I will tack the screenshots to the end of this blog)

06-30-20_12-26-56 AM

00 art line

World scenery (this is all shot right at the begining – NO spoilers)!


06-30-20_11-54-33 PM06-30-20_11-54-48 PM06-30-20_11-56-06 PM06-30-20_11-56-22 PM06-30-20_11-57-22 PM06-30-20_11-57-58 PM06-30-20_11-58-37 PM06-30-20_11-59-25 PM06-30-20_11-59-56 PM

This little build is so amazing.  A lot of times the devs get a bad rap because folks say the builds are not complex enough.  NOT this time!

07-01-20_12-05-01 AM


06-30-20_2-33-11 PM06-30-20_2-33-45 PM06-30-20_2-33-55 PM06-30-20_2-34-03 PM06-30-20_2-34-21 PM07-01-20_12-09-40 AM07-01-20_12-10-07 AM07-01-20_12-12-02 AM07-01-20_12-12-45 AM07-01-20_12-13-04 AM


06-30-20_2-38-56 PM06-30-20_2-39-49 PM06-30-20_2-39-59 PM06-30-20_2-40-09 PM06-30-20_2-40-21 PM06-30-20_2-40-37 PM06-30-20_2-42-02 PM06-30-20_2-42-15 PM06-30-20_2-42-24 PM06-30-20_2-42-35 PM06-30-20_2-42-48 PM06-30-20_11-17-57 PM

00 art line

Just as a little treat for you all, I have done a bit of gallery sleuthing and bring you some FAB FAB Eco Lifestyle builds from some wonderful simmer friends!

These treasured builders are not only so very talented but they are kind community supporters as well.

I could go on and on about these creative people but then I might embarrass myself and cause you to be …

computer stare mood

I hope you will go visit them on the gallery to say hi and give them follow.  I have given you links under each pic. I promise you will not be sorry!

Featured builders:

06-30-20_3-39-02 PM

Gallery link


06-30-20_4-18-27 PM

Gallery link


06-30-20_4-27-49 PM

Gallery Link


06-30-20_8-39-26 PM

Gallery Link


06-30-20_8-58-41 PM

CaidilyCreates is new to me.

Accidently found her in the gallery.

Will def keep watch because TBH this is so cute that I am “jealous” that I did not think of it.

Gallery link


06-30-20_10-33-57 PM

Gallery link


06-30-20_10-39-26 PM

Gallery Link


06-30-20_10-55-59 PM

Gallery Link

06-30-20_10-58-02 PM

Gallery Link

06-30-20_11-08-49 PM

Gallery Link


06-30-20_11-23-56 PM

Gallery Link


06-30-20_11-27-31 PM

Gallery Link


06-30-20_11-29-05 PM

Gallery Link

The following 2 are Community spaces.  Each one has 4 builds with it, Not real sure how it all works BUT hopefully in the Eco Lets Play blog (next) I will have some idea LOL.

community builds 1

Gallery Link


community builds 2

Gallery Link


room 2

Gallery Link


Gallery Link


This room is done by yours truly.

Those windows are amazing!

Gallery Link


00 art line

The Murky build ❤

06-22-20_1-45-39 AM06-23-20_12-25-38 PM


Gallery Link

EAGC Pack Peeks Table of Contents

00 art line

Giveaway entry details:

(read carefully)

This entry information is for a code for ANY pack.   🙂

The contest closes Midnight (PST) 8 July 2020 and the winner announced  9 July 2020 on twitter and FB (plus individual will be contacted in the same way they submitted the answer).

TO ENTER ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTION (answer can be taken from today’s blog):


From the featured builders, whose build did you like and why?


You can send me the answer (and enter) in one of 3 ways …

(DO NOT post your answer here or in a public forum like Twitter, FaceBook, Tumblr or Instagram.)

On FB Messenger:

Lisabee on FB

On Twitter DM @

Lisabeesims1 on twitter

By email @

lisabee on yahoo

Good luck all!

11 thoughts on “Mama Llama takes a peek at Eco Lifestyle BB & ANY Pack Giveaway #1

  1. How fabulous ! I am trying to redecorate the museu!m of Willow Creek I cannot access to my game. So I cannot do anything either playing. It loads forever :s. Perhaps a problems with cc as casual.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Normally I always fix the cc I got with s4s , indeed I have find the cc cluster that makes my game loading forever when I enter a lot. I have just downloaded the newest s2s version, I got a jean that wasn’t very up-do-date and two/three old cc among it. All the rest are fine. (perhaps not all update but they let my lots loads)

        Liked by 1 person

    1. There are a few .. have you done your repair game and deleted the localthumbcache .. I stay on that and use only minimal cc when playing it .. lots of “Cyberspace” to miss connect .. lots of cc and mods had issues because so much changed


  2. Nice review. 👍 Wow! Build/Buy seems to have quite a big catalogue. 😮 I don’t remember seeing the Beverage Bodega showcased much in other reviews/videos. Was nice to see. 🙂 That “crane” build in Port Promise does really look nice. Nice selection of featured builds. I like your murky build. The room with barricaded windows looks really cool. 🤩

    Liked by 1 person

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